Xiaomi often gets credited for making near-bezel-free smartphones a thing, all thanks to the commercial release of the well-received Mi Mix. But if you look back a little further, it was Sharp’s Aquos series that introduced the now-popular design way back in 2014.

Not satisfied with being simply a footnote in tech history, Sharp is set to launch the Aquos S2, which could very well blow away all its bezel-hating rivals in one shot.

While these are all based on rumors so far, this leaked render looks both convincing and incredibly attractive:

While this is, again, based purely on rumors, the Aquos S2’s primary edge is in its use of a 4K resolution panel covering the entire front. More interesting, however, is the fingerprint symbol displayed near the bottom, which could signify the use of Under Display technology similar to what Vivo (in collaboration with Qualcomm) unveiled at MWC 2017 in Shanghai.

Seems a little too good to be true, especially since both Samsung and Apple are said to be struggling with incorporating the tech in their upcoming flagships.

If the Aquos S2’s design looks a little too familiar, you may be thinking of the Essential Phone, which still hasn’t rolled out because of in-house difficulties.

This other leaked image of the Sharp phone can even be called a direct ripoff of Essential’s promotional materials:

Though it seems like Sharp is just copying the best of each brand’s signature features, molding all these into one cohesive unit could set the standard for high-end smartphones to come.

All this uncertainty will end soon according to this official invitation from Sharp. The reveal for the Aquos S2 is set for August 8 — just two weeks away!

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