That took a while.

After announcing its new smartphone line in Barcelona last February, Sony is finally making good on its promise of rolling out its Xperia X smartphones across the globe. Following a May release in the U.K., the Xperia X and XA are coming to the Philippines in mid-July. The Xperia X is already available in India, whereas the lower-end XA should be available by the third week of June.

In the Philippines, the Xperia X and XA will retail for P29,990 and P13,990, respectively, while in India, they’re priced a bit higher, going for 48,990 and 20,990 rupees.

We’ve covered these devices in more detail in the past (here and here), so we decided to skip the specs talk, and show off the camera capabilities of the more premium-feeling — but definitely not better-looking — Xperia X instead. Check out the gallery below to see photos taken with the phone’s 23- and 13-megapixel rear and selfie cameras.

What do you think of the samples? Are they impressive enough to justify Sony’s pricing? Shout out in the comments because we’d love to hear from you.

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