Okay, we understand how desired the new Nokia 3310 is for the nostalgia and legendary build quality, but please don’t shell out a single cent for this overpriced special edition.

Designed to commemorate presidents Donald Trump of the USA and Vladimir Putin of Russia at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, this 3310 was custom designed by Russian phone customizer Caviar. Look closely, and you can see the two leaders on the back; go deeper, and you’ll realize just how outrageous it is.

Costing RUB 149,000 in Russia, this special edition 3310 retails for close to US$ 2,500 when converted!

And there aren’t any additional features within the layers of titanium and gold. For that premium price tag, you’re getting the same Nokia 3310 we unboxed and played around with recently, from its traditional keypad to the 2-megapixel camera.

Indeed, this is a collector’s item and nothing more. Caviar has several more shockingly priced smartphones on its website, but this one takes the whole cake.

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