Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has accidentally revealed ASUS’ upcoming augmented reality (AR) phone before its January 4 launch. Good news for us?

We were already aware of the ZenFone AR thanks to teasers from ASUS executives themselves, but it’s only now we’re getting an actual look at the handset and its most important features because of unofficial leaks.

Qualcomm was the first culprit, having prematurely published a statement on its website detailing the phone’s claim to fame: becoming the first smartphone to be both Google Tango- and Daydream-ready. On top of that, it’ll be powered by a Snapdragon 821, which is the best Qualcomm processor until the Snapdragon 835 gets inevitably announced.

ASUS ZenFone AR leak

Even better, tech treasure hunter Evan Blass uploaded accurate renders of the ZenFone AR, showing off a familiar Zen design with a home button below the screen and multiple-camera setup at the back.

Like the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the new ZenFone will make use of Google’s Tango platform to provide AR to the masses. That includes the advanced camera design and access to compatible apps on Google Play. Users can then use their Tango phones to add virtual layers over the real world for measuring distances and playing AR games more advanced than Pokémon Go.

Just as interesting is the Daydream VR compatibility. This is another initiative formed by Google to make virtual reality more widely available. This means the ZenFone AR has a fast-enough processor and compatible display to render VR graphics using Google’s affordable View headset.

Based on the information — and the date found the phone’s home screen — ASUS will divulge all we need to know on January 4, right before CES 2017. Expect the ZenFone 3 Zoom to be unveiled then, as well.

Unique ASUS ZenFone appears out of nowhere

Source: Android Authority