NBA All-Star Steph Curry might find himself back in the Philippines sooner than later, and Filipino fans can thank Chinese smartphone maker Vivo for it.

Stephen Wardell Curry is easily one of, if not the, most popular NBA player today.

Steph Curry near half court shot

He leads the league’s most popular jersey list.

Fans adore him.

Even Kobe’s kids love him!

So when Vivo landed him as an endorser, you could say they struck gold. 😏

Steph Curry Super Saiyan

Speaking to media before game four of their best-of-seven NBA Western Conference Finals showdown against the San Antonio Spurs, the two-time MVP was asked about the partnership with Vivo and his massive fan base in the Philippines.

“It was an unbelievable experience. Just the support and feel for basketball that they have,” he said on his first Philippine visit back in 2015.

Curry, who carefully picks the brands he endorses as detailed in this ESPN piece said choosing Vivo had a lot to do with the people behind the brand.

“[It’s a] learning process, but basically just choosing the right people who’s running the company and that’s kind of how we partnered with them and hopefully do some big things with them.”

“Building that relationship, that was the first time that I’ve ever done anything in the Philippines directly,” elaborated the sweet-shooting point guard of the Golden State Warriors adding that, “It’s a place I wanna go back [to] and visit again. I know I have a lot of fans there.”

Curry was introduced as a Vivo brand ambassador in the Philippines back in November 2016. Aside from being one of basketball’s most recognizable stars, the company said he also shares their values: energy, professionalism, and pleasure.

So did this half of the Splash Brothers convince you to get a Vivo phone?

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