Apple enlists Samsung’s help for iPhone 8

Apple and Samsung’s legal battles over patents and whatever else they argue about have been making headlines for years. Little do people know, however, that the two parties play nice when it comes to the production and development of their smartphones. Based on the latest rumor, Apple is ordering an integral component from its rival for the upcoming iPhone.

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Apple might start manufacturing products in India soon

Apple products may be a global force, but penetration hasn’t been too good in India. That’s because Apple is required to have at least 30 percent of its units manufactured in India for the company to be allowed to sell in physical stores. The Cupertino group hasn’t been able to set up an Indian factory to bypass this obstacle yet, but this could soon change.

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Apple iPhone 7 loses to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in DxOMark camera test

Choosing one phone’s camera over another is highly subjective. Person A may prefer overly saturated colors, while Person B might go for as much realism as possible. Sometimes, it simply comes down to brand loyalty. DxOMark is famous for taking the controlled, objective route in comparing cameras; this time around, Apple’s newly released iPhone 7 was subjected to their test.

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