Calling all 90s kids! Classic virtual pet Tamagotchi is back with a limited edition release on its 20th anniversary!

Originally launched worldwide in 1997, these portable pet keychains were a hit with kids the world over as they had a first dose of responsibility without the risk of actually killing something.

Now, they’re back and I am so ready for virtual pet responsibilities (because smartphone pet apps just don’t do it for me).

Tamagotchi is back in 6 styles

The 2017 Tamagotchis comes in six styles and they’ll be smaller, simplified versions of the original ones.  Pre-orders for the cute devices start today with November 5 pegged as the release date.

2017 Tamagotchis

Unfortunately, the 90s toy is only available in the US. They’ll be priced at US$ 14.99.

Tamagotchi is back for it's 20th anniversary

Tamagotchi re-releases aren’t particularly new since they’d been in Japan earlier this year, but it doesn’t make it less exciting.

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