Two months ago, GadgetMatch was in Shenzhen, China for the OPPO R11 launch. Part of the trip was a visit to the Chinese company’s smartphone factory.

Since we had the R11, I decided to do a tour shootout!

Touchdown, China

One flight to Hong Kong, a car ride to the Chinese border, and a few confusing English-Chinese conversations later, I found myself in Shenzhen, home to tech companies Huawei, OnePlus, and of course, OPPO.

Shenzen view from my hotel room -- definitely not rural!

Shenzhen view from my hotel room — definitely not rural!

If you Google “Shenzhen” (like I did), you’d get the idea that it’s a developing rural city. The reality is far from that; Shenzhen is definitely developing, but it’s far from rural. The tech boom has allowed for massive growth in business and infrastructure.

Prepping for the tour

I didn’t know what to expect of the factory tour, but I did know that we were going to see how smartphones were made — this made me pretty curious.

First things first, we were given what could only be described as adult lab gowns and matching hats to wear for the duration of the tour. (I wasn’t too pleased with this fashion choice but all in the name of tech journalism.) We were also asked to leave non-OPPO smartphones behind — it seems the factory is an OPPO-only space. Let’s begin!

The factory

We spent the afternoon walking around the OPPO facilities.

OPPO now stands as the number-four smartphone company in the world. Known as the “Selfie Expert” in most of their markets, the brand has specialized in quality Android phones with good cameras. In their factory, the assembly of each phone is a tedious process which involves a number people who deal with each step.

Phone assembly at the OPPO factory in Shenzen, China.

Phone assembly at the OPPO factory in Shenzhen, China

Each day, a lot of phones are made, tested, and shipped to different parts of China and other countries in the world.

Wrap up

There’s so much work and thought that go into each phone. We came out of that tour with a new-found appreciation for these gadgets; it’s easy to take these smartphones for granted if you work in tech.

All smiles after the OPPO Factory tour! With Nicole of Mobilegeeks and Ayano of DIME

All smiles after the OPPO factory tour with Nicole of Mobilegeeks and Ayano of DIME!

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