What does it take to produce good photographs? You know, portraits so amazing, they’re good enough to serve as the cover of one of the world’s most iconic magazines?

Well, Luisa Dorr knows. She photographed 12 TIME Magazine cover photos — all on her iPhone.

TIME Magazine covers shot from iPhone

Just a few of those iPhone-shot covers

FIRSTS, a TIME Magazine special, features 46 profiles of amazing women, each with portraits shot by Dorr on her phone. The Brazillian-based photographer was picked out by TIME’s Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise Kira Pollack after she came across Dorr’s Instagram account. The 28-year-old photography graduate focuses on portraits of different women on that account with a significant following of approximately 59,000.

Dorr claims that each portrait took around five to ten minutes to shoot, with the shortest one clocking in at around two minutes and the longest at 20. She mostly made use of natural lighting plus a reflector when necessary and shot with an iPhone 5, 6, 6s, or 7. She tells TIME that out of all the women she photographed, she was most nervous about Aretha Franklin because she grew up listening to her music.

It’s the golden age of smartphone photography, people. What a time to be alive!

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Image credit: TIME Magazine