Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and instead of crafting a gift guide for legitimate lovers (of which there are many), I’ve decided to come up with a handy list of things you can get that boy you’re only sort of, kind of seeing on and off for a few months now. (Ah, the wonders of millennial dating!)

1. These Electric Light Blocks are cute and useful.

Give them to your boy this Valentine’s Day, so he can finally learn to build a real relationship with you.

$30 from Uncommon Goods

2. This solar power charger will power up his phone without the need for electricity.

Hopefully, he also realizes you’re the light in his otherwise drab life.

$79 from Uncommon Goods

3. This handy storage bottle solves the issue of phone storage during gym visits.

Maybe the two of you can also work out.

$19.99 from Uncommon Goods

4. This cute and classy mason jar speaker and amplifier will be a one-of-a-kind gift.

Make sure the boy hears his music clearly, which is more than you can say about your bottled-up emotions.

$65 from Uncommon Goods

5. This unique gadget will allow your boy to make a keyboard out of random things!

It’s a fun thing to play with (since your boy just loves playing around, doesn’t he?). It’s also perfect because you’ve always hoped for making something out of something else (i.e., turning whatever you are with this boy into a relationship).

$24.95 from Uncommon Goods

6. This keyboard projector turns any surface into a keyboard.

Who better to gift it to than the one person who pushes all your buttons?

$150 from Uncommon Goods

7. Xiaomi’s newest electric scooter looks promising! 

If your boy’s love can’t take you places, at least this can.

$750 from GearBest

8. The Nillkin wireless charger seems very convenient and fuss-free.

Just like how your boy claims he wants his relationships to be. Also because clearly, he likes being unattached.

$17 from GearBest

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