Vivo is keen to improve its standing against competitors as it refreshes its midrange line of smartphones in China with with up-to-date specifications.

Eight months from the release of their predecessors, the new Vivo X9s and X9s Plus inherit the dual front-facing cameras and same physical body. From the outside, not much has changed. The placement of the buttons, ports, and cameras are nearly identical. It’ll give people a hard time telling what’s missing or new about the newer phones.

Vivo X9s

Well, both still sport dual front-facing cameras with a 20- and 5-megapixel combination. While OPPO implements its secondary sensor for extreme wide-angle shots, Vivo keeps it for depth info to create artificial bokeh of your selfies. It’s a similar setup to the Vivo V5 Plus that other markets has.

Vivo X9s Plus

If we take a look at the spec sheets, the X9s is now rocking a Snapdragon 652 processor while the X9s Plus gets the Snapdragon 653. The new midrange chipsets will give both phones a boost in overall performance. Memory- and storage-wise, they still have 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage. Sadly, there are no microSD card slots on both.

The big difference between the two is their sizes. The X9s has the conventional 5.5-inch display size while the X9 Plus gets a bigger 5.85-inch. Both panels are Super AMOLED with Full HD resolution. Battery capacities on both are 3320mAh and 4015mAh, respectively.

As for pricing, the X9s will cost you CNY 2,698 (US$ 396) while the X9s Plus is slightly priced higher at CNY 2,998 (US$ 440). Since the two are announced in China, we can’t really tell when or even if the two will be made available outside the mainland.

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