Chinese company Xiaomi upgrades their fitness tracker, Mi Band, by adding real-time heart rate monitoring and appropriately calling it the Mi Band Pulse.

The Mi Band Pulse photoelectric light perception module to continually track your heart rate. This is on top of its other features which include tracking distance and calories burned during your workout session as well as sleeping patterns.

It has the same 45 mAh battery as the first generation Mi Band but still processes to last up to 30 days on a single charge.

Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker will be available in China on November 11 with CNY 99 ($16) price tag. As for availability elsewhere, it looks like the company is looking to here from its Facebook fans posing the question, “Would you like to see this launched in your country too?,” along with the announcement of the wearable.

Plastic Power Bank

The company also announced a Plastic 20,000 mAh Power Bank priced at the equivalent of $24. It should be lighter than its metal counterparts and also has 5.1V and 3.6A output.