Xiaomi really knows how to make a worthy follow-up to an already great phone. The Mi Max 2 is the latest example, and it’s such a handful inside and out (in a good way).

Coming with a 6.44-inch Full HD display and 5300mAh battery capacity, we’re looking at a nearly tablet-sized smartphone with incredible endurance. If you factor in the super-efficient Snapdragon 625 processor — the same one found in the Redmi Note 4X and Redmi 4 Prime — this could be the new battery champ.

It’s definitely designed for getting the most out of your mobile games and watching movies while in transit. And you won’t have to spend much either; the Mi Max 2 costs only CNY 1,699 — that’s just $250!

Other than those features, the Mi Max 2 is a plain Jane: 4GB of memory, at least 64GB of storage you can expand with a microSD card, 12- and 5-megapixel back and front cameras, and a MIUI 8 skin on top of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Although not as interesting, it’s worth noting that the Mi Max 2 has a USB-C port with Quick Charge 3.0. You can find this on the majority of upper-end smartphones, but it’s been mostly absent in Xiaomi’s sub-$300 lineup.

As usual, you’d have to live in China if you want to own the Mi Max 2 anytime soon. The rest of the world will either have to wait or order through online dealers such as GearBest.com.

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