Samsung showcased its sexiest wearable so far – the Gear S2.

Given Samsung’s history with wearables (the Galaxy Gears and Gears of the past didn’t exactly pan out) it’s only right to be cautiously optimistic about the Gear S2. But from all angles, this looks to be their most promising wearable yet.

First thing you’ll notice is it actually looks like a watch thanks to its round design. Made of stainless steel, your primary physical interaction with the Gear S2 will be through its bezel which lets you dig deeper into whatever you’re checking on the watch. Think of it as a scroll bar except, it’s round.

Samsung is also hoping to get you to put their watch on your wrist thanks to its cool factor. Need to book an Uber? No need to take your phone out, do it from the watch. Want to skip to the next track on your music player? Turn the bezel to go to the next song.

And just like traditional watches, the Gear S2 is also being positioned as a fashion accessory. Samsung partnered with renowned Italian designer Alessandro Mendini to create a good-looking range of watch faces and bands for the Gear S2.

Mendini’s designs along with a wide selection of watch faces and watch bands also helps Samsung market their latest wearable as a versatile accessory. One you can wear whether you’re going to a fancy dinner date or to the gym.

Speaking of the gym, the Gear S2 also appears to be a reliable fitness companion. If you haven’t taken a step for a while, the watch gives you gentle tap reminding you to move your feet.

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From a glance, there’s a lot to like about the Gear S2 but only real-world use will determine if it’s worth your hard-earned cash. And that’s what we’ll all be looking out for in the next few weeks.

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