As great as every new Android version is, getting access to the new features can take painstakingly long. Android Nougat was notoriously slow in its distribution, and it’s looking like Oreo will go through an even worse fate.

That’s because the latest Android Developers report reveals that only 0.3 percent of all Android smart devices have 8.0 Oreo installed as of November 9. Considering that the final non-beta build was launched nearly three months ago, that number is terribly disappointing.

Smartphone manufacturers have been slow in pushing out the update, and only a handful of recently released handsets have Oreo straight out of the box, such as the new Pixel phones from Google and Sony’s Xperia XZ1 line.

For comparison, the percentage was 0.2 percent last month, which proves that Oreo is on track to becoming as rare as Nougat during the early stages. Heck, Gingerbread is already ten years old and it still has a larger user base.

The only bright spot here is Nougat going from 17.8 percent in October to 20.6 percent this month. While not as feature-rich as Oreo, Nougat is considered to be a highly refined version of Android, and should be enough for everyday users.

Making matters worse, iOS 11 hasn’t been available as long as Oreo but it already has a 52 percent share of Apple’s pie. This alone proves why fragmentation is such a problem for Android.

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