Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3: Price and availability in the Philippines

There’s an affordable option, too!



WiFi 6 is here, bringing high speed, low latency, and reliable, power-saving connections. In the Philippines, most traditional routers are still just at WiFi 5 technology, resulting in slow connection, lagging, and less coverage.

To maximize the newest gadgets and technology, Huawei showcases the world’s first-ever WiFi 6+ router: the Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3.

Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3

The Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3 embodies the speed of WiFi 6 technology. Combined with a unique 3000Mbps GigaHome Quadcore Chipset, this router boosts network speed and penetrates walls for better coverage in your home’s dead spots. It’s infused by Huawei Share intelligent technology for faster and more convenient ways to access and utilize the router. For instance, you can tap your phone and use NFC to connect to the WiFi. Additionally, you can manage your router via Huawei’s AI Life app.

Moreover, Huawei guarded it up with Huawei HomeSec for a secure connection. It has an Anti-Cracking, Anti-Brute Force Algorithm, WiFi Encryption, and One-Key feature that prevents hackers from stealing valuable information.

Huawei WS2500

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Huawei WS2500 is yet another router that maximizes WiFi 6 technology. It’s equipped with Huawei’s signature Gigahome dual-core CPU, providing gigabit network ports and allows broadband access for up to 500Mbps. Like the Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3, the WS2500 is also manageable via Huawei’s smart home app.

Price and availability

The Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3 is now available for pre-order for only PhP 3,999 with a FREE Huawei Band 4 worth PhP 1,890. Meanwhile, the Huawei WS2500 retails for only PhP 1,599 and comes with a FREE Bluetooth speaker worth PhP 1,499.

Pre-orders for both the Huawei WiFi 6+ AX3 and the WS2500 are available exclusively on the Huawei Store — with exciting freebies up until March 4, 2021. Both routers have a one-year warranty coverage with a 7-day replacement time on defects caused by unintended physical or internal damages following Huawei’s official validation process within the warranty period.


Number portability is here, how will it work?

Easily switch among 3 telco providers!




Number portability or the ability to move your mobile number under any carrier you want seemed like a pipe dream. Not anymore thanks to the combined efforts of the Avengers. No, just kidding. They’re called the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. made up of DITO Telecommunity, Globe Inc., and Smart Communications. So, kind of like the Avengers, but of Telecom companies in the Philippines.

This was made possible thanks to teh passing of the Mobile Number Portability Act. Republic Act No. 11202, also known as the Mobile Number Portability Act, ensures that mobile phone users can keep their numbers even when they transfer to another service provider, or when they switch their subscription from postpaid to prepaid, or vice-versa.

How to avail Number Portability

  • How to port within networks, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • An active SIM and the requestor is the assignee of the mobile number to be ported
  • Zero remaining balance from your previous bill (for postpaid)
  • Non-existent court prohibitions
  • No pending transfer of ownership

Number porting makes it possible to also keep your number when switching from prepaid to postpaid plans. Syniverse will be the provider of number portability services in the Philippines.

“Mobile Number Portability is a complex process not only do we need to adopt it into our system but we need to integrate it with the networks of our competitors,” said Atty. Froilan Castelo who sits as the Chairman of the Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. General Counsel, Globe Group of Companies.

“It took us 22 months to build MNP, upgrade the system, integrate with the MNP service provider, and do testing with the other telcos,” he added.

Price and availability

As discussed earlier, number porting is free of charge. You can try out number porting on September 30, 2021.

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Spotify Premium Mini launches, removes ads with limited downloads

Can be billed through your carrier



Spotify Premium Mini

It’s now cheaper to get rid of those Spotify ads. Sure, the voice overs sound good but it just ruins the mood when your jamming to your favorite tracks only be interrupted. Spotify Premium Mini is here for all of us.

What you’re getting with Spotify Premium Mini

Ad-free individual music listening on mobile with unlimited skips — Listeners can access over 70 million music tracks and over 2.9 million podcast titles on the world’s largest audio streaming service

Download and play up to 30 songs offline on one mobile device — This allows a user to be on-the-go and stay connected to their favorite artists and creators without the need to connect to WiFi or tap into their mobile data.

Flexibility at its best –– Whether it’s for a morning exercise or simply seeking a motivational podcast to kick start the week, users have the option to immediately subscribe for just a day or a week at any given moment.

Hassle-free and seamless payment methods — Beyond the credit card option, users can choose to make payment through Carrier Billing or via digital wallets (GCash, PayMaya in the Philippines)

Better together — Premium Mini Listeners also have the ability to tune in to the same playlist or podcast with up to five friends via Group Session in beta.

How to sign-up?

  1. Download Spotify’s mobile app or head over to Spotify’s website on desktop.
  2. Click the ‘Premium’ section at the top right of the website or at the bottom right of the Spotify app.
  3. Choose ‘Get Mini’ and choose ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ plan. This is a prepaid offering.
  4. Choose payment methods
  5. Register or log in to the Spotify account.
  6. Users can start enjoying Spotify’s Premium Mini experience for the day or week.

Here are the the rates:

Philippines — PhP 7/day and PhP 26/week
Malaysya — MYR 1/day and MYR 3.90/week

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vivo Philippines Smartphone Price List

Which is one is your vivoMatch?



vivo V21

Here are the latest prices of vivo smartphones in the Philippines. We listed the devices according to their categories.

Last update: August 2021


Upper-Midrange (PhP 20,000 to PhP 29,999)

Lower-Midrange (PhP 10,000 to PhP 19,999)

Budget (PhP 9,999 and below)


You may also check out our best smartphones guides. We shortlisted our chosen premium, upper-midrange, lower-midrange, and budget handsets to help you find your next smartphone.

We also have various reviews, news, and feature articles for vivo devices which you can check out here.

We update the prices of vivo smartphones from time to time, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back once in a while.

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