NASA is actively looking for aliens in space

Sci-fi could soon become non-fiction



Extraterrestrial life has always made humans very curious about their past and there are quite a few conspiracy theories that explain their existence on Earth even before human presence. From sci-fi movies to artist representations, we’ve already seen a lot of fiction around it. However, NASA intends to take a step further and has deployed a satellite to actively look for alien intelligence in outer space.

Scientists working on the space agency’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission will collaborate with the US $100 million Breakthrough Listen project in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).

The Breakthrough Listen project is currently funded by Russian-Isreali entrepreneur Yuri Milner and it’ll be able to leverage NASA’s satellites that are already cruising deep into outer space.

TESS launched to Earth orbit in April 2018, on a mission to hunt for alien planets circling bright, relatively nearby stars. It is expected to discover 10,000 or more new exoplanets over the course of its two-year primary mission and will now also help in looking for intelligent alien life.

Breakthrough Listen plans to do scans of its own, but the organization will be looking for “technosignatures” coming from TESS worlds. Technosignatures are essentially radio waves that are spilt from many instruments like a radio or television sets. Similar radio waves that are being transmitted from far-away stars can help us understand the presence of alien life.

The project will use a range of instruments. including the Green Bank and Parkes radio telescopes in West Virginia and Australia, respectively. A unique or different anomaly from unknown starts can indicate the presence of alien life and further resources can be allocated to precisely understand these transmissions.

While we’re still millions of light-years away from these stars, we’re glad to see private funding as well as government support for projects that aim to understand the basic fundamentals of life and our existence.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales is getting a PC port

Coming later this fall



After the first one got a much-awaited port, it was only a matter of time before a second webslinger pops up on PC. Enjoying a much shorter lead time than the first game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is officially getting a PC port later this year.

Earlier this year, Sony released the official port for the first game, Marvel’s Spider-Man, featuring Peter Parker as the titular superhero. At the time, Insomniac and Nixxes Software (the studio behind the port) only had perfunctory plans to bring Miles Morales along for the PC ride.

In practically no time at all, Sony has announced the official coming of the second game through its own teaser trailer. Though the trailer does not end with a release date, it will launch sometime in the fall of this year.

In terms of ports, Sony has found massive success in bringing its formerly exclusive games to more markets. Now, PC players can finally get access to critically acclaimed title from consoles. In Spider-Man’s case, various modders have already created a thriving community for the first game. One such segment involves replacing Peter’s model with other characters like Stan Lee.

Will Miles Morales get the same hype and fanfare? Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales continues the story started by Peter Parker. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Miles sets off on his own adventure with electrifying powers.

If you can’t wait for the PC port, the game is still available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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TikTok officially launches a dislike button



Months ago, TikTok started experimenting with a dislike button for the platform’s comments. Much like other platforms, the company is creating a way to promote healthier discourse. However, the experiment never had a launch date all those months ago. Finally, after months in development, TikTok is finally ready to launch the dislike button.

Through the platform’s official Twitter account, TikTok is releasing the dislike button. This time, the platform has explained how the feature will work.

As detailed before, users will not see how many dislikes a comment has. Users will only have access to the button itself to dislike and retract dislikes. Only TikTok itself can see the number of dislikes. The platform will then use the information to filer through potential hate speech and harassment that they might have missed the first go-around.

By hiding the number of dislikes, TikTok hopes that users will not be tempted to abuse the dislike button to brigade against just simply unpopular opinions.

While moderation will help the platform with a persistent problem in social media, the company does have other issues. One current problem — that has plagued the platform for years now — is the issue of China’s potential access to data from users in other countries.

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Nothing teases new earbuds called the Ear Stick




Carl Pei’s Nothing continues to be one of the most eccentric tech brands today. Starting with a couple of enigmatic releases, the company is still riding the trend with its upcoming device. Debuting exclusively during a fashion show, Nothing has announced its next product, the Ear Stick.

While it’s a step up in creativity from “ear (1)” or “phone (1),” “Ear Stick” is certainly a unique choice for the name of a new tech product. However, if you see the product, it’s also an accurate one.

The upcoming Ear Stick refers to the cylindrical charging case which will carry the company’s next set of earbuds. Shaped like a tube of lipstick, the charging case is a unique take on what the industry considers as the default shape of similar products. That said, it makes sense to unveil it during a fashion show — specifically, Chet Lo’s SS23 runway.

True to its fashionista pedigree, the case will come in at least three different flavors: white with a red cover, blue with pink, and green with yellow.

Unfortunately, the fashion show reveal did not show what the actual earbuds look like. According to Nothing, the new device will look different to how the ear (1)’s design. As always, users will have to wait for any crumbs that the company will sporadically sprinkle all over.

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