Samsung unveils the new Galaxy A7 with triple rear cameras

The first Samsung phone to have three rear shooters



Samsung announced a new smartphone today and it’s pretty interesting. Remember the Huawei P20 Pro which has three amazing cameras on its back? Samsung is taking some cues from its Chinese competitor’s main flagship phone and the result is the new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).

This year’s Galaxy A7 takes a leap ahead of any Samsung phone using triple rear cameras. The phone’s rear setup is equipped with a main AI-enabled 24-megapixel f/1.7 sensor accompanied by a 5-megapixel depth sensor. This allows the phone to have the Live Focus feature by adjusting the bokeh effect. Then there’s also an 8-megapixel 120-degree ultra-wide lens for taking extremely wide shots.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) in pink, black, and gold

As for selfies, it’s got another 24-megapixel front camera with adjustable LED flash. Despite not having a secondary sensor in the front, the new Galaxy A7 can still mimic bokeh and studio lighting effects. Also, AR Emoji finally comes to midrange Samsung devices.

The rest of the Galaxy A7 is a pretty standard midrange affair. It sports a 6-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and it’s powered by an octa-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz. While Samsung didn’t specify the processor in their spec sheet, it’s most likely the Exynos 7885 we first saw on the Galaxy A8 (2018) phones. Depending on your region, it can have up to 6GB of memory and up to 128GB of storage.

The battery capacity of the phone is pretty okay at 3300mAh and it runs Android 8.0 Oreo skinned with Samsung Experience out of the box.

The phone comes with a premium sandwiched glass design like its Galaxy A8 cousins, but its fingerprint sensor is embedded to the metal side frame. Additionally, it comes with Bixby, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Health.

The Galaxy A7 will be available in select European and Asian markets first, but pricing is not yet disclosed in the press release. Samsung is also having a “Samsung A Galaxy Event” on October 11 to announce a new member of the Galaxy family.

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Honor promises to deliver Android Q to its Honor 20 series

Existing phones will continue to receive updates



Honor 20 Pro | GadgetMatch

Amid the issues surrounding its parent company, Huawei, Honor is confident to tell its users and those who are interested in getting an Honor phone that there’s nothing to worry about. The company would like to address the questions of the public about the effects of the imposed trade ban.

First and foremost, all Honor phones will continue to receive security patches and future Android updates. Anyone using an Honor phone will continue to access their apps like they normally would. Additionally, the existing warranties of purchased devices will still be honored for any required services.

Basically, Honor is following the footsteps of its parent company in making it clear for everyone that the trade ban won’t affect any of their current devices.

Moreover, Honor promises to deliver the upcoming version of Android, which is called Android Q for now, to its latest Honor 20 series. The list includes the Honor 20 Pro, Honor 20, and Honor 20 Lite devices. No news about the Android Q fate of other Honor phones, though.

While we’re at it, check out our Honor 20 Pro unboxing and hands-on to know more about Honor’s newest flagship phone:

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Android Pie-based ColorOS 6 rolls out to Realme 1 and UI

Sticking to the schedule



As promised, Realme has started rolling out the stable versions of ColorOS 6 for its older phones. The newest version of ColorOS brings in Android Pie and quite a number of features that’ll bring new life to Realme’s older devices.

The initial two recipients of the Android Pie-based ColorOS 6 is Realme’s first smartphone, the Realme 1, and also last year’s Realme U1. The update for the Realme 1 carries version number CPH1859EX_11_A.37, while the Realme U1’s update has version number RMX1831EX_11_A.10.

The ColorOS 6 update will make older Realme models on par with the newer releases software-wise. It’ll have a refreshed UI with an app drawer and gesture navigation. There are also improvements in the camera department including the Nightscape Mode. Of course, the update brings a new security patch level as well.

As always, the update will come to a few devices first before it reaches every Realme 1 and U1 phones available.

Based on Realme’s schedule, next in line are the Realme 2 and C1. ColorOS 6 should become available for the two in the coming days or weeks.

Via: Fonearena

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Bill Gates believes Microsoft losing to Android is his ‘greatest mistake’

He regrets that Microsoft didn’t beat Google



It’s no secret that Microsoft is enjoying the dominance of Windows on PCs, but its mobile counterpart didn’t do well while it was still alive. Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile failed to compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in the mobile scene. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates saw this as a missed opportunity.

During a talk with venture capital company Village Global, Bill Gates admitted that he regrets that Microsoft lost to Google in making a “standard non-Apple phone platform.”

The whole interview is available for viewing on YouTube and it’s more than an hour long. A lot of topics were discussed with useful insights about startups, investments, major world issues from Bill Gates himself.

One of the interesting answers from Gates was the revelation of his “greatest mistake ever,” which was Microsoft failing to take the opportunity Android had before.

In his own words, “In the software world, particularly for platforms, these are winner-take-all markets. So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is. That is, Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform. That was a natural thing for Microsoft to win. It really is winner take all. If you’re there with half as many apps or 90 percent as many apps, you’re on your way to complete doom. There’s room for exactly one non-Apple operating system and what’s that worth? US$ 400 billion that would be transferred from company G to company M.

Gates’ owning the mistake is somewhat surprising because it was assumed that it was Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, who didn’t saw the touchscreen revolution coming. Ballmer even laughed at the iPhone and called it unappealing to business customers because it lacks a keyboard. Hence, the company stuck with phones with keyboards.

We all know it was a big mistake for Microsoft as a company to ignore the iPhone. Google, on the other hand, took the golden chance and now they are on top of the mobile operating system chain.

Microsoft eventually came up with Windows Phone and launched it in 2010. It was pretty good, although it lacks the apps people are already enjoying on an iPhone or any Android device.

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