The LG TONE Free TWS earbuds self-cleans

The case uses UVnano tech to get rid if bacteria



Even LG is jumping in on the TWS game. Launching in Singapore is the LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6).

They look, unsurprisingly at this point, like AirPods as nearly every smartphone maker with TWS earbuds are now following that stem design. Naturally, the overall tech and other capabilities slightly differ.

For one, the HBS-FN6 come with what LG claims as an “industry-first” UVnano case. What it does is eliminates bacteria on the earbuds as they charge. LG decided to do this citing studies that earbuds can harbor more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board. Scary stuff. But the case has built-in ultraviolet to send those bacteria to smithereens.

The case, of course, can charge the earbuds pretty quickly too.  You get up to an hour of listening time after a five-minute charge. When juice it up all the way to 100%, you get six hours on the earbuds and three full charges from the case. Neat.

In terms of sound quality, the LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6) are tuned and supported by tech from Meridian Audio. The company has long partnered with LG for audio solutions. They incorporated HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing) tech to deliver a clear, loud, and immersive sound.

The earbuds also come with customized EQ sound settings letting you toggle between balanced audio or one that leans toward bass.

Pricing and availability

LG TONE Free TWS Earbuds (HBS-FN6) retails for SG$ 268 and will available in Singapore Starting September 14 at authorized retailers Best Denki, POPULAR, Courts, Harvey Norman, Lazada and Shopee.

From 14 September, Customers can enjoy a promotional price of S$188, for Stylish Black on Lazada and Modern White on Shopee, limited to the first 50 sets on each platform.

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Apple Watch Series 6 vs Watch SE: Unboxing and Buyer’s Guide



There’s a new Apple Watch iteration every year — although this year, we have two new models to unbox. Other than that, we also have the newest one-piece bands called ‘Solo Loop’ — both in silicon and braided.

Although Apple completely removed the charging brick out from the usual packaging, they packed several new features on the Watch Series 6 including the new blood oxygen sensor and Always-On Altimeter. Meanwhile, the Watch SE is meant for people who’d want to experience Apple’s wearable without having to spend too much.

Between these two, which of them is your GadgetMatch? Or are you struggling to choose one?

You can head over to our latest Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE Unboxing and Buyer’s Guide right here to find out more.

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Apple has removed free chargers from the Apple Watch

For eco-friendly reasons



Three months ago, a spicy rumor made its way across the internet. According to an analyst, Apple will stop shipping upcoming iPhones with a free charger. Naturally, the rumored decision met with a lot of criticism. Now, however, all rumors are gone; Apple has removed free chargers from the Apple Watch.

In the big Time Flies event today, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. Though both smartwatches have impressive specs, they will miss one of the most essential accessories for devices: a plug-in charger. Instead of the wired adapter, the device should come with a wireless adapter for wireless charging.

Finally, Apple has confirmed the landmark decision. Announced by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, the accessory’s removal comes as part of Apple’s initiative to reduce the company’s environmental impact. The company has previously announced a plan to go carbon neutral by 2030.

Of course, Apple might have other reasons to remove the charger. According to a previous rumors, 5G hardware has considerably upped Apple’s costs across the board. Removing “non-essential” accessories might reduce Apple’s productions costs and might keep prices relatively around the same range. Curiously, the Apple Watch’s titanium and Hermes models will still ship with power adapters, despite the on-paper environmental reasons.

Also, according to a new rumor, Apple isn’t stopping with the Apple Watch. Tech leaker Mark Gurman has hinted that Apple is also removing the power adapter from the iPhone 12’s box.

Unfortunately, Apple did not announced the much-awaited iPhone 12 during the Time Flies event against previous speculation. The company is still set to release the next iPhone generation sometime in the next quarter. If the trend has truly started, you might not see a free charger next month anymore.

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IKEA, ASUS ROG launching affordable gaming furniture, accessories

We need a sneak peek!





Another thing to add to the things we didn’t expect from this year but, has left us thinking, “huh, sounds about right.” IKEA and ASUS ROG are partnering to create a line of affordable gaming furniture and accessories.

fredde desk from IKEA

The IKEA Product Development Center in Shanghai will be developing all 30 products in this line-up. And, if you’re wondering who’s designing these products, you’re in for a treat. IKEA’s designers stacked up on design concepts and critiques from ROG designers, professional gamers, and gaming enthusiasts to really nail down aesthetic, comfort, and functionality.

ASUS ROG set-up

IKEA is happy to be teaming up with ROG to smoothly marry its home furnishing expertise with ROG’s exceptional gaming technology and design.

There’s a catch though. I won’t lie, I was hoping they’d launch their partnership with tantalizing patent designs. But, we’re left with imagination to fully take its course on this one. Design, concepts, and patents of the “affordable gaming furniture and accessories” haven’t officially been released. For now, the most obvious assumption of items in the line-up would be gaming desks and chairs.

What comes up when you look for gaming desks on IKEA

A quick search on IKEA for gaming desks and chairs show decent products to have on anyone’s set-up so we’re looking forward to designs they’ve mustered up with this partnership. The line-up is launching in China in February of 2021 and will be available in the US and elsewhere by October 2021.

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