How to curate your instagram feed

With the vivo V25 series



Instagram (IG) has become more than just a repository of our memories captured in stills or moving images. Over the years, users have painstakingly curated their IG feed to look a certain way. Whether that’s for better self expression or simply to adhere to a theme, IG feed curation is here to stay.

That’s why vivo put together a quick list of tips that can aid in your curation. All while using the vivo V25 series.

A consistent and visually appealing color scheme 

The first thing your Instagram followers will notice when they visit your profile isn’t the well-written captions but, rather, the aesthetic of your feed. If you want to make it more visually appealing, you must carefully select a consistent color palette that is sober and harmonious to the eye and sparks creativity.

Good thing, the vivo V25 Series features a Photochromic 2.0 Technology, the world’s first in the smartphone industry, that can add additional aesthetics and blend well to the theme of your IG feed. The Flourite AG Glass that changes colors when exposed to sunlight is truly an additional beaut that you showcase on your Instagram account.

Share and publish visual masterpieces

Now that you have colors bagged, you have to also focus on your content subjects. You have to make sure that the photos you’ll post look clean and fab and complement the overall theme of your account. Keep the creativity flowing by also exploring various angles and shots. Whether you stay at home or go out, you will never run out of moments and subjects to document. Be it as simple as your morning coffee or as magical as capturing the night sky full of stars, absolutely everything tells a story and can magnify the beauty of your social feed. The key here is to ensure that no image looks awkward and messy from the rest. 

The vivo V25 Series is here to help as you document every little and grand moment, day or night. Equipped with superb imaging capabilities like the 64 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera and Hybrid Image Stabilization, the vivo V25 Series promises that each IG post, whether carousel or reel, is spectacular. With the vivo V25 Series’ OIS and EIS module, you can ensure that every photo and video is clear and smooth even when shot in low light conditions. 

Additional tip: share a selfie, too! You are not just the owner of your IG account, you’re also a visual masterpiece. With vivo V25’s 50 MP Eye AF Selfie, you’ll always be selfie-ready from sunset to sunrise. So go on and share some of your best selfie shots.

Choose a creative Instagram grid layout

A visually appealing grid layout is a nice-to-have feature on your IG feed as it keeps your profile’s overall look and feels organized, clean, and cohesive. In order to map out a well-manicured grid, you have to ensure that no photos look out of place. Each photo must connect and complement the previous posts to enhance the overall aesthetic of your feed.

The vivo V25 Pro is equipped with a 6.56-inch FHD+ AMOLED curved display to give you a better and clearer view of your IG feed so you can easily check whether your content fits your profile.

Don’t forget about your IG Stories!

Mastering a grid layout and planning a perfect Instagram grid shouldn’t only be your priority. You have to look beyond your feed, too — check the design of your IG stories! The color scheme and theme should also add up to the aesthetics of your Instagram profile. Take advantage of the story highlight covers available online and do some mix and match. The fun thing about IG stories is that you can customize and label them, so make sure you have plenty of stories to share – be it a food crawl, a night stroll, or travel with the fam. With vivo V25 Series’ massive 256 GB memory capacity, you can capture, save, and share as many stories as you want, day or night.

Creating a visually appealing Instagram feed can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming, but it can also be fun! So take as much time as you need on curating, designing, and channeling your creativity with vivo V25 Series. After all, beautiful things take time, and doing what you love is always worth the hassle. 

The vivo V25 series is expected to arrive in the Philippines soon so follow vivo’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels to receive real-time updates about vivo’s newest products and offers.

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Camera Shootouts

vivo V25 vs V23 5G: Camera Shootout

Are there even significant improvements?




vivo V25

It hasn’t even been a year but vivo has already revealed the successor to the V23 5G that was launched earlier this 2022. But is it actually worth upgrading to the new vivo V25? Or should you save yourself some money and buy the older V23 5G instead?

vivo V25

Don’t let that new camera bump with bigger circular cutouts on the vivo V25 fool you. On paper, the cameras are close to one another but the V25 has the advantage of having a slightly wider aperture and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that the V23 5G doesn’t have.

vivo V25 vivo V23 5G
Wide 64MP f/1.79
64MP f/1.89
Ultra-WIde 8MP 120º f/2.2
Macro 2MP f/2.4
Selfie 50MP f/2.0 wide


50MP f/2.0 wide
8MP f/2.28 ultra-wide
+ Dual-tone Spotlight

The sad news though is that, vivo has decided to remove the extra ultra-wide selfie camera and dual flash system on the new V25.

vivo V23 with the Dual-tone Spotlight Flash feature

But how do these phones perform side-by-side knowing the new V25 also has a slightly less-powerful MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset over V23 5G’s Dimensity 920? Are there enough convincing differences or is the older model actually better? Feed yourself some photo sample comparisons below.


In any given circumstance, a valuable Android midranger should take at least a decent photo with natural light around — thus me taking lesser photos to compare.
Still, your judgment matters.

#1A (Ultra-wide)

vivo V25

#1B (Wide)

vivo V25


#3A (Wide)

#3B (Zoom)


Taking food shots (mostly with indoor lighting) is a better way to test which phone camera is capable of producing the better image output with the right amount of highlights, shadows, contrast, sharpness, temperature, as well as Dynamic Range.









*Left photo was taken multiple times with the focus tapped on the baked roll. Lens coating was also cleaned several times but still resulted to the same output.


Night Mode

Low-light photos can either make or break the capabilities of a smartphone’s camera.
While it’s a mixed bag of outputs, it still depends on the user if Night Mode photos are important in a midranger or not.

#13A (Wide)

#13B (Ultra-wide)






vivo V25


vivo V25


vivo V25

BONUS: Low-Light Selfie

For users who love taking selfies even in the dark, both phones can take fill-in flash (using the display) to brighten up your faces.

Without Flash

vivo V25

However, the ultra-wide selfie and Dual-tone Spotlight feature were removed completely from the vivo V25. You just have to guess and pick which is which.

With Flash (Aura Fill, Dual-Tone Dual Spotlight Flash)

vivo V25


No more confusions, the results are consistent all throughout the board:

Photo A — vivo V23 5G

Photo B — vivo V25


vivo V25

While it’s barely a big camera quality improvement, the vivo V25 has rendered some of the scenes quite well such as in Photos 1A, 11, and 12 which the V23 5G failed to display at least an acceptable output. Other times, the vivo V23 5G delivered better results like in Photos 1B, 2, 3A, 4, and 13A. Those images delivered overall better photos with a sufficient amount of HDR (High Dynamic Range) and AWB (Auto White Balance).

Overall, the V25 produced better images with decent amount of highlights, shadows, contrast, sharpness. The newer model also has some slight edge on focusing and making shots brighter and more stable at night.

vivo V25

While only two selfies were provided, the V23 5G obviously has the edge — especially with its extra selfie lens and dual-flash feature.

vivo V25

If you’re coming from the V23 5G, you don’t need to upgrade to the vivo V25. Period. But, if you’re looking for a phone to replace your old vivo smartphone (or pretty much any old budget phone or midranger for that matter), buying the V25 won’t hurt.

vivo V25

Unless you’re looking for a used unit, a brand new vivo V23 5G is being sold at PhP 27,999. Whereas, a brand new V25 retails at a cheaper PhP 23,999 price tag.

vivo V25

Imho, choosing the V23 5G over the V25 is advantageous for some reasons: a more premium-looking design with metallic sides, slightly faster chipset, and the extra selfie camera.

vivo V25

But realizing how more capable the cameras of the V25 are, you can also choose it for its bigger battery and brighter display. Also, the OIS feature is very handy if you love taking photos in action or at night or just record stable-free videos without worrying about warping and jitters. At the end of the day, you should know what you value the most in buying a new smartphone.


vivo V25 is a Night Portrait Master

Taking photos to the next level with the vivo V23 5G

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Camera Shootouts

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A Very Different Camera Test



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