Every year Google releases a new version of its mobile operating system Android. Announced in alphabetical order and named after a delectable treat, each time a new update is expected, a guessing game ensues.

And for the first time ever Google is letting users decide on what N means. At Google I/O today, Google announced its #NameAndroidN website where users can submit ideas. Which tasty treat is your favorite?

With Google I/O happening today, we expect to hear more about the next version of Android, codenamed “Android N” – and for the heck of it, we thought, why not throw a few more names into the pile. Which one is your favorite?


Nutella: Our personal favorite, we’re hoping that a Google-Nutella tie-up is in the works. Nothing quite hits the spot than a toast with a generous helping of Nutella. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.


Nachos: We haven’t had a salty, savory name before, but Google has mentioned in the past that Android names are not necessarily just desserts, but “tasty treats.” And nachos, whether dipped in salsa, cheese or guacamole top our list of tasty treats.


Noodles: Who doesn’t love noodles? Whether they’re Chinese cup noodles, or an al dente Italian spaghetti, we’re confident about a second savory pick because analysts point out that Android N could be see the biggest change in Android History.


Nerds: A popular candy, Nerds’ most popular flavor combination comes in pink (strawberry) and purple (grape) – the exact same colors found in the Android N logo. Coincidence?


Nankhatai: In one interview Google CEO Sundar Pichai hinted that they may borrow a name from an Indian dish. Whether or not that will happen in 2016 is unclear, but if it were to happen today, we think Nankhatai is the yummiest Indian dessert that qualifies. Albeit a mouthful (pun intended).


Nougat: That white, nutty, chewy bits in your Toblerone? That’s nougat. It’s a versatile treat made with sugar or honey, egg whites, and some nuts.


New York Cheesecake: Who doesn’t love a creamy cheese cake. And whether or not you’re dining in the Big Apple, New York Cheese Cake is the best kind. This dessert is known for its rich, dense and creamy consistency. It is often topped with fresh berries and some whipped cream.


Nori: Another savory choice loved by many – nori is commonly used to wrap sushi, onigiri and as garnish or seasoning for other dishes like ramen. It’s also recently risen in popularity as a snack you can munch on, often times as a ‘healthier’ alternative to chips.


Nips: This popular brand of Filipino chocolate candy is unlikely to be picked considering its heavyweight contenders. But if Filipinos are known for anything, its people power, and if they band together, who knows?

[Updated to include Google’s announcement at Google I/O.]

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