Are you one of the excited fans of the iPhone X? We’ve got some good news which (somehow) assures that you’ll get it on time.

According to a report from Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, Apple has increased the production of its latest (and still unreleased) flagship phone. From 100,000 units per week, it’s now reported to be 400,000 units or four times the volume. However, the production estimates of Rosenblatt remain at 20 million by December and 50 million as we reach the first quarter of 2018.

As for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, sales have been slow over the last two weeks. They believe that the new iPhone 8 only has 30 to 40 percent of what the iPhone 7 sold last year, while the iPhone 8 Plus is on par with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Zhang did note that it’s tricky to compare the exact demand for the new iPhones since Apple struggled to keep the iPhone 7 Plus in stock last year. The iPhone X could have the same fate.

Despite the slow production of the iPhone X and early reports of delayed delivery, Apple announced their borderless iPhone along with the iPhone 8. Pre-ordering will commence later this month, while the actual sale starts on November 3.

There’s no assurance if there will enough units to meet the demand, especially now that the holidays are fast approaching. We’re hoping that pre-orders will be fulfilled, at least.

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