Noted Apple seer Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities today made some bold predictions for the American tech juggernaut, telling investors to expect iPhone shipments to fall this year. The “worst-case scenario,” he wrote in his investment note, is for Apple to sell less iPhones this year than in 2014 — somewhere between 190 million and 200 million units.

For context, that would mean Apple did worse than the industry average in terms of shipment growth, which it has never done. It’s also alarming when you consider that the iPhone 7 is due later in the year, and based on past revelations about Apple’s upgrade cycle, the next iPhone is poised to bring big changes to the lineup.

Or will it? Because according to Kuo, who’s been referred to as “the most accurate Apple analyst in the world” on multiple occasions, the iPhone 7 won’t have “many attractive selling points,” though he didn’t go into detail about what the phone might offer.


If Kuo is indeed right about the upcoming Apple product — and he often is, such as the time he predicted a redesigned, 12-inch MacBook, or the time he correctly surmised Apple’s penchant for the color pink — then his gloomy forecast concerning iPhone sales in 2016 could be right on the money.

Apple had already lost its smartphone business to Samsung in the first quarter of the year after seeing its rival’s sales soar, buoyed by the early release and critical reception of the Galaxy S7.

Granted, Apple releases the premium iPhone model late in the year and Samsung’s Galaxy flagship typically goes on sale in April, so nothing unusual there.

If the iPhone 7 might not be as big of an upgrade as earlier hoped, when should you upgrade, then? Try next year. Kuo has previously noted that Apple may unveil a major redesign for the iPhone in 2017, one that substitutes glass in place of aluminum and uses a higher-contrast OLED panel.

Apple iPhone 7 release tipped for September 16

Source: 9to5Mac