Last month, the internet saw — and loved — the most tantalizing beauty tech in LED lashes. Now, the same company brings us more wearable LED lights in our lives.

These light-up lashes are a great way to add sparkle to your look

Girl wearling pink LED lashes

They’re LED strips you can stick to your eyes! These pretty things are wired accessories powered by small batteries hidden at the back of your head.

It comes in different colors and responds to movement!

Man and woman wearing led lashes

These glitzy eyelashes are currently part of a Kickstarted program. F.lashes, the company behind these babies, say they will be available by January 2018.

But, they’re not sticking to just lashes!

man wearing LED moustache

They’ve just announced their LED mustaches! Yes, definitely Lit AF.

F.lashes says that though the prototypes are wired, the final products will be wireless. They will come in different colors and will be responsive to movement. But, that’s not all: They’re also responsive to touch!

This is another great way to light up your face (in the most literal sense)

Close up of touch sensitive LED moustache

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this flashy facial hair, as they’re only being offered as a bonus to F.lashes’ Kickstarter supporters.

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