Noticed something different on Facebook lately? Yeah, more and more people have been discovering this feature which lets you add color to status updates. But why can’t everyone use it yet?

That’s because it’s limited to Android users for now, even though iOS and desktop users can also see the colorful posts. There hasn’t been any confirmation yet when non-Android platforms will get the feature.

This is a welcome change in a sea of exclusively blue-and-white content all over Facebook, and it’s really easy to apply.

Assuming you have the latest Facebook app update and an Android device, all you have to do is create a status update from your news feed or timeline, and then choose from a selection of eight colors (including white) to turn into a background before uploading.

Sadly, it’ll only work for plain text posts for the time being; links and multimedia uploads aren’t part of the club.

We see this as a move designed to beat Twitter at what it does best. Meanwhile, Facebook-owned Instagram and Messenger are turning into Snapchat clones, to the dismay of many. As Michael Josh puts it:

Facebook reinforces privacy and security amid growing threats