Sifting through the depths of your smartphone’s files can be daunting even with dedicated file cleaning apps. Google wants to relieve you of the burden through their new file manager app, Files Go.

After leaks and a beta testing version rolled out last month, Files Go is finally ready to be unleashed.

The organization app’s main draw is its ability to optimally free up space on your phone. According to Google’s beta testing, “the average user is saving 1GB of space in their first month.”

Compared to most file cleaning apps that automate their work behind the scenes, Files Go personalizes what it thinks it can delete. Using Google’s Mobile Vision technology, Files Go can detect duplicate files, unused apps, large files, low-resolution videos, and even memes.

Further, the app can sort through your files and categorize them according to file type or source — documents, images, videos, etc.

Files Go also connects to your Google Drive or other cloud storage accounts. It easily uploads selected files to the cloud for safekeeping.

The app can also transfer files offline to a nearby friend’s smartphone wirelessly without the need for other third-party apps. Offline sharing through Files Go boasts secure encryption and speeds of up to 125Mbps.

Despite being a heavy hitter, Files Go remains light on your phone. It’s compatible with smartphones that have only 512MB of RAM, and the entire app also takes up only 6MB of internal storage. Finally, Files Go works on phones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher.

The app’s release coincides with the launch of Google’s data-saving app Datally. Both apps further the company’s push for the budget-friendly Android Go.

Google Files Go is available for free starting today on the Google Play Store in 80 languages.

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