Every hero product needs a sidekick, and in the Sony Xperia XZ’s case, it’s the Xperia X Compact fortifying the lineup. It’s a lot like its predecessor, the Xperia Z5 Compact, but the internal package is quite different.

In an effort to bolster its midrange portfolio, Sony dialed down on the X Compact’s specs, so it’s no longer a flagship device in a pocketable shell. The body itself also took a hit, with the new compact smartphone having a full-plastic build with no water or dust resistance in tow.

Fortunately, the 23-megapixel camera and advanced autofocus system of the more powerful (and just as new) Xperia XZ is present on the X Compact. Shooting underwater won’t be possible anymore, but the accurate focusing and sharper images should make up for the loss.

There’s so much more we can write about the Xperia X Compact, but you’re better off seeing the more comprehensive hands-on video we have up top. We assure you, it’s even cooler in person!