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OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition Unboxing



How do you make an already cool smartphone even better? By branding it with one of the hottest football clubs in the world!

The OPPO F3 we have here is not just a special red edition; it also has the logo of FC Barcelona on it, along with a matching box and autographed protective case.

If you watch our unboxing video below, you’ll know why the case could be a collector’s item in itself!

See it all here:

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on iPhone battery issue: ‘Maybe we weren’t clear’

iOS update can prevent intentional slowdown



Apple ended last year on a sour note, admitting that they intentionally slowed down their iPhones in order to compensate for aging batteries. While this seems practical from a technical standpoint, consumers were enraged by Apple’s lack of transparency with the matter.

iPhone users felt like they were being forced into purchasing a newer model or going for an expensive battery replacement simply to continue having a fluid iOS experience.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s interview with ABC News was able to shed more light on the topic. Cook admits that his company wasn’t clear with the performance throttling and they’re now taking the proper steps in order to regain the public trust.

The company began by offering discounts on replacement batteries, although this will only last until the end of 2018. The more permanent solution comes in the form of a software update that’ll allow users to monitor their iPhone battery’s health.

What’s more interesting is the ability to disable the performance throttling altogether once the update arrives. Apple advises against this, however, saying that the feature is in place to prevent “the device unexpectedly shutting down” and protect its electronic components.

Still, it’s nice to have access to such an option. This will let users maximize the full capacity of their iPhone until the handset’s battery is on its dying legs.

Unfortunately, the apologies and fixes haven’t stopped people from suing Apple through class action lawsuits. Chances are the Cupertino company will succeed in the end (they always have), but we can at least sleep better knowing that we aren’t imagining iPhones slowing down through time.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) officially launch in the Philippines

They don’t come cheap



Samsung’s latest midrange phones are slowly making their way to regional markets. For Southeast Asia, the South Korean company officially announced the Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) in the Philippines.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ (2018) are the newest additions to the premium midrange Galaxy A family. With these new phones, Samsung pushed its midrange offerings to become near-flagship.

Both devices have Infinity Displays with an 18.5:9 display ratio and Full HD+ resolution. The Galaxy A8 (2018)’s display measures at 5.6 inches with a 3000mAh battery while the Galaxy A8+ (2018) has a larger 6-inch panel and 3500mAh battery. Both support Adaptive Fast Charging through USB-C.

Another special feature is the dual front cameras: 16- and 8-megapixel sensors with a bright f/1.9 aperture. This setup brings the Live Focus feature from the Galaxy Note 8 for selfies with bokeh. A single 16-megapixel f/1.7 rear shooter with phase-detection autofocus and electronic image stabilization handles low-light photography. The phones are also IP68-certified against water and dust.

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) Ambassador Yassi Pressman

They are powered by an unspecified octa-core processor (most likely an Exynos chip), with up to 6GB of memory for the A8+ and up to 64GB of expandable storage. Out of the box, they run Android 7.1.1 Nougat with the Samsung Experience skin on top.

The Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) will be available in the Philippine market starting January 27 for PhP 26,990 and PhP 32,990, respectively. Color options include gold and black.

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MIUI 9 will come to 40 Xiaomi devices

Even six-year-old phones will get the update!



It’s a stretch to think your smartphone will receive firmware updates two years after its original launch, but Xiaomi is taking it to another level by providing its latest MIUI 9 software to 40 of its devices both new and old.

While it’s expected for phones like the Mi Mix 2 to be first in line for the update (in fact, it already arrived for the flagship), it’s amazing that something as old as the Mi 2 from 2012 will get MIUI 9, as well.

Take note, however, that MIUI 9 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat and not the newer Oreo build. This shouldn’t matter to Xiaomi users though, since MIUI strips most of what stock Android looks like and forms its own optimized interface.

Naturally, the newly released Android One-based Mi A1 isn’t part of the list, and remains to be the only Xiaomi phone free of the MIUI skin.

Here’s the full lineup:

  1. Mi Mix 2
  2. Mi Mix
  3. Mi 6
  4. Mi 5
  5. Mi 5S
  6. Mi 5S Plus
  7. Mi 5C
  8. Mi 5X
  9. Mi 4
  10. Mi 4S
  11. Mi 4C
  12. Mi 3
  13. Mi 2
  14. Mi 2S
  15. Mi Note 3
  16. Mi Note 2
  17. Mi Note
  18. Mi Max 2
  19. Mi Max
  20. Mi Pad 3
  21. Mi Pad 2
  22. Mi Pad
  23. Redmi Pro
  24. Redmi Note 5A
  25. Redmi Note 4
  26. Redmi Note 4X
  27. Redmi Note 3
  28. Redmi Note 2
  29. Redmi Note
  30. Redmi 5
  31. Redmi 5 Plus
  32. Redmi 5A
  33. Redmi 4
  34. Redmi 4X
  35. Redmi 4A
  36. Redmi 3S
  37. Redmi 3X
  38. Redmi 2
  39. Redmi 2A
  40. Redmi 1S

Source: Weibo

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