Apple talked about more than just iPhones at its September launch event held earlier today in Cupertino.

Only have time for an executive summary? No worries — we’ve got you covered.

First event held at new Steve Jobs Theater

Apple opened its new campus to media for the first time. Well sorta. The event took place at the New Steve Jobs Theater dedicated in memory of the late Apple co-founder. In the distance is Apple’s actual new campus, a spaceship-shaped megastructure.

Apple Stores become Town Squares

Apple Stores will get a facelift and be called Town Squares. Flagship stores in larger cities will have large open air spaces called plazas. Apple sees its stores as not just retail locations, but their “biggest product.”

Apple unveils 3rd-gen Apple Watch with LTE

The new Apple Watch has built-in LTE support, meaning you can make calls without a phone. A new watchOS will also send you alerts if it detects an irregular heart rate. The Apple Watch Series 3 is US$ 349 for the non-LTE model and US$ 399 for the LTE model. Pre-orders start September 15, and shipping begins September 22.

New Apple TV supports 4K HDR

The Apple TV 4K lets you stream digital content in 4K HDR. Netflix and Amazon Prime 4K HDR video content is coming to the Apple TV 4K soon. It starts at US$ 179.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are just updated versions of last year’s iPhone

Nothing special here — basically updated versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Phones come in gold, silver, and space gray. Headline features include improved cameras, a new “bionic chip,” augmented reality, and wireless charging. The AR gaming demo is cool and promising, and the iPhone 8 Plus gets a more accurate Portrait Mode and new Portrait Lighting feature. The iPhone 8 starts at US$ 699 while the iPhone 8 Plus is $799. Pre-orders start September 15, and phones ship on September 22.

One More Thing…

The iPhone X is the iPhone we’ve been waiting for

Read 10, “not Ex.” No surprises — it’s the same phone leaked on the internet for months now. Also no surprise is its US$ 1,000 price tag. Headline features include a True Depth Sensor which is high-tech, smart, accurate, and has supposedly non-spoofable facial recognition software. This premium smartphone is made of stainless steel and what Apple calls its toughest glass yet. It’s got everything the iPhone 8 has plus a new borderless OLED “Super Retina” display. Oh, and there’s a new feature called Animojis which are basically emojis that come to life by mimicking your facial expressions — a super cool feature except that it only supports iMessage. Pre-orders for the iPhone X start on October 25, and the phone goes on sale November 3.       

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