Filipino fans might have to wait a while longer, but Samsung’s refurbished Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) is coming to the Philippines later this year.

Industry insiders tell GadgetMatch that the Galaxy Note FE will hit retail shelves in Manila at a price point that puts it up against mid-range bestsellers.

Earlier this month, Samsung launched the Note FE in South Korea, stating that availability in other parts of the world “will be decided later.” In Korea, the phone retails for KRW 699,000 (approximately US$ 625).

Galaxy Note FE Korea Launch

Samsung launched the Note FE in South Korea on July 7

The Note Fan Edition is a refurbished version of last year’s recalled Galaxy Note 7, but features a smaller 3200mAh battery which Samsung promises is “enhanced with multiple safety designs” as part of its 8-point battery safety check.

The phone also gets a software update giving it Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby, a feature first seen on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

While Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is on the horizon with an August 23 launch date set in New York, last year’s Note 7 refresh is still a solid offering in 2017. When it was launched last year, many considered the phone to be the best Android device ever built.

This year’s Note 8 is expected to have a dual-camera setup and display larger than that of the S8+, as well as an enhanced S Pen. With this in mind, would you still consider the Note FE?

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