Xperia fans in the Philippines are in for a treat: They can now purchase Sony’s most premium smartphone to date!

Launched in Barcelona, Spain last February, the Xperia XZ Premium is the company’s top-shelf smartphone for this year. It has a class-leading Snapdragon 835 processor, a true 5.5-inch 4K resolution display, and one of the fastest cameras on any handset.

Check out our video below to find out more about all the features worth looking forward to.

Pretty cool, huh? Hold on, it costs a pretty penny.

We were already familiar with a price hovering around GBP 650 (or $845) when the Xperia XZ Premium was first announced. Now, we have a more concrete price of PhP 45,490 ($915) after it launched in the Philippines earlier today.

Who exactly is the target market for a smartphone with a top-of-the-line Qualcomm chip such as this? Zhorida Lipayon, Marketing Manager of Mobile Product Marketing at Sony Philippines, had this to say:

“We think hardworking people who are really crazy Sony and Xperia fans deserve to experience this kind of phone…it offers the best of everything – 4K HDR from Bravia TVs, the best from our alpha and RX camera lines, and high res audio from our personal audio products. All the best from Sony in one device.”

But even if you don’t consider the die-hard fans, it’s imperative for Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S8 to have competition in the Philippines and other parts of Asia —  Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium does just that. The Xiaomi Mi 6 would also be a serious rival if not for the limited availability outside of China.

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