Tonight at Mobile World Congress, Samsung announced the Galaxy Book, which is nothing I really cared about until they said: “It can do anything a PC does.”

Of course, this was my reaction:

(This is, in fact, GadgetMatch Creative Director Chay Lazaro, but I needed to steal her reaction to make a point.)

We’ve all heard that before.

A 10- or 12-inch tablet cannot possibly work like a computer. That’s why tablets are tablets, and, well, computers are computers.

I mean, look how tiny that thing is! Sure it runs on a PC processor, but let’s be real. It can’t possibly do—

Well, I mean, real photo editing with Photosho—

What tech sorcery is this?! I sought to find out.

I consulted GadgetMatch resources and asked what exactly the Galaxy Book’s specs meant. Samsung boasted a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage in the 12-inch model.

And it seems it’s definitely a big deal.

I learned that the Galaxy Book can do what my 13-inch, 4.5-pound machine can.

Plus, it works so well with that cute pen!

And just like that, I’m sold.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and S Pen are a match made in heaven