Have you ever edited a photo on your laptop with the intention of posting it on Instagram? But then you had to transfer the photo from laptop to smartphone first. Here’s a tool that will take out the latter step.

It’s called Gramblr, and it lets you upload photos and videos to Instagram directly using a Mac or a PC. You can get it here.
When you click the app after installation, it will open a link on your browser that will look like this:
Gramblr functions mainly as an upload tool, so you can’t use it to browse your feed (you can always do that on IG for web, anyway).
It lets you crop the photo first before uploading. You have aspect ratio choices of 4:3, 1:1, or any. Choose one, crop accordingly, then proceed to upload.
What’s cool is that you can add more than one account:
You can also schedule posts. It follows a 24-hour format; there’s no toggle for a.m. or p.m.
I had trouble uploading videos exceeding 15 seconds, but I think that’s more of a problem with my account than anything else. I had no problems whatsoever uploading a 15-second video.
If you need to delete one of the uploads you made using this tool, simply go to History to see a list of images and/or videos you uploaded. From there, you can delete the upload and it will be taken off Instagram.
To summarize:
1) Upload photos and videos using Mac or PC
2) Schedule uploads
3) Ability to switch accounts
4) Delete posts uploaded using this tool and it will be deleted directly from IG
5) It’s FREE 🎉
1) Can’t choose thumbnail for video
2) Videos over 15s might take a while to upload
3) Can’t browse your feed
It’s not a tool you can rely on to run an Instagram account, but it does have helpful features.
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