5 reasons to choose a dedicated camera over a smartphone



Smartphones have spoiled us. They’re with us wherever we go, are always connected, and best of all, have cameras that constantly get smarter. And yet, dedicated cameras still have their distinct advantages — at least five to be exact.

Interchangeable lenses add a whole new dimension

Let’s get to the biggest advantage first: DSLR and mirrorless cameras are able to accept a ton of compatible lenses that can change the way you shoot. Lock in a fish-eye lens for super-wide photos, insert a telephoto lens to focus on faraway subjects, or go for a do-it-all setup with a zoom lens.

If you’re loyal to one brand, mount adapters allow you to use lenses from other manufacturers; Canon glass can function on a Sony camera and you can even use old film-era lenses on modern-day shooters. Ever-improving optics mean you’ll never be let down by your aging camera body, which also means that…

A dedicated camera has unmatched image quality

Combining high-quality lenses with a dedicated camera’s large image sensor — along with all the accessories you can attach through its ports — guarantees quality that can outperform a smartphone’s setup in most situations. Phones may have quick post-processing for instant Instagram uploads, but only a real camera can be taken to the studio and function with all the lights.

While smartphones have comparable pictures to those of true cameras in daylight, it’s when the sun sets that the difference is more apparent. A dedicated camera can handle higher ISO sensitivities for brighter photos in the dark and reduce noise to comfortable levels.

Full manual control equals greater creative control

All those buttons and dials around a real camera are put to good use when fiddling around with settings. Although you can easily use touch controls on a smartphone to adjust virtually anything, reaching for physical buttons doesn’t need a pair of eyes to input accurately.

Anyone who’s used something like the Sony A9 shown above knows how steep the learning curve can be at first, but practice and doing your research can eventually get you to pro levels through time. There’s nothing like turning a dial to adjust exposure or flipping a switch to change shooting modes without looking.

Dedicated cameras can keep up with any subject

The most frustrating aspect of shooting with smartphones is not being able to keep track a fast-moving subject. And even if you do get a lock-on, a simple camera phone doesn’t have a quick-enough shutter to capture the moment without motion blur, especially when light is scarce.

We were able to take the full-resolution photos above using the Sony A9’s burst rate of 20 frames per second. That’s nearly the speed at which films are shot — minus the motion blur! Having a sports photography-centric camera also means the focus points will stay on your desired target.

A viewfinder is invaluable at times

Another weakness pure smartphone photographers have to deal with is potentially being held back by the touchscreen. Depending on the size of the display and user-friendliness of the interface, navigating through menus can be cumbersome when you’re rushing to get a shot off on time.


Having an optical or electronic viewfinder guarantees you’ll achieve the perfect framing for your shots even under direct sunlight or in dim environments. Combined with the manual dials, you can adjust exposure settings while looking through the viewfinder, giving you full control over compositions.

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DJI Osmo Pocket first look

It’s the ultimate travel camera!




It feels like we’re already in the future as DJI just announced the Osmo Pocket. It’s their smallest handheld camera which literally fits all sorts of pockets. However, being small doesn’t mean it’s terrible. It can shoot videos up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

It has a three-axis gimbal that reduces shakes and jitters plus it has an extension rod that makes taking selfies a breeze. It’s also featured-filled!

It has facetrack technology which focuses on your face while activetrack focuses on any moving subject; FPV mode follows fast-moving shots. Lastly, there’s motionlapse that captures better timelapses and can take your videos to another level. It can also stitch together images with 3×3 panorama and take great low-light photos with nightshots.

If you like to go to the beach, the Osmo Pocket can come with you thanks to a waterproof case. It’s definitely the ultimate travel camera!

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Her Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for the different types of women in your life

Tis the season!



May it be a sister, a mother, a friend, or a lover, this holiday season is the perfect time to appreciate the women in your life. But, different women have different needs so I’ve rounded up a number of great gift ideas and the type of ladies they’d be perfect for.

You’re welcome.

For the skincare lover

Something to pamper her with! The Foreo UFO offers a home facial mask treatment like no other. Great skin has never been this attainable! This tiny thing is capable of LED light therapy, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy. There are also a number of great face sheets to choose from.

For the fitness buff

For those who aspire for a healthier life, the Fitbit Versa is the perfect gift. Doing what Fitbit does best, the Versa tracks all your health data plus it has smartwatch capabilities! It comes in rose gold and looks pretty with all the great-looking strap options.

For the stylish

Cutting-edge tech for hair styling comes in the form of Dyson’s Airwrap. It’s every girl’s mane dream (pun intended). This iron uses hot air and the British brand’s vacuum technology to make sure hair is curled and not damaged in the process. Oh, and it doesn’t only curl; there are different hair attachments for multiple hair types so you can achieve many looks.

For the sentimental

To help her capture priceless and fleeting moments, get her a Polaroid OneStep+. This pretty camera looks reminiscent of the original Polaroid OneStep; yes, it’s very pretty! Aside from taking great Polaroid photos, this instant camera can now connect to an app. Talk about added fun!

For the traveler

Make her feel safe and look good. Travelon anti-theft bags are perfect to bring on trips. Equipped with RFID-blocking tech, slash-proof material, and locking zippers, these are bags that will leave you with peace of mind without compromising your outfit.

For the homemaker

Make cleaning a breeze with Xiaomi’s Mi robot vacuum. This smart device will clean every inch of your home with a tap on your smartphone. With the Mi Home app, you’ll be able to check which areas the robot has vacuumed and you can even schedule cleaning sessions remotely. And no, this thing won’t fall down the stairs or run over your pets.

For the audiophile


iPods are not a thing anymore but this awesome music player is! The Mighty Music Player is a music streaming device — yes, that means you can listen to your Spotify sounds even without your phone. It comes in yummy colors, too.

For the woman on the go

These colorful Bluetooth earphones are not only wireless, but they’re also smart. Honor’s new Flypods look cool with the teal color option, plus it can answer calls, has wireless charging, and responds to touch control.

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Tech for the strong, independent, and happily single woman

Because it’s Singles’ Day!



November 11, or 11.11, has been dubbed as Singles’ Day. While some may believe this to be a reminder of persistent loneliness and that dreaded single status, I believe otherwise. Singlehood is and should be a celebration of your independence. Being single is not necessarily a bad thing.

That being said, I’ve rounded up a number devices for the strong, independent, and happily single woman.

Google Pixel 3 

In a sea of dual camera phones, the Pixel stands its ground with one shooter, proving that in a lot of instances, one is enough.

Sony H.ear On

To shut out the naysayers, and look good while doing so. Sony’s H.ear On headphones, aside from sounding amazing, are Bluetooth-enabled which means that you’re not tied to anything. If that isn’t symbolic, I don’t know what is.

GoPro Hero 7

To document your own adventures and tell your own story! With electronic image stabilization, your footage always comes out smooth AF. At least this camera is stable — more than I can say about those boys you dated.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

To remind you that it’s time to be your own woman and that you don’t and shouldn’t have time for other people’s crap. Consequently, it also looks cute and tells you the actual time.

Honda CR-V

So you can drive your own future! The CR-V is equipped with tech to make your drive a cinch. This thing will get you places.

Peak Design Everyday Tote

Because the only weight on your shoulders should be the weight of your stuff! Let go of excess/exes baggage. 😎


Joby Gorillapod 1K

Since you can stand on your own, like this tripod. Big plus for shooting your own IG photos with this — no need for IG boyfriends!

Happy 11.11, ladies! Always remember that the only person who can complete yourself is you. 💁🏽‍♀️✨

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