6 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera can do



Samsung’s recently released Galaxy S8 has been dubbed by many as a game-changer in the smartphone arena with its winning design and high-powered specifications, but let’s talk about its feature that is most relevant to everyday life: the camera.

The Galaxy S8 features a 12-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel front- facing camera, and I expected no less from a Samsung flagship. The difference lies in the built-in camera features.

The Galaxy S8’s Smart Autofocus means you’re always the star of the photo

This new function ensures you’re the focal point of all your selfies. Say goodbye to blurred, unfocused photographs!

Stickers are built into the camera app!

Who needs Snapchat when you have the cute stickers in the phone itself?

You can now take photos and videos with these cute animations! Just like Snapchat filters, they respond to different movement and some even have sound effects.

Up to three people can join in on the fun because the more the merrier.

The Galaxy S8 also has integrated stamps and filters

No need to download third-party apps for all your photo editing needs. Finally!

The camera also comes with preset filters for all your photo needs. #YesFilter!

The S8 camera makes you an instant wine connoisseur 

Because wine not?

All it takes is a quick scan and Samsung’s Vision Interface will give you instant information on whatever bottle of wine you’re enjoying at the moment.

Understand a different language with the S8

Say goodbye to Google Translate. This camera scans and quickly translates foreign words and phrases.

Unlock all these possibilities with one look

That’s all it takes to unlock the phone! No hands, no codes, no patterns. Samsung’s Iris Recognition allows for easy phone access.

This easy:

In a world full of dual-camera phones, be the power-packed single Samsung Galaxy S8 camera that does more.

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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Unboxing & Review: About Time!

Killer specs at a reasonable price



It seems like Google’s Pixel 5 announcement didn’t stop Xiaomi from announcing their newest Mi 10T series.

As confusing as it might be, the new Mi 10T Pro is the successor to Mi 9T Pro, last year’s popular midranger. But the thing is, Xiaomi’s newest phone isn’t a midrange device anymore.

Packed with Snapdragon 865, set of brilliant cameras, and a gaming-centric 144Hz display, the new Mi 10T Pro might just be establishing a new smartphone category with flagship-tier specs at a midranger’s price.

Curious to find out what was added and removed? Watch our review of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro here.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Unboxing and Review: Not What You Think!

Samsung’s answer to their pricey flagship smartphones



Galaxy S10e, S10 Lite, and the Galaxy S20 FE, three phones meant for the less tech-savvy consumers. Samsung may not be consistent with naming their phones, but they’re still consistent in giving fans the best of specs.

The Galaxy S20 FE is a follow-up to Samsung’s S20 Series — packed with no-compromise specs at a reasonable price. But in order to bring down costs, they have to make adjustments for it to have a retail value just below the US$ 700 mark.

Are these cuts acceptable for it to be called as one of 2020’s “cheapest” flagship smartphones?

You can watch our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review by clicking this link.

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realme Buds Q: Keeping up with the ‘new normal’

Wireless is the new normal



When this year started, I’ve already laid out most of my personal plans: do more outdoor activities, travel to different places, and slowly pick myself up from the emotional downhill I experienced last 2019.

But what do we know, the universe has much bigger plans.

The past few months of quarantine has been a wild transition for me, especially as a person who finds solace in the outdoors. Staying indoors for a long time has challenged my mental health, and it’s still an ongoing battle that I face every single day.

A total shift in my personality

During this collective isolation period, the first thing I did is try to make peace with things I can’t control. I started channeling my energy into doing what is feasible for now — both in my career and personal life.

I began doing activities that are completely opposite from my usual hobbies, starting with yoga and meditation to help me become more present.

realme Buds Q

It is also the same time I shifted to using wireless earbuds after years of using wired earphones. I have tried several brands for a while, and currently, I am using the newly released Realme Buds Q.

Light and portable device that is compatible with all my new activities

Doing yoga in the morning is easier — the Realme Buds Q fits just right and it’s light in the ears. Personally, I really prefer using earbuds rather than open-type ones. The latter hurts my ear in the long run, so the Realme Buds Q is a nice fit for me.

I can do all the poses with ease and without worrying they might slip off my ear. It has IPX4 water resistance, so I don’t bother sweating a lot during and after every session.

I also use it during my meditation, and every time I go jogging.

Buds Q is also a handy companion to all my other activities with its intelligent touch controls. Playing music and answering calls is easy with just a few taps. It’s perfect for multi-taskers like me who usually attend Zoom meetings while preparing food away from my laptop.

Wireless is the new normal

While I still keep my wired earphones, the wireless technology is totally heaven sent. It’s essentially helpful in a lot of ways especially now that we need less contact as possible.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

Personally, the design is nothing too grand, just quite similar to the other earbuds I have tried before. The lightweight feeling is a plus for me — it weighs only 3.6 g, lighter than a sheet of A4 paper!

However, this newest earbuds offering is quite underwhelming in the sound department. While it’s good for upbeat songs with its dynamic bass boost, the overall sound is really not that impressive. Still, it’s a decent buy with its 40mAh battery life, which is longer compared to other brands.

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