All-new Honda Accord is filled with new tech to ensure your safety

Aims to provide absolute confidence while driving



At an exclusive event earlier today, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. has officially introduced its all-new 10th-generation Honda Accord. This luxury sedan is bigger and comes with an array of new technologies that should make for a safer driving experience.

Beginning with the looks, it boasts a wider stance and lower roofline making it look sportier than before. The front fascia features a chrome wing grille and streamlined full-LED headlamps that come equipped with auto-leveling and high beam. Completing this setup are LED fog lights.

The roofline has also been designed to be lower and we see upswept body lines on its side which are partnered with prominent wheel arches. Meanwhile, we see C-shaped LED taillights that complement the lights up front and rounding up the exterior are 18-inch noise-reducing alloy wheels.

Inside, the cabin has been wrapped with high-quality materials and we see a combination of leather, wood, and metal that altogether give off that premium feel.


Its wider body and longer wheelbase also mean the cabin is bigger. The company boasts an additional 48mm of legroom at the back to make passengers more comfortable. This also translates to more cargo space.

In terms of features, the Accord sports a 7-inch TFT instrument cluster that displays important information for the driver. At the center is an 8-inch touch display for controlling music and even Honda’s SENSING functions which we’ll get to in a bit. It comes complete with a navigation app and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to integrate your smartphones.

Other convenience features include a Smart Key with Push Button Start and Remote Engine Start. There’s Walk Away Auto Lock, speed-sensing door locks, Electric Parking Brake with Auto Brake Hold, and Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror standard on the Accord.

Under the hood is a new 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology. It outputs 190 horsepower, 243Nm of torque, and runs on a Continuously Variable Transmission. Together with the engine, it promises a responsive performance, acceleration, and efficient fuel economy.

The midsize sedan also has a Sport Mode to go with the paddle shifters for greater control over the vehicle’s transmission.

As mentioned earlier, it is equipped with what they call Honda SENSING technology which basically aims to provide a colission-free experience while driving.

This suite of safety tech includes Collision Mitigation Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, and Low-Speed Follow that controls the vehicle’s acceleration and brakes — making it semi-autonomous.

All these are done through the use of two devices — one is called a millimeter-wave radar found in the front bumper and the other is a monocular camera mounted on the windshield. These two work hand-in-hand to monitor and assess various conditions ahead of the vehicle and give the driver feedback by providing corrective actions to aid in preventing collisions. We haven’t seen it in action so we’re yet to find out how exactly it does these things.

On top of that, the new Accord has a total of six airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Emergency Stop Signal, front and rear parking sensors, Multiview Reverse Camera, LaneWatch Camera, and Straight Driving Assist.

The all-new Accord will be available at all Honda dealerships in the country with a retail price of PhP 2,288,000 and will be available in three colors — Platinum White Pearl, Crystal Black, and Modern Steel Metallic.


Tesla’s Autopilot saves family from deadly accident

Eight people were saved overall



It’s not often that you hear a story about Tesla’s Autopilot saving lives from deadly mishaps. However, that’s what exactly happened in the UK last Saturday. Tesla’s Autopilot function literally saved eight people from a falling tree which could have resulted to their deaths.

The whole accident happened while a powerful storm ravaged the UK’s countryside. Laurence Sanderson, the man behind the wheel of a Tesla Model X, was driving when a large tree suddenly fell due to strong winds. In an interview with Mirror UK, Sanderson said he was unable to react on time.

Luckily though, Tesla’s Autopilot function kicked in and automatically applied brakes. While the tree did considerable damage, it could have totally crushed the car if not for that function. Laurence, his wife, and his three kids were saved by Tesla’s technology.

And by chance, the technology also saved three people in a separate Tesla Model X. Josh Whitelock was driving the other Tesla in the opposite direction when the tree fell towards their car. As with the other Tesla, this car’s Autopilot function kicked in and saved him, his girlfriend, and his mother from death.

The two Tesla Model X involved in the accident | Image by Mirror UK

All in all, Tesla’s Autopilot literally saved eight people. While the function is still far away from enabling a true driverless experience for Tesla owners, they can rest assured that their car’s Autopilot works on keeping lives away from harm.

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LG debuts world’s first curved OLED for cars

Featured in 2021 Cadillac Escalade



Pretty soon, smartphones and televisions won’t be the only place you’ll find OLED screens in. The automotive industry is slowly perfecting the OLED screen for everyone’s cars. In particular, LG is partnering with a few car makers for this endeavor.

Earlier this week, Cadillac has launched the 2021 Escalade. Aside from what’s under the hood, the iconic SUV debuts the industry’s first-ever use of a curved OLED screen in a car. The massive 38-inch display houses LG’s P-OLED Digital Cockpit Solution. The all-new software displays the vehicle information and infotainment system.

The display itself combines three separate P-OLED panels into one. The largest panel measures 16.9 inches.

LG is also boasting a new augmented reality-enabled navigation system and night vision. Presumably, the new features make driving friendlier for any road condition and driving time.

With the 2021 Escalade’s debut, LG dips its toe into the automotive display market. It predicts substantial market growth in the industry by 2023. The display company is also expected to debut a similar display in Mercedes Benz vehicles later this year.

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My favorite pony made more fun

The thrill of rolling on a top-down ‘stang



No doubt, the most powerful car I’ve driven for the past year is the Ford Mustang 5.0 GT and it never fails to impress. This adrenaline-inducing speed machine was made more enjoyable as it now comes as a convertible. In my book, nothing else screams “fun” like this American muscle car.

The styling of the current model stays true to its heritage with that massive vented hood that gives the car a masculine and bold look. It has its intimidating headlamps along with an aggressive grille, broad shoulder and beltlines, and the iconic triple lamp tail lights which we all recognize.

Yes, this car looks stunning, but what Mustang enthusiasts are really after is performance. Ford has managed to fine-tune the current model to near perfection. Significant improvements and changes to power, handling, and safety of the vehicle were also ensured.

The updated 5.0 Coyote V8 is now fitted with high-pressure direct injection, bigger intake and exhaust valves, and increased compression ratios (12:0:1) boosting power to 460hp and 569Nm of torque with redline increased to 7500rpm and now mated to a 10-speed gearbox.

The sound of the engine alone is exhilarating as all that V8 goodness rumble. The independent rear suspensions, along with improved dampers, make this car very agile and easy around the corners.

In addition, you now have customizable steering settings that can change the steering wheel’s responsiveness and stiffness with a push of a button.

Other notable updates are the obvious facelift, featuring a newly designed hood with a lower grille and headlamps, new front and rear bumper and fender design, a more aggressive rear redesign with quad-tip exhaust and a sportier rear diffuser standard across all GT models.

Full LED headlights, a new full 12 inch LCD digital instrument cluster, and a 10-inch infotainment system with a 12-speaker setup are also what awaits you. You can even customize each selectable drive mode and get a number of performance metrics straight from your instrument panel.

Safety features also got an update such as pre-collision emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist.

The interior also stays true to Mustang’s styling cues with those classic circular air vents, brushed aluminum accents all around, and soft-touch plastic and leather trims. Front seats are fairly comfortable while the rear may be a bit cramped especially if you’re tall.

Let’s get down to the driving experience. As soon as you get on the driver’s seat, you kind of feel a connection with the car and it just gives you an extra confidence boost.

Turning on the engine was already an exhilarating experience for me. And when I took it to our favorite scenic road in Sierra Madre on Normal Mode, it felt surprisingly comfortable for a sports car.  It was smooth, quiet, and tame.

However, the whole car transforms completely once you set the driving mode to Sport+ Mode. It becomes a proper race car with power that just blows me away. We are talking 0-100 in under four seconds.

Throttle response is more sensitive while gear shifts are more delayed. And to top it all, drive it with the roof down and you will have the time of your life — I know I did.

A piece of advice though, try not to use its paddle shifters on Normal Mode. You downshift second gear using the paddle shifter and the car disapproves of your choices. It has a mind of its own and will immediately put you back into third gear making the maneuver super slow while simply making its engine grunt. It’s better to just floor it. And with the roof down, people will definitely remember your face, the guy in a Mustang who failed overtaking a Corolla.

Overall, the Mustang GT Convertible is probably one of the most fun cars I’ve driven. It can drive like a tame and normal vehicle and be as brutal as a race car.  Given the new updates, you are getting more tech for your money. Fuel economy is not the best, but people buying this car will probably not mind, given what this car has to offer.

If you’re only after the looks of the Mustang, probably get the Ecoboost variant for better fuel economy, but Mustang enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the 5.0 V8. In my opinion, this model is very much worth the upgrade from the 2015-2017 Mustang.

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