Apple’s iOS 16 is far from being final. But just after WWDC 2022, Michael Josh did a brave thing to install the Developer Beta of iOS 16 on his main iPhone.

While it’s a beta meant for developer testing and usage, people can still wait for the Public Beta that will be available next July.

If you still don’t want to compromise the safety and bugs brought by the new iOS 16 software, you have to wait Fall for the final release.

So other than the new lockscreen style, what’s actually new to the iOS 16?

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Thieves returned a stolen phone because it was an Android

“We don’t want this.”



A smartphone is an easy target for thieves. After all, especially after a factory reset, a stolen phone will still sell for a substantial amount of money. However, while beggars can’t be choosers, thieves surprisingly can. In the United States, a pair of robbers returned their victim’s stolen phone after realizing it was an Android phone.

First reported by ABC7, a couple in Washington, D.C. suffered a robbery attempt. “Two masked gentlemen” accosted a man after he parked his car and was walking to his wife. The robbers took everything he had at the moment including the keys to his vehicle. However, before the duo could drive off in his car, they returned his phone.

“Oh, that’s an Android? We don’t want this. I thought it was an iPhone,” the robbers supposedly said, according to the man’s wife.

While the couple’s misfortunes are still a cautionary tale, it’s also a reflection of the stark reality in the smartphone market. Even in the gray and black markets, a stolen iPhone still ranks above a stolen Android phone. While Android phones are certainly cheaper than an iPhone, the latter is still seen as a status symbol in some parts of the world. Owning one — stolen or not — can give one a strong social boost.

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Apple is asking for a USB-C exemption for older iPhones

In India



After persistent pressure from Europe, Apple caved in and traded its Lightning cable for a USB-C port. However, though the iPhone is not firmly in the USB-C family, the company is still hesitant to completely adopt the standard. It is requesting India to delay its new law which forces older smartphones to also adopt USB-C.

Currently, Apple is already complying with the European Union’s version of the new law. To promote pro-consumer behavior and reduce waste, smartphones must adopt USB-C as a standard by the start of 2025. Obviously, the iPhone is the device most affected by the new rule. Responding to the rule, the iPhone 15 series finally switched to the universal standard.

The new regulations go beyond newer phones, though. Older smartphone models are affected, too. Apple isn’t as receptive to the idea. In India, a country which implemented similar regulations recently, the company is asking a delay or an exemption for its older iPhone models.

Companies are mandated to completely switch to USB-C by June 2025. According to Apple, converting older models to the standard will take more time back in the drawing board. As such, the company is asking for 18 more months beyond 2024 for the switch, as reported by Reuters. Alternatively, it is also asking the Indian government to just exempt the older lineups. Failing to secure an exemption will cause Apple to miss its production targets.

Compared to the European market, Indian consumers are still invested in older iPhone models. As such, the Lightning cable is still casting quite a shadow on users, especially those using older iPhones.

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vivo Y17s gets price cut for the holidays

PhP 1,000 off on vivo’s budget phone



vivo Y17s

The budget vivo Y17s gets even more affordable during the holiday season, retailing for only PhP 5,999.

The offer can be availed at any vivo store or through its official website, Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok shops.

The entry-level smartphone is a worthy holiday gift for techy customers, as it is packed with great features for its price point.

The vivo Y17s is equipped with a 50MP main camera that comes with Night Algorithm technology so users can enjoy vivid and lifelike captures even in challenging lighting conditions.

It has a 6.56-inch LCD display with 60Hz refresh rate for smooth and seamless streaming and browsing.

The phone also has 4GB RAM with memory booster, 128GB of internal storage, and a 5,000mAh battery for uninterrupted all-day usage.

This article is a sponsored press release from vivo Philippines.


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