Third generation AirPods leaked in photo

In-ear and with silicone tips



Through two generations, Apple has tried several form factors for its now-ubiquitous AirPods. You can’t own an iPhone anymore without an accompanying pair of Apple’s wireless earphones. From a pair of relatively loose buds to full over-ear headphones, iPhone users have a lot of choices on their plate. For this year, Apple is reportedly going a slightly different direction with the third generation AirPods, as seen in a new leak.

Reported by MacRumors, and leaked by 52audio, the third generation AirPods will don a new form factor. According to the leak, the earphones will have a more in-ear design, rather than just simply sitting in your ear. Further, the charging case shown in the photo is less wide than that of the AirPods Pro. It will also seemingly have an LED light on the center of the charging case.

According to more renders, the earphones will have removable silicone tips and a touch interface. Since other wireless earphones have the same features, it’s no surprise that the AirPods will have the same ones.

In terms of similarities with the AirPods Pro, the pair will reportedly have the same pressure-relieving system to make them more comfortable for users. According to previous rumors (and not pictured in the leak), the pair will not have active noise cancellation, an unfortunate loss from the previous generation.

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Apple Watch Series 7: In-Depth Fitness Review

For fitness buffs and starters alike



In our previous video, Michael Josh did an unboxing of the new Apple Watch Series 7 in Starlight. He even became NY’s next top model as the Apple Watch can also be your next best fashion piece.

This time around, we go all-out to show you the fitness benefits of using the latest Apple Watch.

While an incremental update and lack of new sensors mean little, the longer battery life, faster charging, and larger display of the Apple Watch Series 7 mean it’s even better than before.

Here’s our in-depth fitness review of the new Apple Watch Series 7.

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The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition is confirmed

No news on when it’s coming



The magic is still alive today. The hype for Harry Potter remains as high as it was back then. Themed merchandise still sells. That said, a tie-up with technology might just break the world. After some substantial rumors in the past, OnePlus has confirmed such a partnership coming soon. The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition is real.

A few months ago, we’ve heard rumors for such a smartwatch. The rumor didn’t exactly reveal how the watch will look like. However, the report does reveal some themed watch faces for the software. Now, we have a glimpse of the actual watch. Even better, it’s from OnePlus itself.

OnePlus India recently tweeted a photo of watch partially covered in shadows. However, the uncovered portion shows a Harry Potter logo on the watch’s strap. The photo also has the caption: “After all this time? Always.” It’s the surest confirmation for a Harry Potter watch.

However, the tweet doesn’t reveal if and when the watch will come to stores. The attached link only indicates a potential sweepstakes coming with the watch. That said, it’s ultimately possible that the watch will only be available through special means, rather than through an actual store.

Either way, the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition is real, and it’s coming. You might not even need to receive a letter from the school to get one.

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Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: 7 Best Features!

A power-packed smartwatch without breaking the bank



In a world slowly dominated by smartwatches, companies like Amazfit wants to stand out by offering affordable yet power-packed watches.

If you’re shopping for a smartwatch, the newest Amazfit GTR 3 Pro might just be for you!

In this video, we’ve listed down its 7 best features — especially if you’re a fitness buff.

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