Fake ASUS update installs viruses on laptop, ‘1 million’ affected

On the bright side: It’s already patched



Yesterday, Kaspersky Lab discovered “one of the biggest supply-chain incidents ever.” According to the report, a malicious party hacked into the official ASUS server. The trojan-based attack — named Shadowhammer — installed backdoors into “about 1 million people,” disguising itself as a sanctioned update.

The attack also affected “more than 57,000 users of Kaspersky Lab’s products,” prompting the company to detect the attack. To the worried, Kaspersky asserts that the hackers only sought after “600 specific MAC addresses.” Regardless, the attack’s wide scope is a huge concern for all those affected.

According to Kaspersky, three other vendors were affected. However, the company hasn’t named any of them. Regardless, ASUS’s blunder seems to be the most critical.

Today, ASUS has issued an official statement addressing the problem. According to the official press release, the company has already released an official patch coursed through the ecosystem’s ASUS Live Update. The patch — named ver. 3.6.8 — is available now for ASUS users. It increases the amount of verification measures, preventing fake patches from installing. Additionally, ASUS has also released a small diagnostic tool specifically made for the attack.

In their defense, ASUS has claimed that “only a very small number of [a] specific user group were found to have been targeted.” Additionally, “it is extremely unlikely that your device has been targeted.”

On the back end, ASUS has improved its server-to-end-user software to prevent any further attacks from happening.

The company’s solution leaves the three other vendors in a state of uncertainty. Likewise, ASUS’ assurances do not offer a lot of comfort. Check your laptop’s status as soon as you can!

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IFA 2019

ASUS ProArt StudioBook One Unboxing and Hands-On

For the content creators!



This is our ASUS ProArt StudioBook One Unboxing and Hands-On.

Packed with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 laptop, Asus’ new creator-centric laptop is a beast but expect it to also break the bank!

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IFA 2019

Lenovo launches the ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15

Perfect for enterprise users



Months ago, Lenovo launched a new series of laptops — the ThinkBook. Compared to the ubiquitous ThinkPad, the ThinkBook caters to the enterprise market. The series’ launch opened with two new laptops, the ThinkBook 13s and the ThinkBook 14s. Without missing a beat, Lenovo has already expanded the ThinkBook family. Meet the newest members — the ThinkPad 14 and the ThinkPad 15!

Like the ThinkBook 14s, the ThinkBook 14 has a 14-inch narrow-bezel FHD screen. Inside, the laptop carries up to a 10th-generation 6-core Intel Core i7 processor and an AMD Radeon 620 GPU. It has 4GB of DDR4 memory optimized with Intel Optane. For storage, it has up to 1TB of PCIe SSD and 2TB of HDD storage.

Additionally, the ThinkBook 14 features a backlit keyboard with Skype for Business hotkeys. For security, it offers Smart Power On and a ThinkShutter cover for the webcam. The laptop’s 57Wh battery can last up to 12 hours. Alternatively, a 45Wh variant comes with Rapidcharge.

On the other hand, the ThinkBook 15 offers much of the same features as the ThinkBook 14. However, the laptop comes with a larger 15-inch narrow-bezel FHD screen. Because of its larger size, the keyboard fits in a number pad. Also, instead of an AMD Radeon 620 GPU, the laptop features a slightly upgraded AMD Radeon 625 GPU.

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IFA 2019

Lenovo reveals new Yoga lineup at IFA 2019

A Yoga for everyone



IFA 2019 is underway in Berlin, and Lenovo has more to offer than ever before. Apart from their revamped lineups of devices, they are also proud to introduce new additions to their famed Yoga lineup. These devices now bring an increase of power and performance, brighter and more colorful displays — all in a portable design.

Headlining the new additions is the Lenovo Yoga C940, the powerhouse 2-in-1 designed for creators and creative professionals. The Lenovo Yoga C940 comes with up to a 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor, supercharging workflow and performance. There is an option to get the device with the NVIDIA GTX 1650 to boost overall graphical performance, especially for video editors. Along with a 4K VESA DisplayHDR display, you can expect more accurate and vibrant colors, as well.

Lenovo Yoga S740 | GadgetMatch

Along with the Yoga C940, Lenovo also revealed the Lenovo Yoga S740, a more all-around 2-in-1 device. Unlike the Lenovo Yoga C940, this device caters to those looking for everything compacted in a ultra sleek form. It offers the same features and hardware options as the Yoga C940, but centered around productivity and gaming.

Lenovo Yoga C740 | GadgetMatch

Finally, IFA 2019 will also see the launch of the Lenovo Yoga C640 and C740 for professionals and productivity users. These two devices focus heavily on delivering top-grade performance to perform a multitude of tasks. What also sets these two apart is the inclusion of a physical privacy shutter for smarter security options — especially when you’re scared of the deep web.

Lenovo Yoga C640 | GadgetMatch

As of writing, there are no pricing options and release dates yet for all of these devices.

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