Less than a year after the launch of the ZenFone 4 series, we already have a successor to ASUS’ popular ZenFone lineup.

As the base model ZenFone 5 starts rolling out across the globe, we take a closer look at what you can expect out of the box. This unboxing, however, is a little bit out of the ordinary as ASUS sent us a special box.


Apple: Coronavirus might cause iPhone shortage

Won’t meet expected revenue by March



If, during a tense situation, someone say that they are doing okay, there is a slight chance that things are going the opposite way. Today’s coronavirus epidemic, for example, has affected the tech industry more than it has proclaimed. For the most part, China-dependent companies — like Apple — have waved off any adverse effect caused by the rampant virus, despite taking precautions.

Unfortunately for them, deception can only last so long. Recently, Apple has released its quarterly guidance report for investors. Compared to the general populace, investors require utmost transparency. As such, Apple revealed the potential setbacks heading into the second month of the coronavirus situation in China.

Mainly, Apple doesn’t “expect to meet the revenue guidance” expected by March. Both supply and demand are falling especially in China.

On the supply side, Apple’s Chinese manufacturers are reeling from the forced closures enacted both by the Chinese New Year holiday and the coronavirus safety protocols. For now, the factories are remaining open (or have since re-opened). Regardless, Apple is working together with the factories to ensure worker safety. Because of the shifted focus, iPhone supplies will temporarily decrease and will likewise “temporarily affect revenues worldwide.”

On the demand side, Apple is mulling over the closures of their retail stores in affected Chinese regions. Naturally, without a retail store, maintaining adequate supply is useless. To Apple’s fortune, these closures are affecting only Chinese customers. Regardless, China is an important market for the iPhone maker.

As consumers outside China, we won’t likely feel Apple’s pains on the demand side. However, a shift in supply — even a tiny one — will ripple across the globe either through launch delays or delivery shortages. If you’re an Apple fan, you might want to hang on to your old iPhone a bit longer.

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Motorola razr’s screen is peeling right off

Big yikes!



Image source: Raymond Wong / Input

The foldable smartphone just can’t catch a break. Despite numerous developments and launches, the world’s “next big thing” has hit just as numerous snags and speed bumps. Recently, the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip failed a scratch test, calling its supposedly glass construction into question. Previously, the Galaxy Fold kept failing bend tests, ushering Samsung back to the drawing board.

Now, Motorola’s own contender — the refreshed Motorola razr — is suffering the same obstacles. Days ago, the Motorola razr horribly failed CNET’s bend test, which was the same test administered to the Galaxy Fold. Motorola’s device fell abysmally short of the promised usage rate. Despite the alarming result, the test held a valuable disclaimer: the testing device might not have been calibrated properly for the smartphone. Motorola’s reputation might still escape unscathed.

However, Motorola can’t escape a new controversy on its doorstep. According to report by Input, the Motorola razr suddenly developed a blatantly horizontal bubble right on its hinge. Previously, the Galaxy Fold had the same flaw: the protective layer’s sudden separation from the actual screen. The Motorola razr’s bubble has the same characteristics. Particularly, users will experience touch screen failures on the affected area.

The bubble’s cause is currently unknown. According to the report, the flaw appeared without any strange circumstances: the phone was folded and didn’t experience any external pressure. The phone lasted only a week.

Notably, Input believes that temperature might be the culprit. The phone went through wintery temperatures, possibly causing the phone’s adhesive to malform.

Still, it’s not a good look for the Motorola razr. The device’s bubble is remarkably glaring. For a device of its price, you don’t want something like this happening.

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TCL is working on an ‘expanding’ phone

Should have been unveiled at the cancelled MWC 2020



Image source: CNET

The coronavirus epidemic has robbed the world of the latest smartphone technologies out this year. Instead of a deservingly grand reveal at MWC 2020, we’ll see the more innovative prototypes and launches through quieter events. Of course, a few companies, like Samsung, have already held their exclusive launches outside of the canceled smartphone extravaganza.

Likewise, TCL had likely kept a trick up its sleeve for MWC 2020. With the event’s cancellation, the company is now scrambling for a better reveal for their prototypes. But, first: what exactly is the device?

CNET has leaked one of these devices. Released recently, the leaked phone depicts an extendable display, hidden through a slide-out mechanism.

Unfortunately, the leak is scant with technical details. However, pulling open the device has the same motions as unfurling a scroll. Given the motion, the extra screen will likely fold underneath a compartment on the device’s rear panel. At this point, who knows?

However, TCL’s device has a clear motive: upending the current foldable trend. Today, foldable smartphones use only one type of mechanism: bending the flexible screen through a hinge. Unfortunately, the hinge’s reputation is less than stellar, causing damage to the device way too easily. In contrast, TCL’s extendable phone likely won’t incur the same type of damage.

Of course, everything still depends on the device’s actual mechanism and materials. Additionally, it will depend on whether TCL is developing the device for real. A prototype is still just a prototype.

We wouldn’t be surprised at an actual device, though. Previously, TCL dropped BlackBerry as a subsidiary brand. The decision likely marked TCL’s renewed focus on its devices, rather than through other brands.

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