Biped review: A cute little co-op game for two



Back in 2008, there was an online browser game called QWOP. It had you controlling your character’s legs with nothing but the Q, W, O, and P keys. It sounds simple but, because of the odd physics engine, it became ridiculously difficult. Despite that, it was a pretty fun and hilarious game that became widely popular.

Much like QWOP, NEXT Studios’ Biped takes the mundane act of walking and twists it to make a complicated and frustratingly fun game. Whether you play with a friend or by yourself, Biped presents you with interestingly designed physics puzzles that test both you and your partner’s creativity and patience. And while playing by yourself is an option, it’s obvious that the game was designed to be played with two players. The addition of another player shakes up the gameplay and will have you strategizing, shouting, and probably taking long pauses just to laugh at each other.

Bipeds to the rescue

The story is pretty simple. An unexplained force has caused the Earth’s light beacons to extinguish. Two little biped robots, Aku and Sila, are tasked to journey to the planet and reignite these beacons to keep the planet from growing dark.

Biped’s graphics are delightfully bright and marries well into the game’s overall aesthetic. It gives off a Pixar-ish feel and will have you wondering if the biped robots are based after Eve from Wall-e (I’m pretty sure they are).

Each level is themed and paired with new sets of puzzles that change depending on whether you’re on single or co-op mode. There are also small and delightful interactive elements that make the world feel a tad bit more alive. I also thoroughly enjoyed the soundtrack which gave off a calm and peaceful vibe despite the fact that I wasn’t.

Left, Right, Left, Right

With all that talk of how complicated walking is in this game (that is the premise, after all), you’re probably wondering how exactly the controls work. Basically, you use the left analog stick to control the biped’s left foot and the right analog stick to control the right foot. To walk, you’ll have to toggle the analog sticks alternately, akin to walking in real life. The instructions are deceivingly simple but as you take your first steps, you’ll most likely find yourself stumbling, falling, grabbing on to the wrong things, and even pushing your partner off platforms.

I first started the game playing in solo mode and found myself sailing through levels pretty quickly. As I progressed, I saw that some challenges were originally made for co-op and the game will throw in NPCs to help you out in solo mode. It wasn’t hard to cooperate with the NPCs but it simply has a programmed movement that you need to go along with to complete tasks and teamwork doesn’t really come into play.

For example, I was balancing on a platform and using the NPC as my counterweight to get across. To finish the puzzle, I had to focus on the NPC’s movements instead of my own because it systematically moved. The positive thing about this is that its movements became predictable which meant I could easily finish the puzzle.

Double Trouble

After my NPC partner experience, I figured it would be easier to play with another human being since we could coordinate our movements. I roped in my husband so we could experience the game as it was intended. Adding a human player definitely changed my approach to the game. I can confidently say, though, that thinking it would be easier playing with another person was an incredibly wrong notion.

In co-op mode, you and your partner have to constantly be wary of each other’s movements. One wrong move can send a player tumbling down the platform and have both of you start all over again. I found the color-coded platforms to be the most difficult. Both players have to have on-point coordination, cooperation, and patience or else you’ll turn what was supposed to be a 3-minute puzzle into a 30-minute one (yes, it happened to me and my husband).

Completing a level in co-op mode will unlock it’s Pro levels. These levels were made to test you and your partner’s skills as a team. The additional stages offer much more difficult puzzles that require serious coordination between the two players. On our first runs, we could finish stages in 20 – 30 minutes and it involved a lot of plotting, coordinating, and discussion on how to go about the puzzles. Despite our finishing times being twice or thrice the recommended time per stage, going through the puzzles successfully together gave us a large sense of accomplishment and pride.

Over before it started

Unfortunately, the game is quite short and can be finished in a couple of hours. There are a total of 8 different levels with two Pro levels each for co-op mode. Completionists may have a longer run time with this game as there are more challenges to beat, such as completing coins and beating times, before you can get that 100% rating for each level. But even so, I felt that as the game was just starting to really flesh out, it ended.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Biped is a delightful little game that can give you a couple of hours of fun. The awkward and clumsy controls are, undoubtedly, frustrating but largely contribute to the charm of this game. Paired with bright, visually pleasing graphics and a quiet little soundtrack, it’s worth looking into for your list of “games to play when people are over.”

It sadly does have a humdrum solo mode which means that solo gamers might not get much mileage out of this game. Co-op is also limited to local or couch co-op and it seems that it won’t be getting support for online play any time soon. It does, however, support the PS4’s SharePlay feature so you can still virtually play with a friend.

But despite it lacking a bit on content, Biped, with its clunky controls, adorable lead characters, and bright environments, is still a game well worth considering for a fun and challenging local co-op game.

Vikka contributes lifestyle and gaming content for GadgetMatch. She is easily distracted by dogs and has an affinity for anything kawaii. She proudly declares Psyduck as her Pokémon spirit animal. You can find more of her work on The Modern Creatures.


Lenovo Legion Phone Duel price and availability in Malaysia

Pricing right around what you expected?



Legion Phone Duel

They took their time, but Lenovo has bravely jumped into the mobile gaming market with the Legion Phone Duel. The phone is now making its way to Malaysia.

It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragong 865 Plus SoC — the best in the business at the moment. It also comes with up to 16GB LPDRR5 RAM and a 512GB UFS 3.1 internal storage. It has a 6.65-inch AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate with a 240Hz sampling rate that should bode well for all your mobile gaming needs.

The Legion Phone Duel supports 90W Turbo Power Charging. This can take you from 0 to 50 percent in just 10 minutes and straight up to 100 percent in only half an hour. You can charge the phone on either USB-C ports. Yes, there are two. One in the usual bottom of the phone, the other on its side — a perfect spot for charging while you’re gaming.

Read our Lenovo Legion Phone Duel review for a more comprehensive look at the phone.

Pricing and availability

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel comes in only two variants. Color, configuration, and pricing are as follows:

  • Blazing Blue (16GB+512GB) — MYR 3,999
  • Vengeance Red (12GB+256GB) — MYR 3,399

h/t: IGN SEA

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How the Lenovo Legion 5Pi rekindled my love for games and arts

And helped me rediscover myself



Lenovo Legion 5Pi

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? I was frantically searching for answers to this question, during my exasperating quarter-life crisis.

While I was losing hope waiting for directions, a monstrous laptop came to my house — the Lenovo Legion 5Pi. At first, I wondered how its arrival could mean anything in my situation. Surprisingly, having a gaming laptop helped me take the first step in dealing with my existential issues.

Traveling back to past

When I set up the Lenovo Legion 5Pi, I was taken back to my tranquil past. It felt like I was fourteen-going-fifteen again, cocooned in my bedroom.

Headphones in, keyboards lighting, chips and soda on the side, electric fan buzzing — life back then was untroubled. All I ever worry about was how to finish my homework so I could play online games all night.

At that time, I was stuck between two worlds: my character’s adventures in Grand Fantasia and other titles, and of course, the real world. But now, all I have is this sickening reality unraveling before me.

I’ve thought of playing games again, seeing the laptop as an opportunity to escape my current frustrations. But at some point, I realized escaping wouldn’t help me fix my issues nor provide answers.

What I did instead was sit in my emotions and used the laptop to navigate how I’m feeling — and possibly find out where I’m going next.

If you’re thinking if I went to Google to search for answers… you’re damn right, I didn’t.

Yes, I didn’t. I may be questioning my entire existence and the path I’m supposed to take while my friends are settling down and getting married, but I still believe I’m going to find the answers in a different way.

Honestly, my life felt like I was a character stuck on a puzzling quest. In between my thoughts, somehow it sunk in that maybe, this laptop was just what I needed.

Seeing and using the Legion 5Pi helped me remember how much I loved playing games. How I would spend my hours diving in different worlds, building and developing my character’s skills and personality — and even socializing with players across the world.

Games were my favorite escape

I’ve met several friends from all walks of life through gaming. Looking back, it gave me the advantage to power through this crisis.

I remember Paula, one of my online game BFF turned actual BFF for 10 years and counting. She taught me about going after my passion and what sparks joy in my heart. Surprisingly, I followed her advice until life got in the way.

Reminiscing, I logged into a dear, old game before I dropped gaming as part of my life — League of Legends, if you’re wondering. Previously, I was in my hellish college years; losing myself in depression, suffering from abuse, and other existential crisis I was facing.

Lenovo Legion 5Pi

But playing it this time around didn’t spark any pain from the past. Instead, I felt relieved clicking through the mouse and smashing buttons on the colorful keyboard. I was glued to the Legion 5Pi’s large screen, consumed by the stunning graphics and gameplay like I was living in the world I used to enjoy.

In this brief experience, I recalled who I really am before I decided to drop parts of myself  in order to fit in, to be accepted. Truth is, I really liked playing games. It has been my escape from the hell that life put me through. More importantly, it helped hone my skills and personality in life — something your education won’t usually provide.

Going back to making art

Recalling what my friend said about pursuing your passion, I realized how I wasn’t creating art anymore. I also remembered Gabriel, a mentor-slash-guildmate (who’s ten years older than me) that I really admired, especially with how he balances his life. Work, gaming, hobbies, relationships… and he even had the time to make art.

During my stint with the Lenovo Legion 5Pi, I enrolled in an online course to pursue some art classes I’ve been meaning to take for years.

I had fun learning through this gaming laptop, and I continued creating art both on this machine and on paper. It was an amusing experience to rediscover parts of myself. How I dropped arts and games to fit in and follow society’s mainstream culture; partying, feeding into wanderlust, crazing over trends.

Using the Lenovo Legion 5Pi reminded me to be true to myself. When the realizations hit me, I started building a stable ground for myself. I considered how I forgot to make my inner child happy — something that we should be doing no matter the age.

Older people used to nudge us to never forget the things that fill joy into your heart since it’s the key to living a happy life. In my case, it was always creating and playing.

Recollecting all these thoughts, I took the first step in dealing with my quarter-life crisis. Having a stable self can help you survive all these life problems, and it’s what I’m actively trying to do.

And maybe, I’ll get a gaming laptop like the Lenovo Legion 5Pi, so I can ensure I live a happy and balanced life, without forgetting who I really am.

Lenovo Legion 5Pi

The Lenovo Legion 5Pi is a competitive gaming laptop, carrying the latest Intel Core H-series processors. It focuses on extreme performance, sporting up to 32GB of RAM, 1TB of NVMe SSD, and an NVIDIA RTX 2060 for a powerful gaming experience.

Lenovo Legion 5Pi

It also comes with a 15-inch IPS HDR display with a 240Hz refresh rate for buttery-smooth gameplay. The display comes with 100% sRGB color accuracy, making it perfect for gamers, artists, and creators.

The Lenovo Legion 5Pi retails for PhP 74,995. It’s available in Lenovo’s official stores and authorized retailers.

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ASUS is bundling a PS5 with purchase of its ROG gaming monitor

Available only from October 16 to November 30




Buying a new gaming monitor to upgrade your gaming setup? ASUS is throwing an irresistible offer for its ROG Swift gaming monitor from October 16 to November 30.

A purchase of ROG Swift PG65UQ during that time period will come with a free PlayStation 5. The bundled premium item not only includes the console but also includes a PlayStation gaming controller so gamers can get up to speed with their favorite games.

As for the monitor, buyers are in for a treat thanks to its large 65-inch 4K quantum dot display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Brightness is superb thanks to a maximum of 1,000 nits. Further, it is certified with DisplayHDR 1000. On top of it all, the monitor supports NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Ultimate and variable refresh rate for Xbox One.


Buyers will have to wait for their premium freebie though since the gaming console is yet to launch globally and arrive in the Philippines. On top of it all, the promo is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This irresistible bundle is available at participating ASUS ROG stores nationwide. It is also available on authorized ROG dealers such as DataBlitz, i.Tech, and PCExpress.

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