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Dyson’s newest releases include high-tech lamp, small air purifier, updated vacuum

Imagine these devices in your home



Dyson is fully aware of the lengths we take to make our homes the most comfortable. The British company is at it again with stuff that will make our lives easier, and in the most high-tech fashion.

A slew of devices for your home has just been unveiled and man, you gotta give it to Dyson for such superb engineering and attention to detail.

The smartest lamp you’ll ever see

It feels like a disservice to call this thing just a lamp. The Dyson Lightcycle is fitted with a bulb that will last for 60 years and it not only illuminates, but the light itself will adjust for different factors like what task you’re doing, time of day, and even age! (Apparently, light needs differ as you age!)

Aside from being very flexible, as the video shows, it also connects to an app and learns your daily routine.

A mini air purifier and fan just for you

Remember the Dyson Pure Cool? Well, there’s a new one designed for personal use.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is a nifty little thing fitted with filters and what Dyson calls their Core Flow technology. This means you can adjust the fan to hit precisely when you want it, and with filtered air. Oh, and of course it has timer functionalities and a remote, too!

A smarter version of their vacuum

Improved battery time and Dyson’s fastest digital motor, yet; these are just some of the Dyson V11’s selling points

The real highlight, though, is how this vacuum can automatically adapt to whatever surface it’s cleaning. It also intelligently reports on what mode it’s on, battery time, cleaning runtime, and even machine maintenance alerts.

The only thing I don’t love about these Dyson devices are the price tags. Like most of its well-engineered tech, these products fetch a pretty penny. The Dyson Lightcycle lamp retails starting at US$ 600 for the desk version and US$ 900 for the floor lamp. The Pure Cool Me will cost you US$ 350 while the Dyson V11 starts at US$ 600.

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Emoji documentary to show at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival

Tracing the history



Linguist Tyler Schnoebelen with the San Francisco emoji poop rock

Have you ever wondered where emoji came from? Are they connected to symbols as ancient as Hieroglyphics? Were they simply evolved from our lazy typing as a product of cellphones? A documentary will finally explain all that and more.

Picture Character is an 81-minute film that explores all this. Directed by Martha Shane and Ian Cheney, the documentary explores the rise of the emoji, roughly translated from Japanese: picture character.

Emoji inventor Shigetaka Kurita drawing his original smiley face emoji

The visual narrative looks at the history, evolution, and present purposes of these cute but meaningful characters. It also looks at the process of how emoji came to be — from their journey to being lobbied up until being passed by the Unicode Consortium.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, the creator of the hijab emoji

The documentary looks at the rise and fall of the biggest text symbols in today’s time, putting into perspective the meaning of each one and just how exactly they came to be.

You can catch Picture Character at the Tribeca Film Festival happening in New York from April 24 to May 5.

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Huawei P30 hands-on: All the cool features applied in real life

How zoomed in is zoomed in?



After all the “oohs” and “ahhs,” and as the dust settles from Huawei’s flagship launch, the question is: What’s so great about the Huawei P30? And no, I don’t want to hear any specs.

To answer this question, I road tested the Huawei P30 to see just what it can do and how I can use those features in real life.

In case you’re having trouble viewing, watch HERE.

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Meitu ventures into AI skincare with MeituSpa

Personalized skincare treatments at home!



Remember Meitu? Yes the Chinese selfie phone brand. Also, yes, the same company behind that awesome makeup app MakeUpPlus. Well, they have more stuff coming your way.

Meitu just announced the MeituSpa, an AI cleansing brush that checks your skin quality and uses tech to cater a specific cleansing routine to your face. To work, the device connects to MeituSkin, a corresponding app, to offer users a personalized AI-based spa cleansing experience.

The MeituSpa is compatible with all skin types and offers four different modes: sonic cleansing, deep extraction, nourishing, and warm massage. It uses sonic pulsations with 12 different settings that adjusts according to your skin readings.

“Though Meitu has always been a major provider of beauty services through photo editing, style recommendations, and virtual makeup looks, we are also working to bring Meitu’s brand of beauty out of the virtual world and into the real one,” explains Meitu CEO Xinhong Wu.

The MeituSkin is available in Coral Pink and Aqua Green. Starting April 23, they’ll be available online for CNY 589. Unfortunately, it will only be in mainland China and there’s no news regarding global availability.

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