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Dyson’s newest releases include high-tech lamp, small air purifier, updated vacuum

Imagine these devices in your home



Dyson is fully aware of the lengths we take to make our homes the most comfortable. The British company is at it again with stuff that will make our lives easier, and in the most high-tech fashion.

A slew of devices for your home has just been unveiled and man, you gotta give it to Dyson for such superb engineering and attention to detail.

The smartest lamp you’ll ever see

It feels like a disservice to call this thing just a lamp. The Dyson Lightcycle is fitted with a bulb that will last for 60 years and it not only illuminates, but the light itself will adjust for different factors like what task you’re doing, time of day, and even age! (Apparently, light needs differ as you age!)

Aside from being very flexible, as the video shows, it also connects to an app and learns your daily routine.

A mini air purifier and fan just for you

Remember the Dyson Pure Cool? Well, there’s a new one designed for personal use.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is a nifty little thing fitted with filters and what Dyson calls their Core Flow technology. This means you can adjust the fan to hit precisely when you want it, and with filtered air. Oh, and of course it has timer functionalities and a remote, too!

A smarter version of their vacuum

Improved battery time and Dyson’s fastest digital motor, yet; these are just some of the Dyson V11’s selling points

The real highlight, though, is how this vacuum can automatically adapt to whatever surface it’s cleaning. It also intelligently reports on what mode it’s on, battery time, cleaning runtime, and even machine maintenance alerts.

The only thing I don’t love about these Dyson devices are the price tags. Like most of its well-engineered tech, these products fetch a pretty penny. The Dyson Lightcycle lamp retails starting at US$ 600 for the desk version and US$ 900 for the floor lamp. The Pure Cool Me will cost you US$ 350 while the Dyson V11 starts at US$ 600.


Prepare your meals through your phone, fridge using Samsung SmartThings

The kitchen, simplified




With everything going on in the world, it’s no surprise that people are spending more time in the kitchen and looking out for new recipes.

The good news? Samsung has just the thing to get it sorted quickly and easily. They’re bringing in Family Hub features into mobile users through the SmartThings app.

Samsung’s SmartThings Cooking service helps bring all of your Samsung kitchen appliances together. How? It lets you search, plan, purchase, and meal prep seamlessly through your phone or fridge through the SmartThings app.

On top of that, it recommends customized recipes based on your taste and preferences while considering ingredients available to you. You can scroll through recipe collections when you’re undecided or quickly zero-in on meals that suit your cravings.

SmartThings Cooking, powered by Whisk, is accessible through Samsung’s SmartThings. If you’ve got the Family Hub in your smart kitchen arsenal, there’s no need to fret.

The fridge keeps tabs of what you have and don’t, adding missing ingredients directly to your online grocery cart for at-home deliveries. Not to mention, you can shop through Walmart, Kroger, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh, using the Whisk network.

With SmartThings added to the Family Hub smart fridge, you get to enjoy all the cool features and more! You get to access your other smart kitchen gadgets through widgets on the screen, prioritize most used apps, and feature family photos, notes, and recipes.

And, if cooking is what you’re worried about, Samsung has you covered for even that. SmartThings guides you through easy cooking steps and lets you control cooking modes, temperatures, and time settings with one touch. Leaving you with little room for error.

So, with all that in mind, was it really a surprise to see Samsung’s Family Hub win its sixth consecutive CES Innovation Award this year? For us, not quite.

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CES 2021

ColdSnap is a machine that makes you ice cream at home

It’s a mood




Last year and this upcoming one has been a downer. So, when the daunting reality of our world taking its time keeping us all in misery hits you, a treat to numb the pain helps. I mean, we could also curl up into a ball and cry but ice cream while curled up into a ball while crying is the way to go.

Meet ColdSnap: an ice-cream-making gadget by Sigma Phase at CES 2021. It works like coffee pod machines but instead of coffee, it serves ice cream and other frozen treats from recyclable aluminium pods.

From frozen cocktails, fruit smoothies, and classic ice cream, this gadget has all the chill in its arsenal to keep you happy or the very least, sane. The pods look like slim cans that have built-in QR codes to make the liquid mix freeze to the perfect consistency in about 60 to 90 seconds. And, if you’re lactose intolerant, there’s no need to have your gut on the line. ColdSnap offers non-dairy options like oat milk ice cream.

ColdSnap is still in the prototype stage and won’t be available until 2022. When it hits retail, it’s expected to cost somewhere between US$ 500 and US$ 1,000 with the pods costing somewhere between US$ 2.50 to US$ 3.

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Lora DiCarlo brings in innovative, heated vibrators at CES 2021

Inspired by the human warmth




Sex tech company Lora DiCarlo showcased a new lineup of innovative, heated vibrators at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. Meet Drift, Tilt, and Sway, dubbed as “The Warming Collection”.

Inspired by human warmth, the new model mimics the heat we experience from our partners’ bodies. Lora DiCarlo used a nylon-based thermally conductive polymer and its WarmSense Technology, simulating body temperature.

Through this innovation, these gadgets internally heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and use three vibration patterns with seven intensity settings for one-of-a-kind pleasure. Despite the heating technology, these devices are completely waterproof up to one meter.


Perfect for beginners, Drift is a curved, handheld bullet vibrator with an ergonomic design, ideal for G-spot and clitoral exploration.


Next in line is the dual vibration plug Tilt. It’s the versatile, middle child in the new lineup, designed to please all genders and anatomies. It simultaneously stimulates your G-spot and clitoris, or your P-spot and perineum.


Sway is a wand-shaped dual vibration warming massager. Its dual-ended design can be used internally or externally, with or without a partner.

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