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Ford Territory: A techie finds his dream car

Comfortable driving and hi-tech features



Riding a car is a matter-of-fact part of life. It’s either a bumpy trek careened by rideshares and private chauffeurs, or a face-melting drive crawling through viscous traffic and terrifying motorists. For a techie, a drive can turn monotonous from being trapped in a steel cage unable to use their precious devices. FOMO is strong for a techie driver.

As a techie myself, fawning over a car seemed impossible. After all, why would I fall in love with a car when the latest smartphone is right around the corner?

That was, of course, before I met the Ford Territory. A new marvel orchestrated by Ford, the Territory turns a cavernous way to get from point to point into a veritable lounge equipped with the latest in automotive technologies and comforts.

A techie’s paradise

Going through Manila traffic is an undeniable chore. Traveling between cities can take hours under the worst driving conditions. The Ford Territory packs in so many new features that you might even find yourself glad to be stuck in traffic.

My girlfriend and I took the Territory for a romantic date from Quezon City to Bonifacio Global City, and we couldn’t be happier. Obviously, taking the love of your life is a reason for elation by itself. However, Ford’s SUV made the day so much sweeter.

Everything starts with the Territory’s insanely responsive infotainment system. On its own, Ford’s built-in SYNC can control the car’s temperature, entertainment, phone, and safety features from the tap of a screen. The system is a standard of every Ford car now, but it’s even better with an ultra-responsive 10-inch touchscreen. It’s like having a tablet right in your car.

Plus, if SYNC isn’t your flavor, it also comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As a couple with both Android and Apple devices, we were satisfied with how the car catered to both our tastes. We could use Waze, Maps, Spotify, Tidal, or Pocket Casts seamlessly from our seats. Regardless of who has DJ responsibilities, the Territory catered to both my eclectic music tastes and her obsessions for all things Disney.

And speaking of music, the Territory has one of the most satisfying soundstages I’ve heard from a car’s sound system. Both bass and higher frequencies are tuned in to deliver the best quality of music, regardless of what you’re jamming to. Plus, it’s just as good regardless of where I sit in the car.

Ford Territory

Safety is a priority

While the Territory is certainly one of the most tech-savvy vehicles I’ve ridden in, it is also one of the safest. The car keeps both driver and passengers safe from any difficult road condition.

The first thing you might notice as a rider in the car is its extensive collision warning system. Gentle but firm beeping sounds and on-screen alerts keep you on top of any obstacles approaching you on the road. And, if you do get too close to an obstacle it detects, the Territory stamps on the brakes with its Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking. For longer drives, it comes with Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warnings.

Parking is also a breeze. With its Enhanced Active Parking System, the Territory can, to put it bluntly, park itself. It knows how much torque you need for both reverse and parallel parking. While the system still needs your input, the car can do the heavy lifting for you. Or, if you prefer doing the lifting yourself, the car also has an incredibly detailed 360-degree camera. You still have the more traditional rear camera, but the all-around camera gives you a delicious overhead view of the car. You don’t need to bring down your window anymore to see if you parked correctly.

Besides that, the Territory has all the fixings for an ultra-safe vehicle: ABS, EBD, traction control, hill launch assist, and airbags everywhere. Though we (thankfully) didn’t experience every safety feature the car had to offer, having the peace of mind makes for a more-than-worry-free drive.

Lounging under the stars

In terms of size, the Territory is bigger than an EcoSport but smaller than an Everest. And it does feel that way with its expansive space and legroom. The car is roomy but not to an agoraphobic point. It’s just right. Driving in the front seat, chilling in the rear seats, or having a picnic with the hatch open — everything feels comfortable.

Outside of space, the Territory is even more comfortable with the addition of an adaptive temperature control. If you had to park the car under the scalding heat, you’ll probably enjoy the seat coolers (and warmers). Plus, to help fight off the bad things going around in the air today, the car also has built-in CN95 cabin air filters.

And finally, to address the gorilla in the room, the moonroof. The Territory has one that spans from the driver’s seat to the rear passenger’s side. With a simple dial, you can retract the fabric cover and half of the moonroof’s glass panel to let in some fresh air. It’s a perfect feature to use on a romantic date. We parked the car under a relatively open area and admired the stars in comfort.

Ford Territory

Lighter than a feather

For its size, the Territory drives like a hot knife through butter: topping off at 143ps and 22Nm of torque. Accelerating through both easygoing and bumper-to-bumper traffic is responsive. It injects as much gas as you’ll need to get through the city. Handling is an even bigger surprise. We went through tight alleyway shortcuts with ease. To top it all off, we also drove the car up and down steep slopes. The car had just the right amount of bite to keep you afloat in the middle of a slope.

Further, the 1.5L EcoBoost engine’s Continuously Variable Transmission comes with a pleasant sport mode. The feature certainly unlocks a lot of the car’s potential. Using it in less hectic situations brought the spotlight firmly onto what the engine can do as a car. And yet, despite turning on a sportier car, the Territory remains faithful to its slew of safety features. You can keep safe while having fun.

Ford Territory

The techie dream

As a car, the Ford Territory is more than worthy as a daily driver. Whether you take it going to work every day or on a romantic date on the weekend, the SUV can deliver just as much power as you’ll need for a drive.

As a tech device, the Ford Territory packs in so many creature comforts to keep its riders entertained throughout a drive. Short of a self-driving car, Ford’s latest series is definitely a car I’d love to own as a techie today.

Pricing and availability

The Ford Territory Trend is available at a starting price of PhP 1,277,000. If you want to get all the safety features, the Ford Territory Titanium+ is priced at PhP 1,310,000. It comes in six different colors: Ruby Red, Diffused Silver, Panther Black, Crystal Pearl White, Moonstone Blue and Star White.

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Honda launches CONNECT app: Safety and security at one’s fingertips

Enhancing the ownership experience




Honda Cars Philippines has officially launched Honda CONNECT. It’s an app that automates customer service and offers Honda car owners a full package of safety, security, and convenience.

The app is available as a free three-year subscription for owners of the all-new Honda CR-V. Owners will get a telematics-based (TCU) version of Honda CONNECT that connects the phone of the owner with their car.

Some features include Automatic Collision Detection, Security Alarm, Remote Diagnostic Support, Speed Alert, Geofencing, Vehicle Dashboard Information, and Remote Vehicle Control.

The new service also supports Find My Car to make it easier for drivers to locate their parked vehicle.

For owners of other Honda models, the app is also available as a non-TCU platform, allowing owners to make emergency calls for 24/7 roadside assistance and browse location search for places of interest such as gas stations, ATMs, convenience stores, and more.

The Honda CONNECT app is downloadable from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

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Everyday hero: HATASU HERO ebike now official

Multi-ride, easy go




HATASU ebike has launched the HATASU HERO, the company’s latest three-wheeler model and sixth product offering overall.

The latest addition to the company’s growing lineup of e-bikes is a multi-use, easy-go e-bike that can cater to daily riding needs such as household use, service, business, and more.

All-in-one hero

Designed to help users save their respective days, the HATASU HERO has a 250-kilogram capacity to support up to three adults or have someone fetch a bunch of kids from nearby schools.

It has top speeds of up to 20 to 25 kph and can cover 60 to 70 kilometers in one full charge.

Stylish design

The HATASU HERO comes in virtually an all-black design, sporting a splash guard in front, along with eagle-eye headlights that resemble a superhero mask.

The three-wheeler comes with a patented leather roof and back cover similar to a superhero cape, so users won’t have to worry about purchasing attachable roofs as add-ons

The e-bike also has an under seat and back compartment for riders to be able to load more goods such as groceries.

Inside is a high-powered 650W differential motor and an upgraded controller for better acceleration.

Accompanying the setup outside are dual and reverse horns and a motorcycle suspension fork, as well as a stainless front fender and large front wheel.

Price, availability

The HATASU HERO is priced at PhP 64,990 and is available in HATASU ebike dealers and online via Lazada.

Customers who purchase from November 15 will also receive a limited gift box worth PhP 1,790 and five raffle entries to HATASU’s Holiwheels Raffle Promo.

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Honda Holiday Deals: Choose your own promo package

For the BR-V, Brio, City, and Civic



Honda Cars Philippines is offering customers several promo packages on participating models as part of its Honda’s Holiday Deals promotion.

Customers interested in availing of the All-New BR-V, New Brio, New City, and New Civic may choose their preferred promo – each coming with freebies or discounts:

  • Package 1: Additional PhP 5,000 discount
  • Package 2: Promo discount plus one year PMS
  • Package 3: Promo discount plus PhP 7,000 accessory voucher

Downpayments for the BR-V, City, and Civic start at PhP 55,000.

Honda CR-V: Special insurance package

Meanwhile, customers may also be interested in getting a special insurance package offered for a purchase of any variant of the newly-launched All-New CR-V.

As part of the package, customers may enjoy benefits such as a waived PhP 2,000 deductible on first claim or an upgraded personal accident coverage, depending on the insurance partner (Standard Insurance, MAA, or AXA Philippines).

The latest iteration of Honda’s midsize SUV comes with e:HEV full hybrid system, Honda CONNECT, and Honda SENSING.

Flexible financing options

Honda is also offering low cash-out rates of just 15% to 20% downpayment and low monthly amortization bundles for up to 60-month payment terms.

There are several banks participating in this offer but customers will have to be approved first to push through with their car purchases.

Downpayments for the BR-V, City, and Brio start at just PhP 10,000 while all-in cash-outs for the City Hatchback, HR-V, Civic, and CR-V range from PhP 60,000 to PhP 142,000.

Honda Genuine Accessories package

Lastly, Honda car owners may enjoy up to a 90% discount on selected Honda Genuine Accessories, such as spoilers, trays, tailgate garnishes, covers, and more.

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