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Girls you like to watch: A collection of Netflix’s strong women characters

Time to binge watch!



When Netflix sent over a list of women characters to watch for International Women’s Day, I thought to myself: This is a great binge watch idea for March!

But, being a strong independent woman, I decided to edit said list of women I personally loved watching. Here goes:

Jean from Sex Education

Netflix’s original list includes Maeve who has bubblegum pink hair that I love. And although she has her own spunky, independent attitude, I’d love to give the crown over to Jean. Played by Gillian Anderson (yes, the awesome lady in X-Files), Jean plays a single mom and a sex therapist to protagonist Milo in the show.

Being a mother is a feat in itself, what more being a successful career woman who’s secure in her sexuality? I seriously want to be her.

Nadia from Russian Doll

This modern-day Groundhog Day series had me glued to the screen. The story revolves around Nadia, played by Natasha Lyonne, who dies on her 36th birthday — except she doesn’t. She relives the day over and over and over…

Nadia’s character draws us in because she is a survivor. Despite her quirks and tough exterior, we later find a sad back story and deep down inside, someone who cares deeply for people around her. Oh, did I mention that Nadia is also a kick-ass game designer who refuses to take crap from anyone? Yep.

Natalie from Isn’t it Romantic

Okay, full disclosure: I haven’t actually seen the movie but I’m seriously wanting to because Natalie is all of us.

This is what I mean:

Played by Rebel Wilson, Natalie is a brilliant but cynical character who ends up in a fairytale world (where you can’t even cuss 🤬) after someone tries to steal her purse. A movie that supposedly taps into our insecurities, I’m sure this will be one heck of a watch.

Allison from Umbrella Academy

She’s beautiful, famous, and part of the Umbrella Academy. Allison Hargreaves, played by Emmy Raver-Lampman, seems to have it all.

But despite all this and superpowers, Allison shows us a vulnerability that’s real. Despite all the world throws ate her (and her siblings), she still chooses to believe in the good of people. The comic book-inspired show is amazing, I finished the whole season in less than a week.

Princess Caroline from Bojack Horseman

One of my favorite characters of all time from one of my favorite shows of all time. Netflix’s original, Bojack Horseman, is a funny cartoon with deep real-life insights. It’s centered on Bojack Horseman, a sitcom has-been, and his relationships with others.

Princess Carolyn, voiced by Amy Sedaris, is Bojack’s ex-girlfriend and on again, off again manager. In the show, this feline tackles issues about careers, relationships, and even impending motherhood — topics women can certainly relate to. I honestly never thought I’d be this inspired by a pink cat.

And since women inspire not only women, I called on some reinforcements. Here’s who MJ, fellow Nextflix binge-watcher, had on his list of amazing women to watch:

Violet from Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After‘s protagonist Violet is an advertising executive who believes that everything has to be perfect in order to be successful and beautiful. She has her life in control, with an amazing job and a relationship with a hot doctor for two years, with long, straight, and gorgeous hair that takes so much effort to maintain.

A series of unfortunate events caused her and her life to turn into a wreck, and she realizes she’s not living the life she wanted. She took the jump and decided to find her own path, living a life that isn’t perfect. She started by shaving her hair, letting go of that one thing that holds her back.

Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The self-proclaimed human form of the 100 emoji and the Paris of people.

Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti, is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s civilian administrator who believes that success is arbitrary and confidence is everything. If some people hated her lines during the show, it only means they can’t handle a strong, independent woman who’s proud of everything she does. She might look mean and shallow, but her confidence is something we all need to learn from.


Magazines finally come to Apple News

Apple’s newest subscription service



You’ll finally be able to get Vogue on your phone monthly. 💃🏽

Apple’s last event saw no hardware. Instead, the tech giant showcased a number of new services. One such service brings 300 magazines to their platform.

Apple News+ brings reading magazines to a whole new level. With live covers formatted for whatever device you’re using, magazines will now be an even more immersive experience.

Intuitive navigation, dynamic layouts, and interesting titles are all big selling points of Apple’s newest addition to their news subscription service.

Aside from that, though, Apple touts privacy and security — a recurring theme in this year’s event. Apple News+ creates a tailored experience for each user but all this personalization happens on your device. This means the company doesn’t know what you read, and neither will advertisers.

The new service costs US$ 9.99 per month for access to all this content. Plus, you can share your subscription with family. Starting today, you can get Apple News+ in the US and Canada by downloading an update. The service will come to Europe and UK in fall 2019.

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How to use your selfie camera for better photos

The front-facing camera is all you’ll ever need



When someone says “selfie,” most people think of photos similar to this:

Shot with the Honor 10 Lite

And while there’s nothing wrong with photos like these, I’m here to tell you that pictures with your smartphone’s front-facing cameras can be way better. No, really.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get picturesque selfie shots that are Instagram-worthy.

First off, you’ll need a smartphone with a powerful selfie cam. Gone are the days when front shooters were considered secondary cameras. Brands have now recognized the importance of selfie shooters and they’re now putting in even better ones — thank heavens! The weapon of choice for this activity was the Honor 10 Lite with a 24-megapixel camera equipped with AI.

The next step is finding a great spot. Find a way to mount your phone — whether it be with a phone tripod, or entails propping it up on a wall or your coffee mug (like I did). What’s important is that your phone is on a stable place. Now you can fix your framing!

The camera timer is the most commonly used feature for these photos. All you need to do is turn it on and pose.

Actual outtake shot on the Honor 10 Lite

My favorite selfie feature would be the Palm Gesture. Simply raise up your palm when you’re ready. This saves you the trouble of having to physically tap the shutter button over and over. On the Honor 10 Lite, there’s also the Smile Shutter feature which triggers the shutter every time you smile, and the Volume Control feature which triggers the shutter when you say “Cheese,” or when your voice reaches a certain decibel.

How Palm Gesture works

What I love about shooting with the selfie cam is the fact that it shows me what my photo looks like before I hit the shutter. This means I can move around and make sure none of my body parts are cut out. I can also make sure I’m not shooting an unflattering angle and adjust accordingly. Here are just some samples I shot with the Honor 10 Lite:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WATCH: How to take IG-worthy selfie portraits

This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Honor.

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Nike’s new booth is an Instagramable fitness challenge

Just do it



Nike’s newest booth, located in Bonifacio High Street, Metro Manila, has been turning heads.

The place features a bunch of colorful decors which include, of all things, giant donuts.

Nike’s new Epic React Flyknit 2 is also on display…

As well as a lot of other photogenic props.

It’s the perfect spot for a good athleisurewear #OOTD!

But, that’s not all the spot is good for.

The booth is home to Nike’s Go More, Get More trialing program. Basically, you get to try the new Flyknits and earn points while doing so.

Those points convert to prizes and digital rewards from Nike!

Doesn’t that sound fun? Like Nike goes, Just do it!

The Go More, Get More program will run from March 19 to April 19 and it will be open to the public Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 10pm; Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm.

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