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Girls you like to watch: A collection of Netflix’s strong women characters

Time to binge watch!



When Netflix sent over a list of women characters to watch for International Women’s Day, I thought to myself: This is a great binge watch idea for March!

But, being a strong independent woman, I decided to edit said list of women I personally loved watching. Here goes:

Jean from Sex Education

Netflix’s original list includes Maeve who has bubblegum pink hair that I love. And although she has her own spunky, independent attitude, I’d love to give the crown over to Jean. Played by Gillian Anderson (yes, the awesome lady in X-Files), Jean plays a single mom and a sex therapist to protagonist Milo in the show.

Being a mother is a feat in itself, what more being a successful career woman who’s secure in her sexuality? I seriously want to be her.

Nadia from Russian Doll

This modern-day Groundhog Day series had me glued to the screen. The story revolves around Nadia, played by Natasha Lyonne, who dies on her 36th birthday — except she doesn’t. She relives the day over and over and over…

Nadia’s character draws us in because she is a survivor. Despite her quirks and tough exterior, we later find a sad back story and deep down inside, someone who cares deeply for people around her. Oh, did I mention that Nadia is also a kick-ass game designer who refuses to take crap from anyone? Yep.

Natalie from Isn’t it Romantic

Okay, full disclosure: I haven’t actually seen the movie but I’m seriously wanting to because Natalie is all of us.

This is what I mean:

Played by Rebel Wilson, Natalie is a brilliant but cynical character who ends up in a fairytale world (where you can’t even cuss 🤬) after someone tries to steal her purse. A movie that supposedly taps into our insecurities, I’m sure this will be one heck of a watch.

Allison from Umbrella Academy

She’s beautiful, famous, and part of the Umbrella Academy. Allison Hargreaves, played by Emmy Raver-Lampman, seems to have it all.

But despite all this and superpowers, Allison shows us a vulnerability that’s real. Despite all the world throws ate her (and her siblings), she still chooses to believe in the good of people. The comic book-inspired show is amazing, I finished the whole season in less than a week.

Princess Caroline from Bojack Horseman

One of my favorite characters of all time from one of my favorite shows of all time. Netflix’s original, Bojack Horseman, is a funny cartoon with deep real-life insights. It’s centered on Bojack Horseman, a sitcom has-been, and his relationships with others.

Princess Carolyn, voiced by Amy Sedaris, is Bojack’s ex-girlfriend and on again, off again manager. In the show, this feline tackles issues about careers, relationships, and even impending motherhood — topics women can certainly relate to. I honestly never thought I’d be this inspired by a pink cat.

And since women inspire not only women, I called on some reinforcements. Here’s who MJ, fellow Nextflix binge-watcher, had on his list of amazing women to watch:

Violet from Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After‘s protagonist Violet is an advertising executive who believes that everything has to be perfect in order to be successful and beautiful. She has her life in control, with an amazing job and a relationship with a hot doctor for two years, with long, straight, and gorgeous hair that takes so much effort to maintain.

A series of unfortunate events caused her and her life to turn into a wreck, and she realizes she’s not living the life she wanted. She took the jump and decided to find her own path, living a life that isn’t perfect. She started by shaving her hair, letting go of that one thing that holds her back.

Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The self-proclaimed human form of the 100 emoji and the Paris of people.

Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti, is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s civilian administrator who believes that success is arbitrary and confidence is everything. If some people hated her lines during the show, it only means they can’t handle a strong, independent woman who’s proud of everything she does. She might look mean and shallow, but her confidence is something we all need to learn from.

Convenient Smart Home

This cordless wet/dry vacuum might be what every busy bee needs

Squeeze in chores between hustling!




We all love a nice, clean home. But these days, it can be difficult to balance everything in our lives. If you live a busy life, you probably don’t want to face up to cleaning your home with the little spare time that you have. It should be reserved for relaxation, not for a giant mountain of chores.

The last thing we all want is to be surrounded by mess. For me, it’s a good thing that keeping my home clean is doable even though I’ve got a hectic schedule that seemingly makes it impossible.

What I’ve realized is that investing in new and more efficient equipment will allow us to get things done swiftly. This could mean anything from replacing a raggedy mop to buying a more powerful vacuum cleaner.

What’s in the box?

When the Dreame H12 wet & dry vacuum was handed to me, I felt thrilled to try it out! I always get intimidated by the idea of using large vacuum cleaners, but not with the Dreame H12.

It comes with user-friendly features and a wide array of accessories that would make doing chores bearable.

To begin with, there’s a charging base. It’s molded, so you can set the vacuum directly into a convenient socket. This base can be used both for charging and cleaning.

(1) H12 Main Body Unit (1) Floor Brush (1) Charging Base (2) Accessory Holder (1) Extra Filter (1) Power Adapter (1) Cleaning Brush (1) Detergent Floor Cleaner

User-friendly features

As easy as clicking on the button at the top of the handle, the H12 will begin to clean the roller brush as thoroughly as possible, which is why the process takes around two minutes to complete.

Since it’s much easier to clean small areas like my studio apartment, having the upgraded edge-cleaning roller brush effectively deals with those hard-to-reach corners and baseboards freely.

The Dreame H12 has two modes: auto-mode and suction mode. In Auto mode, the cleaner automatically adjusts water and suction to the desired level depending on cleaning tasks.

In suction mode, it shuts off the mopping feature and only vacuums liquid without mopping. It also has this Smart Dirt Detection feature that identifies dirt and adjusts its suction power automatically.

You can also monitor the condition of the floor with the circular cleaning indicator around the screen. A smart LED screen that displays the cleaning status and clear voice prompts is beneficial for new vacuum owners like me.

A green light indicates light dirt while an orange light means there’s medium dirt present. A super dirty floor will prompt the ring to glow red.

Other features

Other features of the H12 can be monitored via the screen which also prominently displays the battery percentage. But you don’t need to rely on the display all the time as the H12 can audibly provide alerts since it has voice prompts as I’ve mentioned.

You’ll never be able to keep every single speck of dirt off the floor especially if you were running low on time. Partly, it takes a very long time until the roller from the wiping vacuum is dried. Thanks to the Wet and Dry Cleaning feature of Dreame H12 that removes wet or dry messes in one pass.

A good feature that I appreciate here is the absence of a dust bag, which is known to be a hassle to clean. Instead, all the dust, dirt, and grime get mixed with the water, so you just need to pour out the wastewater. H12 has two transparent containers built into it.

The top is a 900ml water tank for clean water, used for the mopping function. The bottom is a 500ml dirty water tank, which also serves as a dust hopper. Both tanks are easy to remove, refill, empty, and release with a simple latch.


A filthy property can affect a person’s health. The nice thing about Dreame H12 is it does self-cleaning on the roller brush to avoid bacterial cross-contamination. It also self-dries the brush to prevent bacteria growth and odor.

It’s amazing how vacuuming the floor, cleaning up the kitchen, and straightening up clutter always improve my mood. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of my spare time, it does really feel good.

Imagine having this cordless Dreame H12 that can run for about 35 minutes. I am able to clean my small house frequently without having the need to recharge it every time.

Is the Dreame H12 Wet & Dry vacuum your GadgetMatch?

Accomplishing a few chores might give your mood a boost. So if you dream of spending less time cleaning, you can cut yourself some slack now. With the Dreame H12 Wet and Dry vacuum, you should not worry about sweeping and scrubbing messy floors in the little time you have.

With sleek designs to match, You can now literally have the clean home of your dreams. The Dreame H12 retails for PhP 25,990.

Don’t miss the Dreame H12’s Launch on Shopee this August 15, to get an exclusive price of P21,890 (SRP: P25,990) plus gifts with every purchase. For more info, visit Dreame Philippines’ official pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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Her GadgetMatch

What’s coming next to Memoji in iOS 16

More ways of expression await this fall!




Fall is just around the corner! The season spells red scarves, watching autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and moving past pumpkin patches while the sky burns in gold.

Aside from those plaid shirt days and nights, what we look forward to in the most beautiful season is the arrival of iOS 16 to iPhones.

This fall, iPhone users will find new ways to express themselves with new Memoji customizations and stickers.

New hairstyles and more headwear

In the next software update, new and refreshed hairstyles are coming to Memoji. New curly styles, updated tight curl styles, and even boxer braids. Moreover, new headwear will be available.

On another note, more nose options and lip colors are arriving, pushing for more diversity.

Better expression

For those with a dramatic flair, Memoji will come with six, new expressive poses that will help you showcase your feelings and reactions. There’s the famed finger heart, a talk-to-the-hand pose, dizzy birds, and more.

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The instax mini Link 2 lets you draw in the air

Make your existing moments even more magical!



OK! Hold your horses and hear me out.

The instax mini Link is back for version 2.0 and it found its way to the Philippine archipelago. Now called the instax mini Link 2, the instax printer can still do whatever its predecessor can except for a variety of unique functions.

Draw in the air

There’s a new function called “instaxAIR” where users can ~literally~ draw in the air. Picture the times you hold your S-Pen when you’re drawing in the air around three years ago.

Using a dedicated app, you can apply an AR effect when taking pictures so you can add drawings or writings to the space. The device vibrates in line with its movements and plays sound with special effects that match the AR effect.

Moreover, the instax mini Link 2 lets you record the action of drawing using the instaxAIR. You can save the footage as a video, which you can easily share on social media like TikTok.

Make your moments colorful

Like its predecessor, the Link 2 still has the Match Test function, which is now enhanced with a “Go with your Instinct” mode where two people choose colors that match their mood. Their compatibility percentage and chosen colors are incorporated into their instax photo.

To add more color to your moments, Fujifilm is about to release a newly-designed instax mini film called Spray Art. The film features a vivid design with a spray-painted look. It will retail for PhP 400 in the local market starting July 28, 2022.

Price and availability

The instax mini Link 2 is available in three colorways: Soft Pink, Clay White, and Space Blue. It will retail for PhP 7,299.

Starting July 28, 2022, the instax printer will be available for purchase in authorized Fujifilm instax dealers nationwide, as well as official online flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee. Purchases will come with a free pack of instax mini glossy film (10 sheets).

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