How Singapore Airlines uses iPad to make flights safer

Custom-made apps help pilots focus on what matters



There are a number of factors to consider when booking flights, but safety should always be on everyone’s priority. That is why award-winning carrier Singapore Airlines is pioneering development of apps for iPad that enhance service and operational performance of its staff.

On a recent trip to Singapore, Apple CEO Tim Cook himself saw firsthand how iPad transformed the cockpit. Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong and Captain Raj Kumar showed Cook how apps developed for iPadOS helps pilots focus on safety.

Developed with Apple and IBM, FlyNow provides pilots with personalized content based on pilot preferences and collaboration tools. This is made possible by analytics including weather conditions, fuel load, aircraft type, and route.

With FlyNow for iPad, pilots have one place to view all relevant flight information. They receive real-time push notifications on flight plan updates and collaborate with the crew even before they reach the airport.

Singapore Airlines is the first and only airline currently using FlyNow.

Roster provides pilots with an overview of all roster-related information, relevant documents and qualification requirements. The app uses powerful analytics to surface potential issues and recommend next steps.

It prioritizes alerts and notifications to help pilots keep pace with changes. Its collaboration tools facilitate connections between pilots and co-pilots assigned to the same mission.

Singapore Airlines is the first to use Roster and the only airline to use it on iPad. The app was made in collaboration with developers from IBM.

Flying made even more convenient

Singapore Airlines is consistently recognized as one of the best airlines in the world for its products and services. With Kristal, flying becomes even more convenient for customers.

Kristal is able to scan personal barcodes for an all-in-one check-in experience and communicate up-to-date flight information. It can also identify individual profiles of passengers including dietary preferences. It also allows for real-time communication with the lounge staff.

Singapore Airlines is the only carrier to use an app for lounge entry. It was custom built with the airline’s passenger relations officers, Apple, and Tigerspike.


Audio House is giving away freebies for Chinese New Year

Get a voucher or a standing fan for the new year



Image by Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

Chinese New Year is fast approaching once again. This year, Audio House is giving us more reasons to celebrate the festivities.

From January 18 to February 9, Audio House will give away SG$ 28 Ang Pow (red packet) vouchers or standing fan to every customer with no minimum purchase. Customers may use these vouchers to discount their next purchase.

Anyone is eligible to receive these freebies. For any successful friend referral, the customers receive an additional SG$ 1 to their vouchers. However, there’s a limit of 50 persons per referral.

In total, anyone can receive an SG$ 78 voucher eligible for any items in any Audio House store nationwide.

Here are the steps to receive the freebies:

  1. Register via Audio House’s website.
  2. A confirmation email with QR Code will be sent to the registered email address.
  3. Present the confirmation email with QR Code and ID at any Audio House showroom service counter to redeem either the ang pow voucher or the standing fan. Each can only redeem once.

The voucher is a great help for individuals gifting their loved ones with electronic items. With over 4,900 electronic items for sale, Audio House showcases major brands from all over the world. Plus, they give cashback in the form of vouchers on every item purchased. To learn more about Audio House, visit their website.

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CES 2020

LG ThinQ: Anywhere is home

A seamless life



When you think of a smart home you immediately think of smart appliances — smart vacuum, smart refrigerator, smart air conditioning and a smart dashboard that ties it all together.

LG believes that home can be anywhere and at CES 2020, they’re thinking about the concept of a seamless life with ThinQ.

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Singaporeans Googled iPhone 11 the most

Followed by Samsung and Huawei



Google’s Year in Search highlights the top trending terms used by Singaporeans each year and gives us a better glimpse at what is popular amongst Singaporean users this year. These trending charts give us a better insight to gauge product popularity as well as an idea of their sales.

The search giant has released data showing the top trending searches among Singaporeans across a wide range of categories including home news, international news, entertainment, and gadgets. Here’s the list:

The iPhone 11 leads the list, followed by its close rival, Galaxy S10. Huawei’s P30 Pro was the last flagship from the brand to support Google Play Services amid the US ban and it has been highly acclaimed for its capable camera setup.

Samsung’s second flagship of the year comes in at fourth place, followed by the recently announced Airpods Pro. The rest of the list is filled with the most exciting gadgets of 2019, ranging from wearables to flagship phones.

Singapore is a developed market and a majority of the local users rely on a contract phone from their telecom operator. Hence, high-end phones are easier to grab and top the list.

This year, the haze, the Hong Kong protests, Avengers: Endgame and iPhone 11 were among the top five searches on Google for Singaporeans — with the haze in September as the most-searched item.

When it came to Singaporeans’ favorite activities, shopping still reigns. The opening of malls such as Jewel Changi Airport in April and Funan Mall in June were in the top 10 searches.

Listen in as Angeline Leow, Head of Communications (Google Singapore), and our very own Michael Josh discussed with Daniel Martin on #CNA938 Singapore’s 2019 Google Year in Search.

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