Huawei WiFi AX3: What your smart home needs

Makes your connection reliable while keeping it safe and secure



Watching K-dramas brimming with high-tech spaces over the past few years can light a desire to build your very own smart home. But if you think the journey of building a smart home is as simple as having smart devices and an internet connection; you’re kinda wrong.

Sure, it starts off that way but there are a lot of factors to consider. Can your internet connection handle all devices together? Is it safe and secure from hackers and potential malfunctions? Can you set up and manage everything on your own?

Lots of questions to answer, but we can begin with the most important thing of all: Having a good router to handle all of your smart devices. And one example is the Huawei WiFi AX3 — which is easily one of the most affordable (and good-looking) WiFi 6 routers available in the market right now.

But first, what is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the new generation of Wi-Fi technology. It’s three times faster than Wi-Fi 5 — the Wi-Fi technology most of us currently have.

With Wi-Fi 6, your Internet connection can handle multiple devices all connected simultaneously, with a higher capacity up to four times than Wi-Fi 5.

For context, you can have 15 devices connected at once and you don’t have to worry about your Internet speed dipping. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 5 will struggle when there are more than five to ten devices connected to the router. Wi-Fi 6 has a lower latency as well, so you can enjoy a faster response when connecting to multiple devices.

And more importantly, it reduces power consumption by 30 percent due to its ability to communicate with multiple devices to activate on-demand wakeup. This saves power when the devices are not being used. Unlike Wi-Fi 5 which can only communicate with one device at a time.

There are a lot more to learn about Wi-Fi 6, which deserves another discussion altogether. But now that our Internet speeds are improving especially with the 5G rollout, it makes sense to capitalize on Wi-Fi 6 routers coming out in the market.

Finding the right router fit for your home’s interior

By now, there are plenty of options to choose from if you’re in the market for a Wi-Fi 6 router. But so far, the Huawei WiFi AX3 is the only well-designed router that won’t ruin your home’s interior design, just in case you care about how your home looks. (Or if you’re a member of Home Buddies on Facebook.)

Routers are usually off-putting, with designs screaming “router” while painted in black, sporting blinking lights on their hideous structure. Thankfully, Huawei came up with a clean design, with a white colorway that looks simple and classic — and will surely blend with anything. Also, proof that tech shouldn’t always come in black and sparkling RGB lighting.

Setting up should always be a breeze

Now that we got the topic of design out of the way, let’s talk about how easy it is to set up. Most routers are intimidating. Period.

For the not-so-tech-savvy and those who don’t have a lot of time, tinkering and configuring modems and routers to make your smart home system work can be daunting and time-consuming. But it shouldn’t have to be, right? After all, things are supposed to be smart enough to do their job.

The Huawei WiFi AX3 made it easy. Setting up doesn’t take an hour if you have Huawei’s smart home app called AI Life. And even if you go after it in the traditional way, the router is designed to look simple and easy to use. You won’t have to spend a lot of time trying out to understand the parts of the router.

Nonetheless, why go the traditional way when we can do everything on our phone, right? Using the AI Life app, I was able to manage and monitor the router, network, and security of the Wi-Fi connection — something to consider when building a smart home.

Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy

No doubt, Huawei is a hardware monster — and a master when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). This is evident in their recent launches — a smartphone, a Smart TV, speakers, headphones, lamp, and an electric car perhaps in the near future.

Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy talks about using smartphones as the central unit to keeping you and your smart devices connected. With the Huawei WiFi AX3, it makes it easier to keep multiple devices connected simultaneously.

Packed with a Gigahome Quad-Core 1.4 GHz CPU, the router can deliver powerful performance and provide what you and your smart home need: a simple, fast, stable, and secure Wi-Fi connection for a smart, connected life. The Huawei WiFi AX3 supports speeds up to 3000Mbps and boosts past 1Gbps allowing you to downloads movies within seconds.

Safe and secure connection

We all want our connections to be safe and secure and protected from outside harm. I’m not talking about relationships, but if the shoe fits, then so be it.

Anyhow, building a smart home system is all fun and games, until you realize that your home — and life — can be hacked. This is why you’ll need to protect your home through your router.

For instance, you can tap NFC-enabled phones to connect to the Wi-Fi, so you don’t have to hand out your complicated password to guests coming over.

As mentioned, the AI Life app also lets you monitor your network and its security. You can check who’s connected, who’s secretly downloading torrents, and who’s trying to get in on your system. And you have the power to kick them out and lock the gates to your Wi-Fi connection.

It also has an independent security zone that provides you protection against brute force cracking. The router can automatically identify attacks that weren’t entered manually, and blacklist the attacker to prevent another attempt.

It’s more than just a router

Having a smart home system doesn’t end with keeping your multiple devices connected — even with a Wi-Fi 6 router and high-speed, reliable Internet connection. When your space is huge, and often times have a lot of walls, you might need a strong connection that penetrates through walls and cover dead spots at home.

Instead of buying a Wi-Fi extender or another router, the Huawei WiFi AX3 can be used not just as the main router, but also as your Wi-Fi extender or booster, and even a mother router for mesh networking. You can easily expand network coverage in your home.

Is this a GadgetMatch for your home?

If you’re about to dive in or already enjoying a smart home system, the Huawei WiFi AX3 is a must-have for your smart home, since it capitalizes on the latest Wi-Fi technology and offering more than just a fast and stable connection. It’s available for only PhP 3,999 exclusively on the Huawei store.


Trip to the Big O: Getting off with the OPPO Enco X

Senses, overwhelmed




The following is intended for readers 18+

Touch and hearing — two things that I consider the most important when it comes to our sensual wellness. During my journey to taking better care of myself, I took some time exploring how to turn myself on. I learned how to master the art of self-pleasure for six years — and I got really creative about it.

With the pandemic raging on for more than a year now, I have served gospel towards self-care and pleasure to friends and colleagues alike. I helped keep their sex lives alive and combat their urges to go out and respond to their cravings for human flesh.

Vibrators, massagers, fleshlights, VR headsets — those were common toys I recommend to people starting to explore and own their sexuality. But a year of drought made things more boring and it’s time to spice it up.

In the quest to elevating the art of self-pleasure and self-care, the OPPO Enco X surprisingly turned the tables around.

A time to kick the beam

I was scrolling on Twitter and I stumbled upon one of my favorite creators, Le James, who was formerly half of the popular couple-slash-adult-creators called Okko.

Aroused at the sight of a French man with a glimmering tan and toned body, I went to his OnlyFans account — where I was subscribed — to get my La Petite Mort. Little death in French, IYKWIM.

My companion has always been Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live. However, I forgot to charge it when the opportunity to hop on a trip to the Big O arose. What lies next to it on my desk was the unsightly OPPO Enco X.

Frankly, I was averse to the idea of trying AirPods knock-offs because it lacks originality. And as a Leo with Libra placements, aesthetics matter to me.


But the occasion called for it. So I reached and took out the pair of TWS earphones and plugged it into my ears. That’s when I knew I liked it. The way it sat comfortably in my ears, plugged in securely — I knew right then, it was going to be my companion as I kick the beam.

Senses overwhelmed

I didn’t realize how much sound matters in the art of self-pleasure until I used the Enco X. Since it was developed in partnership with Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio, the Enco X comes with Hi-Fi audio that’s well-around with some natural depth — it’s perfect for conquering your arousals.

In addition to that, having a decent active-noise cancellation (ANC) is a game-changer during your sensual sessions. Noise is blocked, senses are overwhelmed, and grumbles and rattles are delivered deep, textured, and immersive AF.

Whatever your preferred sensual interests are, the Enco X will definitely help turn you and your senses on.


Also, its ANC comes with different options: max noise cancellation where you totally hear nothing aside from what you’re listening to, and noise cancellation that softens noise in certain environments (like cars driving past you).

There’s also a transparency mode so you can hear if someone is knocking on your door (or about to enter your room), or you can simply turn off ANC altogether.

Quick as a lightning bolt

One grungy afternoon, I was setting the mood to blow off some steam with my ex-paramour for the night — whom I reconnected with when I was sad, feeling isolated, and a bit of a wanton. I was alternating between my stash of erotic stories and lascivious audio clips that help me get ready to take off.

I was in the zone, seemingly unable to keep my hands to myself (thanks, ANC) until I heard a barrage of knocking on my door that I immediately pulled the earbuds out and put on my clothes.


After dealing with the interruption while I was huffing and puffing, I put the earbuds back on. To my amazement, the device connected instantaneously, even if one of the pairs is still inside the case.

The flash-like connection is surely a plus in my book since time is of the essence when it comes to carnal urges. Even a split second of distraction can cancel out the build-up of heat you’ve worked hard on.

Though it has the ability to connect swiftly, both the earbuds and its charging case come with long-lasting battery life. And believe me, no one likes it when you drain quickly. You have to last as long as you can.

All the Dionysiac adventures you can do

The charging case lasted for more than a day, while the pair of earbuds lasted nearly four hours even with max noise cancellation on.

Of course, I didn’t spend the whole time pleasuring myself. I got a bunch of amorous affairs that I went on together with the Enco X.


Some of them are doing workouts that help me improve my form in bed and in outdoor sports I enjoy. Other activities include sessions that made me focus on my breathwork and senses like yoga and meditation.

Sometimes, I play songs from my favorite musicians such as The Weeknd, Alina Baraz, and SZA to get my sultry body moving to its slow, voluptuous beat.

The perfect accompaniment when you want to feel sexy while doing deeds that make you want to churn the butter. For instance, reminding yourself that you are ~hot~ in front of the mirror or dancing alone in your room, naked.

And when things are getting steamy, the Enco X has intelligent controls that you can navigate with a single touch. Just like when you wank or flick the beans.

The new BFF in your bedroom

Above all, the Enco X has been exceptional for all kinds of adult entertainment. Whether it’s the sexiest shows on Netflix, or watching your favorite adult creators on OnlyFans perform and play with themselves.

Or even re-watching interviews of your favorite celebrities and listening to them speak *ahem* Chris Evans *ahem* Manny Jacinto *ahem* while you feel the bolt and shiver rush into your garden of delight or gospel pipe.

The OPPO Enco X undoubtedly helped me elevate the art of self-pleasure through bawdy experiences. It has everything you’ll need out of a pair of TWS earbuds — customizable active-noise cancellation, crisp and clean sound, instantaneous connection, long battery life, and responsive touch controls.

Not to mention, it has an IP54 rating so you can bring it to your bathtub should you decide to get intimate in your alone time. Just don’t get it all wet.

The OPPO Enco X retails for PhP 6,999. It comes in Black and White, and it’s available for purchase at OPPO Concept Stores, OPPO’s Shopee and Lazada Flagship Stores, and authorized retailers.

There’s also the OPPO Band which retails for PhP 1,699. When you’re in the OPPO ecosystem, it’s best to maintain it and stay connected. The OPPO Band can be adjusted depending on your comfort levels, and lets you receive messages and call notifications, or even navigate your music playback while you’re engulfed by your sensual sessions.

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How I Upgraded My Smart Home with SwitchBot

Out of the ordinary smart home solutions



Ever since moving into my new place at the start of this year, I’ve been on the look out for more ways to make my apartment smart. Watch this video as I walk you through these out of the ordinary solutions from SwitchBot.

These products might not seem like a big deal individually but watch them come together. Let’s start with a HUB Mini. You’ll need this so the devices can talk to each other and so that you can use voice controls. The SwitchBot Meter is for measuring both room temperature and humidity. The SwitchBot Bot is a handy dandy button presser. The SwitchBot Humidifier  does as its name implies. The Switch Bot Remote is a programmable button. Finally, the SwitchBot Curtain is for automatically opening and closing your curtains.

Try SwitchBot on Prime Day! Get 30% off http://my.gadgetmat.ch/SwitchBotPD (excluding SwitchBot Motion Sensor, SwitchBot Contact Sensor and SwitchBot Indoor Cam) on June 21, 00:00 PT to June 22, 23:59 PT

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Trese: The story behind the dubbing

What the process was like



All images courtesy of Netflix

Much has been said about the dubbing work of the Netflix Animé series Trese. Everyone from showrunner Jay Oliva, Filipino voice talent Inka Magnaye, and that random Facebook friend you don’t really talk to anymore has weighed in.

We’re not going to get into details of what people have said. We’re sure there’s no shortage of that on social media. Rather, we’re here to explore what transpired in how the show came to be. Netflix arranged a media conference with the following key figures in the series:

  • Tanya Yuson — Series writer and co-producer
  • Wes Gleason — English cast and voice director
  • Rudolf Baldonado Jr. — Filipino voice director

English first 


The observation we made from our ‘What to expect’ article proved to be true. The whole series was indeed first dubbed in English and was then translated to Filipino and other languages later.

This was one of the many challenges that Baldonado Jr. had to deal with in translating the material to Filipino.

“What we got was already finished work. So the casting process for us is a little different because we had to consider who did the original first — what were the characters that they molded through their voices. And then, how the animators matched it with the visuals,” said the Filipino voice director.

“The Filipino dub had to be cast according to how they (English cast) started it.” 

There were also a few terms that didn’t exactly have a direct Tagalog translation. Baldonado Jr. cites the word “Underworld” which loosely translates to “Impyerno.” In the context of the series, “Impyerno” doesn’t exactly capture how “Underworld” was used as the place where all the monsters and ghouls came from.

This is also the reason why it’s primarily called the Filipino version. Because the team pulled from other languages in the country which fits the context of the words used in English better.

Does the Emissary give you an eerie feeling?

Working with Liza Soberano

Naturally, these same challenges applied to Liza Soberano who played Alexandra Trese in the Filipino version. Soberano was very much aware of her voice quality, tone, and twang according to Baldonado Jr.

“She knows where she’s coming from and she knows what she needs to work on,” said Baldonado Jr. “She was trying to focus on three things (voice, language skills in Filipino, and acting).”

Baldonado Jr., who is a 23-year veteran in the localization and voice dubbing industry, provided exercises for Soberano to address all these. The pair aimed for a voice with a lower register and one that sounded more stiff which, the voice director said, was in contrast with Soberano’s natural tone.

The voice director was very much aware of the criticisms online. But he remained cheerful and positive throughout the media conference. However, he lamented that he wished he had more time to polish the work with Soberano.

What’s up with all the accents? 

Noticeable in the English version is the variety of accents by the characters. Shay Mitchell, who played Alexandra Trese in the English dub, mostly maintained her American accent. But the rest of the cast added more to the mix. Series writer and co-producer Tanya Yuson and English voice director Wes Gleason said this was by design.

“The accents vary, I think, as we found a neutral, what we call ‘Manila accent’, but that’s because our melting pot is from different people with different backgrounds,” said Gleason.

“Some of their relatives or references might have been a little stronger with an accent or a little more in one region than the other. So, I think our show kind of shows that diversity, and hopefully in a good way,” he added.

Yuson backs up the melting pot analogy.

“It’ll be the first time an international audience would hear, on a wide platform, English spoken with that flavor,” said Yuson.

“It would be weirder to me if it’s in English language set in Manila and then you have, either it’s very American or British. The diversity for accents in Manila, anyway, is a lot… we wanted to present that in a way that’s also accessible to an international audience,” she added.

Strength behind a Filipino cast

The influence of the Filipino cast for the English version didn’t stop with just the accents. Everyone from Manny Jacinto (The Good Place) to Lou Diamond Philipps (La Bamba) pulled from stories from their relatives and loved ones about Philippine folklore involved to bring the characters to life.

Authenticity was the primary driving force in the casting decisions. That’s on top of the voices fitting the characters according to Gleason.

“A lot of the actors had familiarity with the folklore in the Philippines. They were coming in with tales of their mothers scaring them. The mananngals, the tiyanaks, the duwende, all these things. Everyone had their own little tale to tell.”

Gleason, who naturally had to do his research on the folklore, leaned on the casts’ experiences to help shape the voice direction.

“Anyone who had that background but was also giving us great options for the read, we gravitated towards them.”

A few more fun nuggets from the conference

Manny Jacinto, who plays Maliksi, may have initially read for Crispin and Basilio as hinted by Gleason.

“He (Jacinto) read for a different role that he was cast for. We heard his approach on one character, or characters — that’s not a spoiler — and hearing that just felt like this role was a better fit.”

Darren Criss (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Glee) was very excited to be part of the cast even telling Gleason, “How can I not be a part of this? My mother would kill me if I’m not a part of this!”

Tanya Yuson said working with just six (6) episodes was pretty challenging. The ideal number of episodes could have gone anywhere from eight (8) to 22. However, they made sure that even with just six episodes, they could set-up the world and still have a satisfying ending.

Watch Trese on Netflix.

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