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Instagram introduces the emoji slider

For all your IG story reax!



Instagram is out to find the most effective way of communicating and crowdsourcing on Instagram Stories. Their newest feature, the emoji slider, aims to do just that.

It’s the best way to find out how your followers feel about something in terms of emoji. Users who see your story are given a chance to react using a slider, which has better range than IG’s original two-option poll. Now you can ask people how 🔥 something is or how 😆 they feel; your choices are only limited by the number of emoji available.

This emoji slider can be found on your sticker tray. Post a story, write your question, pick an emoji, and wait for people to tell you how much they feel for whichever emoji you’ve chosen. You’ll also be able to see the average feels on your post and which users responded to your poll.

On a scale of 👎🏽 to 👌🏽, how do you feel about this new IG feature?


Dear Moms: 19 things you never thought you needed

A gift guide for every kind of moms




Mother's Day 2022

Whether you’re a mom looking for something to gift yourself or a grown-up scouring the web for a present for Mother’s Day, look no more. We rounded up things you never thought you or your mom actually needed, until you’ve read this article, of course.

All-in-one pet grooming kit and vacuum — Neabot P1 Pro

Mother's Day

Whether you’re a fur parent or just a family who lives with cats and dogs, an all-in-one pet grooming kit and vacuum might solve your daily woes. The Neabot P1 Pro addresses grooming problems — eliminating messy pet hair, excessive noise, and cumbersome grooming tools.

Shop it on Amazon for US$ 160.

MagSafe charger for iPhone — Nomad BaseOne

Busy moms know the daily woes of being all over the place. Preparing a cup of coffee, tending to their child’s needs, chores, and so on. To make sure they stay connected and ready wherever they go, a MagSafe wireless charger that would complement any space might be a good gift for your mom. It looks great on a desk, bedside table — basically anywhere.

Shop it on Nomad’s website for US$ 99.

Modern leather case for AirPods Pro — Nomad English Tan AirPods Case

Mother's Day

Give the gift of style through a modern leather case for your mom’s AirPods Pro. Its rich caramel tone enhances as it develops a patina, and it comes with a lanyard attachment point for an optional wrist strap. Probably so they won’t lose their AirPods against all the clutter inside their home.

Shop it on Nomad’s website for US$ 31.

Tracking accessory — Tile trackers

For when they lose their important stuff, help them locate things through tracking accessories like Tile that work either on iPhone or Android smartphones.

Shop Tile trackers for US$ 20 on Amazon and PhP 1,489 on Shopee.

Indoor home security camera — Xiaomi Mi 360° Camera

When moms are always away or at work, give them the gift of peace of mind through an indoor home security camera like the Xiaomi Mi 360° Camera. Connected to an app, the security camera lets everyone in the household monitor their living spaces.

Shop the Xiaomi Mi 360° Camera for PhP 1,599 on Shopee.

Outdoor home security camera — EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Security WiFi Camera

Mother's Day

Protect your homes and give the gift of security through an outdoor home security camera with night vision like the EZVIZ C3N. It detects human movements intelligently, lights up, and sends alerts. It also has a weatherproof design, bearing an IP68 certification.

Shop the EZVIZ C3N with a starting price of PhP 1,999 on Shopee.

Blue-light blocking glasses — Shigetsu CHIBA RadPro Eyewear

Mother's Day

Protect your mom’s eyes and help them maintain a clear vision through these stylish, blue-light blocking eyeglasses from Shigetsu. They’re cheap, but they’re effective in blocking radiation and UV rays.

Secure a clear vision and shop the CHIBA RadPro Eyewear for PhP 324 on Shopee.

Smartphone grip — Popsocket

Having a tiny accessory that serves as a handle or even a stand for a precious smartphone might be one thing you never thought anyone would actually need. But for moms getting older, there’s a possibility of weakening their grip, which might cause them to drop their phones and accidentally break them.

Help them secure their devices. Shop Popsocket’s Black Phone Grip for US$ 10 on Amazon.

Tablet for multitasking — Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Mother's Day

Moms are superheroes, able to multitask and get things done. Help them become more efficient in their activities and errands by giving them a powerful tablet to accompany them in their everyday lives. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series comes in different sizes but is certainly one of the best Android tablets on the market right now.

Shop the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 for PhP 49,990 on Shopee.

Smart mug — Ember Mug 2

Mother's Day 2022

Give the gift of warmth by keeping their cup of coffee hot. Having a hectic life can cause a cup of coffee to turn cold when left on a desk, but the Ember Smart Mug 2 can maintain your desired drinking temperature for up to an hour and a half.

Get the Ember Smart Mug 2 for US$ 130 on Amazon.

Home assistant — Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Mother's Day 2022

Encourage navigating a smart home through the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) smart speaker. Let Alexa accompany the moms in running the household, and watch things get more efficient and connected.

Shop it for PhP 2,587 on Shopee.

Active noise-canceling headphones — Bose QuietComfort 45

Mother's Day 2022

Give them the gift of quiet through active-noise canceling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 45. Let them pick up themselves and re-center through a moment of quietness after a long day of constant movement.

Shop the Bose QuietComfort 45 for US$ 329 on Amazon.

Night light — OPPLE LED Little Moon Night Light

Mother's Day 2022

For new moms, having a night light helps them sleep after a busy day. It also helps them take a glimpse of their little angels when they wake up or when they check them in the middle of the night.

Give the gift of light through OPPLE’s little night light for only PhP 129 on Shopee.

Air purifier — realme TechLife Air Purifier

Mother's Day 2022

Keep the air clean within your household! The realme TechLife Air Purifier helps everyone breathe easy with its ability to effectively filter air particles.

Give the gift of clean air for only PhP 4,590 on Shopee.

Self-cleaning robot vacuum — Dreame Bot W10

Mother's Day 2022

Cleaning should be quick and easy, especially in a smart home. The Dreame Bot W10 is a 3-in-1 sweep, mop, and wash vacuum cleaner that scrubs, washes, and dries its mop with the charging base.

Clean every corner effectively. Shop this self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner for PhP 40,990 on Shopee.

Breast pump — imani i2 Plus

Mother's Day 2022

For new moms, this wearable breast pump lets you collect milk discreetly and hands-free. It’s so compact, that it can be worn inside a brassiere, and it doesn’t come with tubes or wires that create a wooshing sound in every pump. Moreover, it comes with a charging dock so you can store it neatly inside your home or office.

Give the gift of convenience through the imani i2 Plus wearable breast pump. Shop it for PhP 11,950 on Shopee.

Breastfeeding cover — Enfant Nursing Cover

Mother's Day 2022

Cleaning up stains can be quite exhausting after a long day. Lessen the household chore by using a breastfeeding cover.

Shop the Enfant Nursing Cover in various colors and prints for PhP 469 on Shopee.

Bouncer and rocker in one — Joie Dreamer Baby Bouncer

Mother's Day 2022

Why buy a rocker and a bouncer when you can have a cradler with both functions? The Joie Dreamer Baby Bouncer – Petite City is a compact cradler that rocks and bounces with a push or even when your little angels move.

Give the gift of comfort. Shop this bouncer-rocker for PhP 4,000 on Shopee.

UV sterilizer cabinet — Ecomom Eco 100 Dual Uv Sterilizer

Mother's Day 2022

Sterilize all your baby essentials with the Ecomom Eco 100 Dual Uv Sterilizer. It doesn’t use hot water to steam, so there is no risk of burns or water mess.

Shop this UV sterilizer cabinet for PhP 15,000 on Shopee.

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Convenient Smart Home

Dreame V12 Pro: Powerful cordless vacuum

Cleans even the tightest of spaces



When I moved out and transferred to my own place, one of the very first appliances I purchased was a vacuum cleaner. 

I got an affordable one that is highly recommended in the Facebook Group Home Buddies, and it was okay. It does the job. 

I use it more often than my normal household broom, so having a quality vacuum is a huge necessity for me. 

When the Dreame V12 Pro came to my doorstep, I was ecstatic. I am sure any clean freak would feel the same — it’s a cordless, battery-powered vacuum with a whopping suction power of 32,000 pa. Definitely a total upgrade from my previous one.

As someone who cleans every day, I excitedly put this product to the test.

So many functions!

Dreame V12 Pro comes with a wide array of accessories upon unboxing. It’s my first time trying out a cordless vacuum, let alone a multi-functional one, so I was carefully reading the manual while using it for the first few days. 

There’s a lot you can do with this powerful handheld vacuum cleaner – powerful enough to clean every corner of a whole unit. 

For instance, it can easily suck the collected dust on my keyboard, thanks to the brush accessory. There’s also the anti-mite brush for sofa and beds (this is heaven-sent, especially for fur parents), and the rigid rectangular nozzle which integrates a LED light to clean stubborn dirt such as cobwebs. 

For overall floor cleaning, the default suction brush is outstanding. It also comes with a 5-layer HEPA filter with 99% effective sterilization, which brings so much peace of mind especially that we’re still in a pandemic.

But don’t be intimidated; using the vacuum and trying all the attachments is actually as easy as pie. The Dreame V12 Pro has an easy lock function which requires less effort when detaching and shifting from one accessory to the next. It’s extremely handy and comfortable to use!

Very powerful suction

I mentioned earlier that it has a suction power of 32,000 pa. It’s one of the most competitive in the market, and is actually designed for deep cleaning. It can absorb micron-level dust, which makes it extremely powerful for both hard floors and carpets.

No worries, it uses smart adaptive technology so the suction level easily adjusts to the floor without worrying about overheating and your safety.

There was an instance that I accidentally dropped some condiments and a few rice pellets on the floor (I know, it was a clumsy day in the kitchen). I immediately got my Dreame V12 Pro to clean up the mess. My feet didn’t feel any evidence afterwards.

Another major problem for me is my tangled hair all over the room. A few weeks after using the product, there were less stands of hair on the floor, especially on areas not usually reached by a normal vacuum. I was enthralled.

I initially thought it will be great for large homes, but I highly recommend it for tight spaces. It has a high capability to remove dirt from every nook and corner.

The vacuum has three modes: Eco, Standard and Turbo. To save up on battery, I usually use the Eco mode with its good suction performance without taking too much battery energy. I sometimes switch to the Standard and Turbo mode during major cleaning days.

Elegant, user-friendly features

My least favorite thing about vacuums in general is having to empty the container. For me, it takes a lot of work especially because I keep on literally getting my hands dirty.

The Dreame V12 Pro features an easy to empty container and a simple grip mechanism that helps eject dirt without coming into contact with it. Additionally, the container has a huge capacity of 0.5L.

The product also features a trigger lock, which allows me to clean continuously and comfortably. 

The high quality LCD screen (which is actually one of my favorite features) provides real-time info on the battery life, suction power, and filter status. It also displays the three user modes.

Is the Dreame V12 Pro your GadgetMatch?

All in all, the Dreame V12 Pro is a great household investment that will last for years. The vacuum has a light, ergonomic design and an elegant grey color that can blend with any shade of room interiors. 

Am I satisfied with this vacuum upgrade? Hell, yes!

For PhP 23,990 (around US$ 460), you get a very compact vacuum cleaner with premium features that you can use in every situation. And again, it’s cordless. Check it out on the Dreame website here.

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Convenient Smart Home

Why the Deebot T9 is your next robot vacuum

Hoovering and mopping done!



I love a good robot vacuum. It makes cleaning easier and my dog Juancho has an instant playmate. Sure, he takes a bit of time to get used to the new addition to the family but once he’s used to it, he’ll follow it around in a playful manner and tire him out. I recently had the chance to test the Ecovacs Deebot T9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and it helped in keeping our home tidier while allowing me to focus on work and other personal commitments. While hoovering is one of the more entertaining chores one can do at home, nothing beats having the option to take it out of one’s to-do list.

Is the Deebot T9 worth the price tag? Should you replace your current vacuum with it? Allow me to give you a list of the things I loved about the vacuum and a few things you should be aware of before getting one.

It maps out your home

It was pretty interesting to see how the vacuum mapped out our home and planned its own cleaning routine based on that map. The best thing is you don’t have to be a real techie to handle it.

The app on your phone is pretty straight forward and since it gets to know your home through powerful sensors, the most you have to do is either schedule or start a cleaning program. You can even select which room you want to be cleaned!

It leaves your home smelling fresh

The Deebot T9 has a built-in air freshener that infuses the home with a clean, delicate fragrance as it moves. Our unit came with the ‘Wild Bluebell’ fragrance and I loved it. It’s not overpowering but it also leaves the room smelling fresh.

Other scent options are Cucumber & Oak and Bergamot & Lavender. Each capsule lasts up to 60 days before they need a replacement.

It empties itself

One of the major issues people with robot vacuums have is how often they have to empty the waste compartment. After all, having a robot instead of a handheld vacuum with a bag means its compartment is much smaller. Deebot’s solution is having its own Auto Empty Station which also serves as the device’s charging dock.

Once a cleaning cycle ends, the T9 makes its way to the dock and automatically empties itself, letting the dirt go into a convenient, 2.5 liter bag which ensures fewer trips to your waste basket.

But can it handle fur?

My dog Juancho is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi which means he’s quite the fur monster. This type of dog sheds all year round and that means we get corgi fur everywhere. Yes, it sucks the fur in quite well, picking it off tiled floors and even carpeted rooms easily. The main issue is that the fur gets stuck in the vacuum’s waste bin.

It docks into the Auto Empty Station and you hear the loud woosh supposedly taking the dirt from the vacuum to a convenient bag. However, when you check the vacuum’s waste compartment, all the fur is still in there. Not a deal-breaker but definitely a concern if you have a shedder for a pet. You can probably skip the Auto Empty Station as you’d still have to manually empty the T9 anyway.  

Control through the app

I can turn on the Deebot T9 to clean our home (while entertaining my dog) even when I’m outside and on the go. Since it maps out your home and uses the all-new TrueDetect 3D 2.0 technology, it’s able to easily detect obstacles that may come its way. A magazine that fell on the floor, dog toys left in corners. There are less chances of the T9 getting stuck so it’s able to complete cleaning even if you’re not there to watch it.

It mops your floors!

Ok, this isn’t the first robot vacuum to have this feature. However, it’s the first time I ever had a need for one that does this chore and I was thrilled with the convenience it brought! We have white, tiled floors in our living-slash-dining space so mopping is a part of life. Unless we want drool marks or a random paw print on the floor, mopping must be done quite regularly.

Thankfully, I have a husband who’s been into steam cleaning the floors before the Deebot T9 came in. The existence of this nifty addition to the family took a load off his back and now instead of mopping floors at night, we get more TV time together.

Attaching the OZMOTM Pro 2.0 Electric Oscillating Mopping System was quick and easy — it’s practically a no brainer. You just fill it up with water, slap a disposable, microfiber mopping pad (each unit comes with 10) and you’re good to go. Of course, the disposable pads can be quite a concern when it comes to added expenses and waste management. Maybe Ecovacs can come up with a mopping pad that we can wash and reuse instead?

All in all, the Deebot T9 is a great addition to any home. Two chores done means more time for family, productivity, and doing things you actually love. It’s currently available in Lazada.

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