This is our 2018 Apple iPad Pro unboxing.

Among the lineup of products Apple recently announced is the 2018 iPad Pro. There are hints of similarities here and there, but there are also functions first seen on this series. Is this your GadgetMatch?


New iPad Pro can’t survive bend test because it’s too thin

Oh, snap!



Image credit: JerryRigEverything (YouTube)

When a device gets released, it’s always nice to know how it holds up through a series of durability test. The new iPad Pro from Apple is beautiful, powerful, and expensive. But, can it survive a simple bend test? Spoiler alert: It can’t.

The iPad Pro (specifically the 11-inch variant) is the latest star on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel. Zack’s newest video shows that the new iPad Pro can be bent and destroyed using two hands with little to no effort.

Why is that so? Let’s watch the full video first:

As always, the video started with the second-gen Apple Pencil that works well with the iPad Pro. The new Apple Pencil is redesigned to magnetically attach to the tablet and charge wirelessly. When Zack snapped the high-tech stylus in half, we could see the wireless charging component, the strong magnets, and batteries.

Now onto the main star of the video. The 11-inch iPad Pro, like with other iPads before, has an aluminum body which feels premium and cold to the touch.

The screen’s glass scratched at a level 6, which is normal but he pointed out that the glass is thinner than the usual. The sides, buttons, and overall body of the iPad Pro are made of metal. Although, there’s is a section of plastic where the Apple Pencil attaches and charges. There are also tiny holes for the microphones.

When it was time for Zack’s signature bend test, the iPad Pro cracked in the middle. The weak points of the tablet appeared to be the microphone hole on the tablet’s left side and the Apple Pencil’s charging dock on the right.

Based on initial observation, the tablet doesn’t have any sturdy structure inside its aluminum body. The new iPad Pro is indeed very thin, but Apple didn’t have to sacrifice the tablet’s durability.

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Apple iPad Pro Hands-on: Can this replace your laptop?

Apple says it’s like a computer, but unlike any computer



We go hands on with the new iPad Pro and give you our first impressions. Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet is available in two sizes,12.9 inches and 11 inches, but they’re even smaller than previous models because the bezels have been reduced.

Two other big changes to the iPad Pro are the omission of Apple’s signature features: the home button that enables Touch ID, and the Lightning port. In their place are the new TrueDepth camera technology first seen on the iPhone X and a USB-C port — the latter opening up so many possibilities for the iPad Pro.

Special thanks are in order to the following people who made this video possible:

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Apple iPad Pro 2018: Price and availability in the Philippines

Can get pricey real quick



It’s been only a few hours since the grand Apple event ended, but we’re already seeing prices for the new products in every region.

What we’re looking at here are the prices for the new iPad Pro in the Philippines. There are two sizes with four storage options and two connectivity configurations each.

First up is the 11-inch Wi-Fi-only model:

  • 64GB — PhP 51,990
  • 256GB — PhP 61,490
  • 512GB — PhP 73,990
  • 1TB — PhP 98,990

For the 11-inch Wi-Fi+Cellular, we have:

  • 64GB — PhP 61,490
  • 256GB — PhP 70,990
  • 512GB — PhP 83,490
  • 1TB — PhP 108,490

These prices are for the Wi-Fi-only 12.9-inch iPad Pro:

  • 64GB — PhP 64,490
  • 256GB — PhP 73,990
  • 512GB — PhP 86,490
  • 1TB — PhP 111,490

And finally, for the 12.9-inch Wi-Fi+Cellular version:

  • 64GB — PhP 73,990
  • 256GB — PhP 83,490
  • 512GB — PhP 95,990
  • 1TB — PhP 120,990

There are only two color options for both sizes, namely silver or space gray. The new iPad Pro will become available in the Philippines beginning November. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a case or the updated Pencil.

This year’s iPad Pro has a lot going for it, including the edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, Face ID feature using the TrueDepth camera, Apple’s super-fast A12X Bionic chip, and at long last, a versatile USB-C port instead of Apple’s proprietary Lightning port.

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