Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i: Perfect combination of style and substance

Two halves – one good, the other great



2-in-1 laptops are now becoming a mainstream category in the tech world and are pretty much dominated by the two giants — Apple who’s crossing the 2-in-1 space with the Ipad Pro and Microsoft with generations unshaken on their Surface Pro line.

What appears to be an overlooked option though is Lenovo with their Yoga Duet 2-in-1 series.

The word yoga is often associated with the ability to assume multiple forms. This is exactly the case with the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i. It can take the form of a handheld tablet, a slim laptop, a drawing tablet and even a PC with a detached keyboard.

The good half

I see the Yoga Duet 7i as two halves. The first half is a tablet where the weight of all the internal components are packed in and the other half a magnetically attached Bluetooth keyboard.

A 13-inch 2K resolution IPS touch screen display, an Intel Core i7-10510U processor, 16GB memory, and 1TB of SSD storage all stored in a metal finish body of the tablet with an adjustable kickstand.

The detachable keyboard is predominantly made of plastic while its bottom is covered with fabric. The purpose behind the fabric bottom is that when clasped together, the whole device seems to mimic the look of a sophisticated planner.

There’s no denying that the Yoga Duet 7i is a handsome device. It feels really well made and the metal with fabric finish is just a luxurious touch.

Its metal finish has this sort of rubberized coat on it. I assume this is to add a slight grip to its body making it a bit easier for our hands to hold while adding a bit more to the premium feel of the device.

Performing up to the task

On paper, the specs of the Yoga Duet 7i isn’t really what I would consider to be spectacular. Nowadays, any Core i7 powered device would most definitely breeze through word processing, spreadsheets and browsing.

The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i isn’t any different. Despite being an upper midrange processor, the eight logical cores of the Core i7-10510U handled all tasks I threw at it without any problems. That includes some relatively heavy editing using Adobe Lightroom.

The device did quite heat up when performing tasks that were a bit more power intensive. You could hear the fans blowing out warm air from the top portion of the device. This might be a concern if you’re using the device in tablet mode as it did feel uncomfortable to a certain degree.

The better half

I have a big appreciation for good keyboards. And Lenovo just happens to be on my personal list of brands of which I’m confident would provide good ones especially with their reputation on the ThinkPad series.

Though the Yoga Duet 7i is a different story. Since this device isn’t a laptop structurally, the detachable keyboard shouldn’t be compared with a laptop. Or so I thought.

Lenovo had definitely taken some notes on laptops as the Yoga Duet 7i’s keyboard felt surprisingly similar to the ones of a MacBook Pro. The satisfying click and feedback are all there and despite its compact form, the size of the keys and its spacing are just right.

I can say the same for the trackpad. The feel certainly had a striking similarity to a MacBook Pro trackpad. I guess I can attribute this similarity in feel to its substantial size. Multitouch integration with Microsoft Gestures was seamless. I found myself navigating the Chrome browser just as how I would on a standard sized laptop.

Now, imagine for a moment typing on your lap without the weight and heat of a whole laptop. Or placing the display farther or even eye level while keeping the keyboard at arms reach.

These are just some of the conveniences the Duet 7i’s keyboard can provide. It can work either attached or detached from the tablet. With a flip of the switch, the keyboard shifts to Bluetooth mode, automatically connects and draws power from its internal battery.

With homes being offices to many of us these days, this really opens up more possibilities on how we can position the device as we use it.

Faithful to your eyes

Gazing into this beautiful display was a delight. The 2K resolution on a 13-inch screen felt adequate and didn’t feel too small at all. I was surprised that I did not have the urge to transfer to a bigger monitor at any given point. Not even for photo editing.

As I have, content creators can trust color representation that would be coming from this display. Since rated 100% on sRGB color gamut means there isn’t any over saturation of colors.

Determined to last

Without conserving battery power, I was able to get the Yoga Duet 7i to reach a good eight hours before power saving mode kicked in. Pretty decent considering I tend to keep brightness levels at max. I assume I can easily squeeze in around an hour or two more on power saving mode.

A power issue that I did have with the Duet 7i though was its charging. I didn’t quite understand why there were instances when charging was really fast and then times that it wasn’t. In fact, it was very slow. Oftentimes, I’d have to observe if it was charging and have to re-plug the charger when it wasn’t. There were occasions where I left the unit plugged for hours and came back puzzled to see a very minimal increase on its charge.

Color my world

The E-Color Pen as Lenovo calls it, is the optional digital pen for the Yoga Duet 7i. And it has the ability to pick up colors from real life objects through its sensor by just touching on it. While in concept this may sound useful for creatives doing digital artwork, I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to make it work. I’m not sure if it just required a specific software for capturing color but on Paint 3D, everything else worked as it should.

Also, a nice refresh from Lenovo’s previous stylus pen, the E-Color Pen now is rechargeable through USB-C not anymore needing disposable batteries.

Is the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i your GadgetMatch?

The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. I even doubt calling it just a 2-in-1 for its diverse capabilities. It’s attractive, has a great screen and the detachable Bluetooth keyboard is just excellent. 

This gadget would certainly be a good fit for people who work for creatives and those who are always on the go for numerous meetings and presentations. If you can live with its shortcomings, the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i is a solid choice and should definitely be among the top contenders in its class.

Available in Space Grey and Orchid colors, the Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i’s price starts at PhP 59,995 for the Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD variant up to PhP 85,995 for the Intel Core I7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD variant.


Why people can’t stop talking about the 2021 Huawei MateBook D 15

Now with 11th Gen Intel Core and 16GB RAM



MateBook D 15 2021

Huawei has always been known to be that powerful force in innovation. The bezel-less display, Huawei Free Touch and the recessed camera are just some of the many instances when Huawei have revolutionized and leveled up the playing field for the PC industry.

I think it goes without saying that Huawei’s premium brand, the MateBook family, is one that has truly set a new standard for intelligence when it comes to laptops.

It has been five years since the inception of the MateBook and ‘till this day, the MateBook family pushes on to be the perfect tool for the challenges we are faced with. From enhanced connectivity for online classes, immersive audio for work-from-home conferences to engaging visuals for Netflix nights, the MateBook family has got you covered and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about here as we move further.

As they celebrate their fifth year of the MateBook series, they introduce to us another line of technological advancement with the 2021’s MateBook series.

With this comes the revamp of the very popular MateBook D 15 with the HUAWEI MateBook D 15 2021 11th Gen along with the powerfully sharp MateBook 14 2021 11th Gen and the borderless MateBook X Pro 2021.

Talk of the town with its elegance

There’s no denying that the MatebBook D 15 2021 is a dazzling piece of machinery. And being one that has been used to plastic laptop bodies, the all aluminum alloy body of the D 15 had me drooling over it. A prominent indication of its quality also, was how this MateBook’s body had rounded edges and a very solid build which are admittedly satisfying to the touch.

MateBook D 15 2021

Carrying the device, it’s impossible not to notice just how feather light this MateBook D 15 is. For 1.56kg and only 16.9mm thin, it’s amazing just how this laptop carries a ton of horsepower and 15.6-inches of screen real estate.

Feature packed FullView display

Relatively bezel-less at only 5.3mm of bezel width, the MateBook D 15 2021 sports the iconic FullView display of the MateBook family. At 87% screen to body ratio, this 15.6-inch FHD IPS display panel is a feast for your eyes.

MateBook D 15 2021

Given that we mostly look at our computer screens most of the time, eye strain is often the setback. A noteworthy feature the D 15 has with its display is that it has been certified under TÜV Rheinland’s Low Blue Light emittance and Flicker Free qualifications which makes it perfect for binge watching K-dramas on Netflix. Top that with 100% sRGB rating, there’s no reason to doubt the color representation this display outputs when doing creative work.

Much to flex under the hood 

At the heart of this laptop is Intel’s 11th Gen Core i5 processor and the Intel Iris XE graphics that it comes with. While most of us are already familiar with the power of the Core i5 processor, this newest generation of Intel’s offering takes this up a notch. Running four cores and eight processing threads, Intel’s newest architecture delivers 31 percent faster multi-core performance from its predecessor.

MateBook D 15 2021

I believe many would agree that a lot of us do try to get some form of gaming done on their school or work laptop. The Intel Iris XE graphics is perfect for sneaking in some play time with our favorite games as well as for running some multimedia tasks.

Swamped with work or just juggling multiple tabs on your web browser, expect the experience to be as smooth as it can be as there’s now 16GB of DDR4 RAM packed in this slim body.

Smart power button

I guess you won’t have time to make coffee while waiting for your laptop to start up as with the D 15’s smart fingerprint power button, keying in your log on password is now a thing of the past. The moment you press on the D 15’s fingerprint power button automatically authenticates your identity and jumps you directly to your home screen, saving you the hassle of typing in your password.

At only 2.5 seconds as recorded by Windows for its start up, this has been the fastest power on time I have yet encountered on a laptop. Seriously, a boot up time this fast would make you doubt if you’ve left the laptop on sleep mode or if it was from a coldboot.

Cool and quiet

Despite the size of the MateBook D 15, it did not become noticeably hot. In fact, the palm rest felt cool to rest your palms on.

You know what they say: work smart and not hard. Huawei definitely worked smart with the ingenious fan design of its Shark fin fan. Designed with higher density and thinner fan blades, the need for increasing fan speed to cool the whole laptop has been drastically minimized. This resulted in the device to use less power, run cooler and operate quieter as this Shark fin fan contributes to 24% better cooling performance from its last-gen counterpart.

Next Generation WI-FI 6

I couldn’t help but geek out on this feature as I’m sure many I.T. professionals would as well. This next generation Wi-Fi 6 is actually known to be the successor to the standard 802.11ac or Wi-Fi 5 that most of our devices use.

MateBook D 15 2021

The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 on the D 15 means that this device is able to operate at more stable Wi-Fi frequency bands to eliminate interference and reach significantly faster speeds. This ensures that the MateBook D 15 is ready for crowded scenarios such as what you would experience in shopping malls, corporate offices or even populated areas.

Not your ordinary charger

I just can’t count how many people I know who’ve asked me where to buy a new charger for their laptop simply because its cable is broken. I’m happy to say that that problem is pretty much gone with this one as the D 15’s charger features a detachable USB-C cable.

Surprisingly, it took exactly 9 hours and 30 minutes for the D 15’s battery to shift to power saving mode and with Huawei’s Supercharge feature built-in, this 65w charger was able to fully charge the D 15 in just an hour. That’s insanely fast for such a long run time if you ask me.

But that’s not all. Weighing only 160g, this charger isn’t much bigger and heavier than a smartphone charger.

Speaking of smartphones, this charger can also charge your USB-C compatible smartphone. Talk about #PowerInLightness .

Hear and be heard with Dual Mic and Immersive sound

By this time, we’ve all probably been on an online meeting or conference of some kind. Personally, I’m one who could tolerate bad video signals but bad audio is really something that would really ruin the experience for me. Thankfully, the dual front facing microphones of the MateBook D 15 ensures our voice would be picked up clearly even at longer distances.
MateBook D 15 2021

Guaranteed to give you an immersive experience, the 2W dual-speaker audio system can simulate both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound performance.

Tap and share with HUAWEI Share 

If you’re fortunately among the proud owners of a Huawei smartphone then you’d be able to maximize this very handy feature of the 2021 MateBook D 15.

Huawei Share lets you cast your smartphone screen on your laptop, transfer files wirelessly and basically use almost all features and apps of your smartphone onto your laptop. With just a tap of your Huawei smartphone on the Huawei Share label on the D 15, the two devices are all set. It’s that easy.

MateBook D 15 2021

I can’t emphasize how convenient this is for people like me who always transfer footage I took with my smartphone. No cables for data transfer and no switching from two devices to get things done, just tap and you’re wirelessly connected.

Fast is the word that I think best describes the 2021 HUAWEI MateBook D 15 11th Gen.

The fast new processor, large amount of RAM, next generation Wi-Fi 6, ultraportable charger with SuperCharge, thin and light size, Huawei Share and an ingenious smart fingerprint power button, every bit contributes to everything being faster and just getting things done faster.

With so many features loaded in one package, I understand why it’s hard not to talk about these new offerings of the MateBook family and why there’s no need to think twice on getting a hold of this awesome device.

MateBook D 15 2021

The Huawei MateBook D 15 2021 retails for PhP 52,999. Interested buyers may purchase from any of the following: Huawei Store, Lazada, Shopee.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and Huawei Philippines.

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Apple can finally feel the heat of a global semiconductor shortage

The iPad and Mac are most affected



Apple posted its Q2 earnings report this week, recording a whopping 54 percent rise in revenue year-over-year to almost US$ 90 billion. Thanks to blockbuster iPhone sales, the Cupertino-based giant is minting profits. But how long will the streak last considering the global semiconductor shortage?

On a call with analysts, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said Apple avoided a chip shortage in the fiscal second quarter by burning through supply buffers. In the coming months, the global shortage could cost the company US$ 3 to 4 billion in revenue.

The shortfalls “affect the iPad and the Mac primarily,” Cook said. “We’ll have some challenges in there.” Cook talked about the recently launched ARM-based chipsets that deliver world-class performance, but are extremely complex and expensive to make.

The executives blamed “semiconductor shortages that affect many industries” and “very, very high” demand for iPads and Macs. Cook said the company expects to be “supply-gated, not demand-gated,” but only for the two products running M1 chip.

Apple has successfully managed to grab the opportunity offered by the Coronavirus pandemic — a sudden rise in demand for gadgets due to the work-from-home model.

The iPhone-maker isn’t the only one feeling the heat of the global crunch. There have been reports stating that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset has also hit delays due to the overwhelmed supply chain.  Though, this is the first time Apple has publicly revealed that it’s getting hammered by the global crisis.

In response to the crisis, Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC has announced an investment of US$ 100 billion in the next two years to ramp up production. Veteran American chipmaker Intel has also committed upwards of US$ 20 billion to start best-in-class semiconductor fabrication facilities in Arizona, USA.

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Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 Hands-on: Samsung’s first “Pro” laptops

First laptops in the world with Super AMOLED displays



Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung isn’t new in the laptop department, but what’s new is them launching a new “Pro” laptop line. Meet the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

Packed with the latest hardware, the Galaxy Book Pro series aims to deliver the best of power and performance in such a thin and lightweight form factor. To make it more Pro-centric, they’re equipped with Super AMOLED displays — a first on any laptop.

Curious to find out what Samsung has to offer? Head over to our Galaxy Book Pro hands-on video now!

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