A peek at OPPO’s innovations at MWC 2023

From a selection of flagship devices to a number of smart initiatives, there’s a lot to watch out this year!



OPPO blazes Muy Caliente in the midst of winter as the company unveils its range of innovations at the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain.

From a selection of flagship devices to a number of smart initiatives, the Chinese brand didn’t hold back from exhibiting its industry-leading technologies.

A pocketable flagship

While OPPO first debuted the OPPO Find N2 Flip in London, the company’s first vertically folding phone took the spotlight at OPPO’s booth at Fira Gran Via, the esteemed venue where MWC was held.

It revolutionizes flip phones as we know them, housing the largest cover screen on any flip phone currently available. It also comes with a 50-megapixel main camera working together with MariSilicon X NPU and Hasselblad imaging system to deliver an exceptional camera experience.

The device is set to take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 with its disruptive and innovative design. The OPPO Find N2 Flip will be on sale in Europe starting on February 28, 2023.

Official smartphones of the UEFA Champions League

The OPPO Find N2 Flip and the OPPO Find N2 have both been appointed as the official smartphones of the UEFA Champions League.

UEFA Champions League Ambassadors and football stars, Michael Owen and Luis Garcia, made an appearance on the first day of MWC, taking on the stage to showcase OPPO’s pocketable flagship smartphones.

More IoT products

In addition to OPPO Find N2 Flip, visitors to the OPPO booth can also experience the latest OPPO flagship phones such as OPPO Find N2, and IoT products including OPPO Enco X2, OPPO Watch 3 Pro, OPPO Pad, and OPPO 45W Liquid Cooler.

WiFi router

OPPO expands its product portfolio with Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400. It’s capable of providing a 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi signal simultaneously with a stable, speedy, and wide coverage.

Its hidden antennas fit perfectly with the elegant cylindrical appearance, making the device apt for modern and minimalist homes. Its unique internal structure helps improve heat dissipation, keeping connectivity covered at every corner of a home.

Zero-Power Tag

OPPO also released its first prototype device based on its own Zero-power communication technology. It uses RF signal harvesting, backscattering, and low-power computing to harvest radio waves from the surrounding area, powering its own functionality.

The power tag can communicate battery-free, meeting the diverse needs of IoT in the upcoming 6G era. Through RF energy, the Zero-Power Tag is capable of item identification, position, and data collection from temperature sensors.

New-generation AR glasses

Along with other initiatives, OPPO has also unveiled the second generation of the OPPO Air Glass.

More announcements

There’s also OPPO’s first end-to-end power management chip, launched alongside the MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC, OHealth H1 family health monitor, and more.

Carbon neutrality

On the opening day of MWC 2023, OPPO published its first Climate Action Report entitled “Climate Pledges and Low Carbon Development Strategy” which was co-developed with global consultancy, Deloitte.

The report proposes OPPO’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its global operations by 2050, and outlines its future blueprint for low carbon development. Under its corporate mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO has taken action to integrate sustainability into its long-term development strategy.

Starting with the European market in 2023, OPPO will remove virtually all plastics from the external packaging of its mobile phone products and will ensure that all packaging materials are made from 100% biodegradable materials.

MWC 2023

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass showcased at MWC 2023

A cutting-edge AR device



Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass

At the MWC 2023, Xiaomi revealed its cutting-edge Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, the brand’s first device of its kind.

The Xiaomi AR Glass has a free-form optical module. It comprises a pair of MicroOLED screens, and free-form light-guiding prisms that help users see a clear picture display.

When paired with a Xiaomi 13 or other Snapdragon Spaces ready device, the lightweight glasses connect with low latency, and offer a wide range of possibilities from a retina-level adaptive display which best simulates virtual objects as if they’re just seen by the naked eye.

Gesture Control

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass

The device also features an innovative micro-gesture interaction that enables users to utilize their inner fingers as basic keys for movement operations.

How this is done is the AR Glass detects the second joints of the hand’s middle and index fingers. Thumb-tapping is also used for text input.

In the future, Xiaomi is exploring how to take advantage of sliding and tapping motions to integrate it seamlessly as part of the glasses’ controls.

A more connected experience

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass

Lastly, the AR Glass also supports a variety of large-screen applications, enabled by Mi Share’s app-streaming capability.

TikTok and YouTube, for instance, can optimize the display area usage of the glasses, turning them into a portable large screen which you can take anywhere with you.

Users may also transfer a stream from a television screencast and continue watching it on the glasses. Xiaomi’s integrated spatial audio also makes the listening experience part more immersive.

Watch this video.

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GCash represents Philippines, SEA at MWC 2023

An innovator in the fintech scene



GCash MWC 2023

The Philippines was well-represented at the recent MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, with GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon delivering a keynote speech there.

Sazon’s talk revolved around emphasizing the e-wallet’s innovative and game-changing solutions aimed at financial inclusion, as she even called GCash “a national champion that helps transform a nation”.

The leading financial app in the country now has over 76 million registered users, and is believed to be one of few fintech solutions that are sustainable in the Southeast Asian scene.

As GCash and its parent company Globe Group were not only representing the Philippines but also the entire Southeast Asia at the event, the brand prided itself in being a benchmark for innovative financial services and solutions.

Likewise, the platform’s net promoter score (NPS), a gauge measuring customer experience and predicts business growth, has been at par with globally recognized brands at 83.9%.

This year’s MWC, the second in-person gathering since the pandemic, garnered over 88,500 total attendees.

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motorola rizr Hands-On

Hello Moto! from my rollable



If you’re an oldie (but goldie) gadget nerd, you would probably remember the stylish slider Motorola RIZR Z3 from 2006.

Fast forward this 2023, we might actually hear “Hello Moto” in this new form factor.

Originally unveiled at Lenovo Tech World ’22, motorola’s rollable concept made its way through the eyes of many at MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Are you excited to see the future of smartphones with rollables?

Here’s our brief hands-on with motorola’s rollable concept A.K.A the moto rizr.


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